Hey Veeky Forums

Hey Veeky Forums,

20 year old retard trying to buy his first car here. I'm looking into the 2001 Toyota Corolla.

My autism renders it necessary that I get the one with the spoiler. Do you guys know which models have the spoiler. Please let me know.

thanks dudes

Excellent cars. I'm going to guess that the fully loaded models had the spoilers and aluminum wheels. I had a pleb-tier model back in the days without aluminum wheels/spoiler but it was great. I say buy the cleanest model you can find regardless of trim because these cars are now thrashed to shit.

Probs the S model will have the spoiler, but i think they came in stick only, not sure on that one...

I know that the older corollas, Late 80's early 90's, had a coupe model that came with a spoiler for the cyclope light to be.

Also you dont need a spoiler

Get a civic instead faggot. Much more fun.

why are they more fun?

>20 year old retard trying

you're a dumb fuck.

fag op wants a corolla, not some autistic muh revs machine

More eager to rev, better shifter, some corollas of that generation were known to burn oil. There's a reason you see more civics than corollas from that generation on the road.

>talks about oil burning problems
>recommends a Honda


>more civics on the road means they're better.

you guys are retarded

Trying to find a unmolested 90's civic, or a good early 2000's civic with out the dying trans, GOOD LUCK

197k and mine burns none.

15 years later that does mean something considering they sold roughly the same amount.

Its the same as the Land Rover meme.

>75% of Land Rovers ever build are still on the road

So what? That doesn't make it any better than your mom's Tahoe.

fag OP here,

I found a 2001 Corolla CE with only 28,436 miles on it. looks brand new. dude wants $5,000 for it.

am I getting fucked? I'm sketched out that the car has so few miles on it.

Take it for a test drive

Maybe get tbe VIN checked

my grandparents gave me a 2007 corolla with 23000 miles on it last year

I'm not too surprised. Seems a bit expensive but if it really is as clean as you say, it wouldn't hurt to check it out.

If the transmission on an early 00s civic isn't dead at 100k, it's fine. They tended to blow up at like 50-70k.

Um. You can get aftermarket spoilers, if you're really into that sort of thing. It would be cheaper to do that than to find some craigslist asshole who "knows what he's got"

Depends on who owned it. If it was a granny who only took it to the grocery store and back once a week, it's conceivable. Or if it was a military guy who only drove it when he was back from duty. Anything else and it's probably a scammer, and if that's the case, don't even focus on the price, just avoid it.

post your local craigslist.

Still a bomb i would not want to thinkabout / dealwith