If you were an automotive youtube with 1...

If you were an automotive youtube with 1.6 million subs what would you do (automotively speaking) with the money you'd be making from ad sense/selling merchandise?

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Get a hotter wife

Nicole thicc as fuck doe.

and loyal

and most hoes these days are not loyal according to Christoper Brown.

murder suicide

make a lemonade stand

alrighty den eminem


Take a mechanic course

Talking about hoes...

who dis?

Probably close to the same shit as him but with a wife that isn't completely oblivious to cars.

that's TJ Hunt's girl

She looks primed for the bbc

Hair implants

honestly... you aint lyin my G.


Buy a R32 GTR

Build a shop with lift
Fix up my 4runner

Dude she looks like she's already been tooted and booted

More like TJ Cunt.

Holy fuck this guy is the most irritating poser on the planet, his videos are hilarious when you realise the level of fraud he is.

>Hey guys check out my fully decked out garage it cost like 40k
Opens a tool draw and they're still in packaging
>We're gonna rebuild my transmission today
He literally does jack shit, while drones do all the work but he's sure to jump in on the end for the photo op
>We're rebuilding the engine with forged internals
Doesn't even touch the engine once

The best part of it all is how he's relegated to bitch tier jobs while they do all the work, or when he blatantly fucks shit up not knowing anything and you see whoever is actually doing the work in the background roll their eyes.

AdamLZ, TJhunt, and Thatdudeinblue are all poser rich white boys with more money than sense. Don't even work on their own cars and buy shit brand parts. What's worse is their stupid following that buys their self labeled overpriced apparel.

buy better car

Why do people care what other people do with their time/money?

Why do people care what other people like?

Is your own life that boring/menial?

Who cares, do your own thing, care less what happens on youtube... god damn children.

>he says as he posts on a nepalese tuk-tuk racing imageboard

She THICC + she knows how to drive stick and do donuts. Would fuck any day

I would do a $3k civic with a few mods video every week and then give them to my subscribers through raffles.

theres some forum out there called cumonpictures.com (or some similar name) and they have a thread on Nicole. It's kinda funny. It's just a bunch of dudes printing out pictures of her, cumming on them, and then sharing the cummed on pics with each other

I'm jealous because i work a minimum wage job, have to labour for everything and hate my life but some dumb shit kid that doesn't know what a piston ring compressor is, can dump like 100k on a drift car for kicks.

You sound cool bro

He manages to regularly entertain millions of people, should he not be compensated?

No reason to be jealous of rich guys. They don't stop you from getting dinner you know, if you want to be fucking rich become an insurance adjuster or data analyzer, web designer you get the picture there's nothing wrong with being poor as long as you're spending wisely

HAHA that is ridiculous! Would wife though, no lie

was/is pro BMX


Film maker

poor neet

buy a shitbox from the 80's that most of my 12vie fanbase would have no idea about

I like Adam LZ but he honestly knows very little about cars. I think the main reason is he always had money to pay people to do the work from his BMX days so he never bothered to learn anything, he just drives them.. And now he has people like Big Boost and Taylor Ray to work on his cars while he walks around and films them. He didn't even know the most basic things about his new 70k truck in one of his recent vids.


It's not that he's being compensated for producing something valuable (if you think vlogs are valuable). It's that he hasn't paid his dues, it's the frivolity in which he spends money; just throwing money around and not even knowing what he's buying. You can tell most of the time he's just paying for whatever Alberto tells him to get.

Look at the difference between Alexi and Adam; Alexi drifts in a torn up skyline and Adam dumps 100k into a car just starting out.

Bro, did you see that video of them picking up the truck?

Talking about tall trucks to look up her skirt. Her body in that dress. Hnnnnnngggg

I would probably buy a f250 and trailer with a built race car and call it a business expense just like he did. Complete write off of your hobbies.

I was always considering starting an auto channel. I wanted to shoot for building cars and actually showing what goes into it as well as driving and racing. Like the current car channel faggots but with actually working on a car and not being a poser about it. I was always thinking about injecting it with Veeky Forums memes and doing something stupid like buying a stratus or twingo but I feel like it will ruin the board
>implying it isn't already fucked. I don't want the young 12 year old vape faggits shitting this place up
I guess that will have to wait. No one wants to here about an old Chevy trucks. I plan on importing something from yurop and jaypan and make a few videos here and there and see how it does.

>Audi 200 or s4 and then boosting the living fuck outta it and maybe an R32 GEE TEE ARU

do one with go karts, as far as I know there is only one channel making good, detailed videoblogs about affordable old ones and crazy ideas