Why does nobody here like Subaru when they are the only company that has any true "driver's cars" for young people prices?

>base WRX has good power, AWD, manual only, minimal nanny systems and infotainment, good outward visibility, MPG 20 city 27 highway, 0-60 5.2 seconds, four doors for more whores, ok looking aesthetically but not a knockout
>MSRP 28k
>base BRZ has enough power, RWD, manual available, minimal nanny systems and infotainment, good visibility, MPG 21 city 29 highway, 0-60 6.1 seconds, two doors for classy whores, excellent looking aesthetically
>MSRP 26k

Even ignoring these two great examples, Subaru has a great lineup overall of affordable sedans, wagons, and SUVs known for reliability and relative simplicity.

These are basically the best most overlooked cars on the Veeky Forums market.

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Because the WRX costs less than the BRZ but is superior in every way. This shit is an outright insult to our intelligence. Where do they get off doing this?

The WRX costs more though.

>This shit is an outright insult to our intelligence. Where do they get off doing this?
Do you think the corporate bosses have a dart board of prices and just see what gets hit? It's all supply and demand plus prices of factors of production.

>in b4 head gaskets

To answer your question it is that it isnt that people don't like subaru, they dont like You-bru starting threads all the time just so you can validate to yourself that they are good cars. Maybe start an interesting subaru thread instead of "WHY DOENSNT EVERYONE ACKNOWLEDGE SUBIE WITH MEEEE?!?! #184747" and you'll see.

Subaru are one of the most popular manufacturers on this board. People gripe about the brz and the latest stis sure but that's about it. Maybe it's the culture that the following exudes?

I rarely ever see Subaru threads that aren't central to the 86-twin. And nobody here ever talks about the WRX aside from vape/snapback shitposting.

Everyone is too concerned with Burgerkingring laptimes and supercar shitposting to talk about anything they can afford. I thought I'd mix it up a little and make a Subaru thread.


>Starting at €51.295

>Starting at € 90.095

At these prices I might as well just buy a BMW.

But that might just be my country.

So I check Germany and Belgium as they have way less taxation on cars:
>33k for BRZ
>42k for WRX STI

Guess I'm just a Europoor.

Poor nederlander. I'm American so those are my prices, I forgot to put dollar signs in my post.

How expensive is an M3 there? For comparison's sake.

>msrp 28k
Yeah, because 28k is "young people" prices.

I can order myself a 2000 subbie that's jdmtyte fresh from japan for 10k, save me the other 18k for whores.

Subaru drivers ruin Subarus


I drive a Crosstrek and don't go to organic free range gluten free yoga

€ 113.520,00
M3 coupe :(

But I could probably get a very nice older M3 for 50k euro's.

It's pretty sad because I know that I would never be able to afford a car like this as income taxes go up to 52% for everything you earn more than 52k a year.

Those rims...that color....are you a nigger?

....its a subaru dipshit

I found out how the Subaru WRX STI becomes 90k in my country.

MSRP: €35.273
Tax: €7407
Special tax on cars and motor vehicles €45.633.
This adds up to a total of 91k euro's.

thats pretty cuck

>45 thousand euros of tax

*a little bit over 53k euros on tax total :^)

>150% tax rate

>An entire cheap house worth of tax

>implying that importers are not niggers that scam autists like you.

sure go ahead kiddo.

because Boxer engines are complete shit, its a inherently poor design to have pistons sideways so oil can pool in one corner of the valve covers. nevermind ringland and headgasket issues. i was a mechanic for nearly a decade, any Subaru car that came in you could expect to at least see early HG issues and you would just spray off the leaking oil from the gasket with brake clean

the only Subaru i own and will ever own is a Sambar, theyre actually good and one of the better Kei trucks. whenever some kid in a GC8 or Forester flies by me giving thumbs up its partial cringe because i hate every other Subaru but Justy and Sambar lol

>Doesn't know about rotating the engine
>I've been a mechanic for 10 years
Skrublord, I bet you're lying.
Also hating on the GC8 is TREASON.

Subaru fucked up when they didn't introduced pic related turbocharged. It was a mom car with STI style. It was the biggest disappointment in my adult life.

