Tube Chassis Thread

Summer is here. Post ultra light cars that are barely there.

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bump for interest

I'll post a few and I feel like I may buy one one day but I'm not sure which layout is right for my driving (and my budget)

I would love a Factory Five GTM but the frame is just so fucking expensive that you can buy a comparable C7 for comparable prices so I'll probably never buy one if I live to be 100.

My current idea is to buy a Lamborghini replica someone has gotten sick of. Pic related (body not included so no "fiero with a body kit" jokes) has a 5.0 and unknown transmission but I'd really like an LS engine and real Porsche transmission. None of these things have any info on where the struts and stuff came from and these (mostly rollbarless) frames don't give me a great feeling of safety.

Tbf a GTM will wipe the floor with a C7, but they are pricey for a kit car.

Yeah I know but a C7 stands a somewhat smaller chance of having been assembled by a retard and it has a warranty and stuff


More redneck shit

Feast your eyes on this one of a kind shit right here.

>Built this to haul logs but muh tractor worked better so... $4000 obo

don't be a racist

You can tell this guy will take a lot less than the $800 he has this listed for since he couldn't even bother to roll it out of the tall grass to take the pic.

Jeez here's ANOTHER one in my area just as cheap as my OP. I love living halfway between Detroit and the Appalachians

Only $300 more for this one and it comes with the trailer and even a title.

This needs the biggest fucking tires you can afford put on it. Only $4500 with these 35s though.

wtf is this faggot doing that he needs a dune buggy that seats six fucking people

This one has a baby seat, just in case you want to drive off a cliff with your wife plus all three of your kids - like for fun, not suicide

it seems like rednecks know how to have fun

god, i'd love to make one of those, even crappy one. I have a welding machine and i think i would be capable of welding two pieces of pipe together, i'd put a bike engine inside for simplicity, but i have no idea about suspension part of the car. Can you buy pre-made suspension modules for cheap? Or do people usually weld it entirely on their own and there is no place on the market for prefabs?

Volkswagen actually sold these things in the 70s so there's a variety of aftermarket parts for those "Rail Buggies" that can also be put onto ones you might fabricate.

Not a car, but some tube frame oc. I'm looking for a 250cc motercycle engine and transmission currently. This thing would fly with 40hp and some gearing. Another option I'm considering is a 250 or 420 predator engine and a torque converter, but I'm not sure which would be more fun for trails and stuff. I don't get it up to crazy speeds anyway and the low end grunt of a 420 and torque converter would be awesome.

will it be useful anywhere other than on perfectly flat dirt roads (since it has no suspension)? off-road gokart sounds super nice and relatively easy to make, but i wonder how would it behave in even relatively flat off-road

What do you search for to find these?





The tires get aired down, and the seat assembly is sprung also. It's not perfect, but for flatter trails it's fine. Like I said though, I really don't go crazy with the speed anyway, so I wonder if the extra torque might make a bigger difference for getting up hills and through deep grass or mud / snow. Only time I really let it rip is if I'm in an open field or something.

oh jeez i made this 3D renderings, i'm feeling happy someone saved it and i hope liked it :)

Its a remodel from the gta5 dunebuggy, wich looks like it has a vw beetle flat 4 engine double carb and the full beetle suspension.

One day i might make it... "cleatus's ride"

i'll bump with few images of dune buggy that made my heart go

i love this simplicity, you have an eye on everything.

and some "asphaltbuggy" and not dune buggy i really like. Taking the rat rod spirit in to a tubular car seems loads of fun.

damn, i forgot the picture.

You did a good job mate I hope to build one like this someday


>all that square tubing.
Is this a joke?
Or just any other prime example why moderately intelligent should not be allowed power tools before a proper education...

See that's what I mean by how I wouldn't feel very safe in a lambo replica that's frame was constructed more to hold the body kit than to actually provide crash protection - or even probably adequate rigidity for the 350/911 engine transmission. Compare that one you quoted to pic related, a GTM frame. Problem being just this kit in a box costs more than some of these tubular lambos fully complete including the 350/911 combo.

People with friends.

Yay, I can play.

Here's my sandrail. Gonna punch out the motor one day. Nothing makes much dick hard like a 2332 fuely with tarbo.

That's sweet man. Why the carpet though? Wouldn't it just add weight and get full of sand / water / crap?

There's a piece of round foam covering the seam where the side panel meets the frame. Carpet covers the foam to look nicer, and it really doesn't get too jacked up.

Uh, are you calling yourself a retard? Because uou build it yourself.

Anyone else here have a Funco?

shit the early 80s dudes really know how to enjoy their free time.

God damn you are a lucky man.
Euro/ poster here, we can not register these kinds of buggys here.
How is the riding feeling like? Do you sometimes ride it on regular roads or only sand? the rear tires are not vibrating af?
and show me that cockpit of yours, i always wanted to see a drivers view of on of these :)

Whats a funco?

My brother's giving me the old engine out of his truck once he swaps an LS into it. How would I go about building one of these, but road legal?

that's some beetle front suspension and wheels I see