What is the fidget spinner of cars?

what is the fidget spinner of cars?

Those fucking raptor things with 3 wheels

5k civic

I personally think an Rx8. They're cars that require tons of quirks in order to last.


quirks? what quirky things? can you list all the quirks? or do i need to visit your column to hear more of your thoughts about these quirks?

Quirks as in shitload of money to pay the mechanic.

Rotary is dead get over it

Mechanics don't charge much for an oil change that takes 10 minutes

Doug please fuck off



Are we talking MR2 levels of spinning?

here to post this

My moms corolla when I was little.

You stick your fingers in the tape deck and hold it down for it to play so that was my job :(

Rotary engines
Other answers are wrong

Super popular, even among normies, because of its hype
>Inb4 corvette vs GTR
I didn't say a thing about its performance

4-door coupe crossovers. they're the flavor of the month and will just be a fad for the next few years.

it's popular because it's superior user