The Toyobaru is a reincarnation of the 2.5RS

At least you can STI swap it.

This, there you go a DIY STi coupe. You can now pretend your Bunta, have fun with the Cigarette bill.

It's my dream once I have the money and time to buy a rusted out 20 year old scoob and STI bits. For ultimate shits and giggles, I'd jam a EG33 in it and do silly things to that.

You can swap it now. But you couldn't do it then.

But you're too young to know that.

I know that. STIs weren't in the US until 2004.

The fanbase drags the cars down. They're either:
-well off free range organic hippie lezbo/fag
-vape nation snapback wearing retards
-morons who think they're off roaders

Which one are you OP? Doesn't matter. You're all insufferable and should be gassed.

You're an idiot if you let any fanbase ruin a car for you

What about evo and civic fans?

>what are the miata, fiata, challenger, charger, camaro, and mustang
>implying people do not like Subaru

Damn dude that's a steep price. In America a new M3 sedan runs $64k.

>It's pretty sad because I know that I would never be able to afford a car like this as income taxes go up to 52% for everything you earn more than 52k a year.
That's the price you pay for having a large social program state. The government will pay for your medicine, education, etc. but it all comes out of your taxes and the higher incomes get taxed more.

I personally prefer the way we do it. I'd actually prefer lower taxes and lower social program spending but I'll take what I can get.

>Special tax on cars and motor vehicles
>the "special tax" is more than the car itself
Christ on the cross

So what, I'd get an evo or an integra type r. I don't give a fuck who else owns one

Good on you. That's how I feel about Subarus.

>>what are the miata, fiata, challenger, charger, camaro, and mustang

Entry level sports car much like the BRZ, good car for low price
See above but Fiat badged and slightly different tuned suspension and different engine
In the only respectable format (V8) out of entry level price range
See above
See above (and the most glaringly expensive of them all, running nearly $40,000)
See above

Once you pass 30k you're heading into middle-manager salary prices which aren't available to most young people.

I'm a rich yobbo with parents that bought me an STi. I study medicine and don't vape.
Roast me, I double dog dare you.

>I double dog dare you.
Aw shiet it's on now

Not him but I'll go first
>parents bought your car

I drive an old beater Subaru and it's treated me very well even though it has almost half a million km on it.
I agree the vape-wagon fanbase and head gasket memes exist but you don't have to become that just from owning one. Drive whatever you enjoy.

Was honestly a surprise, I was content to drive my meme mobile around for a couple more years. I ain't gunna say no to a new car though.

*blows headgasket
*Burns oil
*loses torque
*Trunk sticks
*Quarter panel rusts off

Lucky you. I wouldn't say no either. In all fairness by dad offered to pay for half of my first car but I wanted it to be completely mine in both name and spirit. It was also only 1,500 dollars.

crossposting newfag pls go and stay go

It's a 100% tax rate though

I guess I'll just have to fit the stereotype now. I've kinda been avoiding letting my poorfag friends see my car, since they complain about being poor students all the time.


car is 35273


how do you even get 100% when even the "special tax" is over 100%

Top kek

Merely pretending to be retarded. There was that thread a couple weeks ago, hundreds of replies arguing over what percent increase in drive wheels 4wd is over 2wd.

fastback gt starts at 33k
not like the 3k over is gonna break the bank

are you a lesbian though

As long as you don't act like an asshole by bringing up how great your car is and how much better it is than their shitboxes at every opportunity I wouldn't worry too much about it. Good friends would feel glad for you and maybe give you some shit about the stereotype if their gearheads.

Lol I'm the moron thinks I'm an off roader

If you live in a snowy state a Subru is just about the best type of car for safe driving because AWD + snow tires is maximum winter grip

Great cars when looked after, too bad they usually never are. Been looking for a clean 2.5rs coupe for the last 6 months, if I can't find a decent example in the next 4 months I'll just settle with a CRZ for daily commuting

>This shit is an outright insult to our intelligence.

>/pol/ posting outside of /pol/

This should be an auto-ban offense on any board.

Current BRZ owner here. The car is garbage. Don't fall for the 'it has enough power'. Butt mad owners just say that cause they don't want to admit they fell for the meme.

