Dear Veeky Forums, I've fallen in love with pic related but I'm a broke as college student

Dear Veeky Forums, I've fallen in love with pic related but I'm a broke as college student

>tfw i'll never build boost and launch out of the parking lot in my turbo buick, while stealing pussy from chads in WRXs and Camaros
>but i don't need pussy in my life, race car drivers don't need pussy, because pussy is fro pussies
>also not miata so not gay

alright what's the point of this thread

This is a buick thread, Veeky Forums lacks buick threads.

bro just save up some cash.

I saved up 5k while at uni and by the time I had my first real job I was able to get to 10k within a year and spent half of that on an E30.

If you keep thinking you're poor and there's no point in saving then you will never have any cash, but saving like a few pounds a day adds up.

consider the alternative:

>much less expensive and easier to attain than a GNX

>similar 80's boxy looks with quad rectangular headlights

>swedish durability

>four doors, more whores

>factory turbo and easy as shit to tune and modify, including engine swaps, huge engine bay can swallow V8s and bigger turbos with ease

>won't have midlife-crisis dads and weird car autists drooling all over you all the time

>invisible to cops because Volvo

>even more likely to make chads in WRXs and Camaros completely buttmad when you pull on them

I don't want a GNX, I just want a GN/T-type.

T-Types are still expensive because turbo buick tax

regular GNs are honestly boring as shit and won't impress anybody other than the bluehaired old fuck up the street

I've seen a few for as low as 6k on CL. After some negotiation, maybe lower.

and you can get a turbo Volvo 740 for as low as $500 that runs, what's your point

GNXs and T-types are fun because they're kind of ridiculous 80's turbo things, base GNs didn't get the turbo engines and are slow (125hp, yawn) and don't handle and are generally only as good as similar year American cars

if you're set on getting something slow and American that doesn't handle well from the 80's then get an Olds 88, the full sized RWD ones at least came with V8s that made more power than the GNs

Or get a turbo Volvo and enjoy the fun of something 80's with a turbocharger on it

follow-up, this is a picture of the exact '87 760 Turbo (760s were just nicer 740s -- leather, power seats/mirrors/windows/etc) that I sold for $300 running and driving. the new owner posted this picture online after doing some tune-up stuff to it

user, I like Swedish bricks, but the hipsters have fucked up the prices on them where I live. They're asking 4k for a 240 jfc.

>base GNs didn't get the turbo engines
not really
in 82 yeah but in 84 the 3.8 turbo became standard engine in the GN
they didn't have an 83 GN

You can get a G-body in great shape for about 5K. A 5.3/4L80 combo is probably less than that, and then you only need a turbo and a rear end that won't break.

Bottom line, you can make a turbo hoonmobile Regal for less than 15K.

Just get one after you graduate. Till then find a clean foxbody

Is an LX 5.0 ok?

find a clean cutlass or something, drop a healthy 5.3 in it, get a better cam and some better flowing heads and 1 or 2 turbos and you'll surprise the shit out of pretty much everyone with your 800+ hp beast

this is nice

Get a monte.

lol the only pussy youd steal with that is their grandmothers

luckily their hearing will be awful so the worst sounding V6 in history wont turn them off

pushcuck muh ls meme lol

>Longitudinal 5.3
Pick one.

it's ls based and has a very similar block and uses suck ass inferior valve train just like the ls

Consider the alternative of a T-type Riviera.

Generally cheaper, but then again finding one that's been as well cared for as a T-type/GN regal is a bit harder since they were never as popular.

you wont be able to daily drive a GN anyway trust me I had one.
Seats uncomfortable as fuck after 30 mins.
All weather sealing drying out brb dont drive in rain.
80s gm build quality interior made of fabric quickly loosing glue everywhere.
Trust me its a weekend cruiser or drag queen. Thing is practically a 60s car with a turbo.

You do realize that these cars are at least THREE DECADES OLD?

>waaa stop using gm engines in gm cars

To add to this if anyone is wondering that's because the '82's were just promotional things for Nascar wins, the later ones were a T-type appearance package which is why it was standard later.

The original GN's kinda fly under the radar because they're not Turbo buicks.

yes I do I had one.

Thats why I told OP not to get one as a DD. Its a great car but not a daily.

>MFW daily'd one for years
>never had any of these problems