GM literally BTFO

GM literally BTFO

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Did this actually happen?



Nobody owned EV1s they leased them from GM.
GM can crush its own shit if it wants

It's still retarded that they threw their EV program in the garbage.

THIS is why I refuse to drive anything but Tesla and GT-R

I'm willing to bet you've never driven either let alone own.

I said I refuse to drive anything but those cars I never said I owned a car.

he has trouble reading thoroughly.

Ok. So you don't own a car and refuse to own anything other than a Nissan R35 GT-R or an Electric Vechicle by Tesla Motors

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Why do people hate gm? According to this they tried to save the motoring industry and the hobby.

I actually went and searched for the whole story before forming an opinion

>GM leases the EV1's as a test program
>After a few years looking at production and maintenance costs, decides selling them is very unlikely to turn into a profit
>Gets them all back after leasing ends

But hey, if god emperor Musk says that's a lie and big bad GM wanted to kill electric cars, that must be the undeniable truth I guess

I personally dislike GM because they have consistently been making ugly cars.

Not even talking about their sports cars either. Their econoboxes/SUVs/trucks are and have been fugly as shit.

Hopefully God Emperor Trump doesn't bail them out

If he doesn't own a car its because he rufuses to drive anything but the GT-R or the Tesla, prhaps those aren't sold in his country?

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>le old europoor car means I have le gud taste
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>Implying he could afford either

with the Model 3 anyone with a decent income can afford a Tesla
ICEs are done for

They didn't "forcibly recall" the cars, they took possession of them when the leases were up just like with any lease

that's a bold faced lie

Elon Musk > you

he's rich so he can tell lies


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Alright, gather round Veeky Forums here's the quick rundown of the GM EV1.

>California starts requiring automakers to produce all electric cars via ZEV requirements in the 90s
>GM starts work on and eventually releases the EV1 in 1996
>The cars were only available on lease via Saturn dealerships
>Despite limited range and utility most people who drove them liked the cars and they weren't horribly slow either
>Range was good enough for 90% of drivers in the US based on daily average mileage
>Through heavy lobbying the oil and auto industry in general fight hard against California regulations
>Eventually the ZEV regulations are scaled back with the all-electric requirement being dropped
>Shortly afterwards GM announces they are discontinuing the EV1 citing supposed lack of consumer interest

It could of ended there but here's the real meat of the story. The truth is kid, the game was rigged from the start.

>GM never built the EV1s with the intention of mass producing electric cars
>GM's marketing was blatantly intended to paint the car in a bad light and dissuade consumer interest up to and including blatantly lying about non-existent drawbacks of the EV.
>After getting the ZEV regulations overturned GM terminates the leases of all the EV drivers
>Despite drivers offering to pay for the cars in full and relieve GM of any parts, warranty, or any liability whatsoever GM refuses and repos all of the cars
>It's discovered GM is relocating and crushing all the EV1s despite owner and public protest

GM essentially built the EV1s to fail and conspired with the auto and oil industry to keep all electric production cars from being a thing. My personal favorite tidbit comes from former GM CEO Rick Wagoner who said killing the EV1 was the single biggest mistake he ever made as CEO.

The only factory original and functional EV1 sits at the Smithsonian, legally prevented from ever being driven on public roads. Francis Ford Copola does posses an EV1 but no idea if it runs.

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Because his customers are losing their tax credits for buying teslas.....

Which means Elon doesn't make his gorrilions of shekels.

Trump is making gas ICE great again!


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Reminder that Francis Ford Coppola stole a EV1 from GM


This. The EV1 was a leas-only program, and IIRC they had a special lease contract made up for them that specifically said that there was no possibility of lease-to-own and that GM could reclaim the vehicles at any time.