The transmissions are garbage and are failing left and right.

>they don't want to admit they fell for the meme
Says the guy that fell for the meme, how about some proper research before blindly buying cars

I did my research, and test drove the car for almost 20 minutes. I made a conscious decision to buy the car despite the lack of power, because I wanted something disposable.

>because I wanted something disposable
Why the HECK did you not buy a 3k civic, and what transmission problems do you speak of

>not turning your commute into a rally
>not being the coolest kid in parking lots after snowstorms
>being too poor to pay someone to remove snow in your driveway

Old cars are not reliable.

>Old cars are not reliable
A 3k civic would be alot more reliable than the "problematic" BRZ you have

a Miata will outhandle and outlast a BRZ.
they could both have headgasket problems and the Miata will still last longer

>Bought a new car


How do we know that? The BRZ hasn't been out long enough to shit on its reliability

He probably leased an automatic and wonders why it's aufully slow

If you drive it like a bitch, then yeah it's slow. I thoroughly enjoy my BRZ in traffic and backroads.

I love my wrx. This board doesn't hate subies they just like to make fun of vapefags and lately it's been cool to shit on toyobarus because the 86 came out

I paid cash for a manual.

So how is your transmission garbage and or falling apart?

Then put it in sport mode and recline it you faggot.

>>Internet badass thinks throttling the piss out of
his high schoolers car makes him not a little bitch.

Spend 5 minutes on the forums. People are reporting failures as early as 17k miles.

People, including me, are reporting throw out bearing issues from day one.

>BRZ has enough enough power

What did they mean by this?

Maybe you shouldn't be launching the shit out of you're car to keep up with others at stoplights, either that or just poor shifting habits. Why have you not taken to dealer for warranty? Something is not right or you are leaving something out because TOB's don't go bad day 1
It does have enough power, unlike the Miata. It's just geared alot different


It started making noise within the first 500 miles. I have taken it to the dealer twice, and they 'don't hear it'.

>I have nothing better to say
There user, was that so hard?

You're just objectively wrong about it having enough power.

Did you go on test drive with the technician? What is the sound like a rusty spring or like rattling cans?
You're someone that has never driven one

No, it isnt the clutch pivot. Its either TOB or Input Shaft bearing.

I've demonstrated it to the tech. There is a clear and distinct noise difference (whirring) between clutch depressed & not at idle in neutral.

Did you get any sound out of it infront of the technician? You need to stop being a timid kid about it or go see another dealer that will actually help

I remember this, lmao.

I don't need to drive one. I'm sure they're plenty fun to drive. They just need a different engine and more power.

Imagine if Toyota and Subaru had either never partnered, and/or Subaru was actually willing to let the BRZ compete with WRX sales?

You can't say you wouldn't be overjoyed to hear the BRZtS was getting an FA20F or that the 86TRD would have something like a bigger 1.8L Supercharged engine the Yaris GRMN is getting?

I would be happy with more power but I'm content with a good set of pilot supersports, hawk hps brakepads,UEL header and tune.

>It does have enough power, unlike the Miata.
>Miata is faster than BRZ
What did he mean by this?

How much do the headers and tune even give you? Modified cars are a whole other animal.

Did you read the rest of my post involving the gearing? Doesn't the miata hit 60 on second gear or some shit?
Not sure I have not dyno'd it, I'd say a solid 20hp gain. Would have got Vortech supercharger to go with it but ended up getting an sti for different kind of enjoyment

>Miata 0-60
>BRZ 0-60
6.1s (MT)
7.3s (AT)

That's actually good comparison, they're both equally slow.

>Miata does it in 5.8 seconds

what model/power/engine etc? concerning how my Z4 is only .3s quicker.

2016MY, 2.0L, 155hp

Parkers states 7 seconds for both the soft top and the RF. Where are you getting 5.8 from?

Car and Driver.
2015 model with the 1.5 did it in 7.I don't remember. Maybe they're measuring that one.

the miata is faster, the 370z is a better GT car and le ameican mussle exist if you want to look like a failed normie

Wrx is better than those two