The new FR Ferrari looks like an elongated Mazda 3

The new FR Ferrari looks like an elongated Mazda 3

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Looks like a Viper DESU.

Had a Cross in the grill and that could easily make a Viper.

>Viper is so good it gets canned by Fiat
>suddenly Ferrari comes out with this
Makes you think, doesn't it?

If I had the money, I would buy one of those and stick a viper badge on it... but that will never happen ;~;

>cancel Fiat cancel Viper
>replace it with a new Ferrari Viper that is slower, more expensive, and less fun


Fucking Tony I knew they'd fuck it up for everyone.

This is like replacing your dead dog with one that looks just like it

fiat doesn't own ferrari anymore retard

how so?

All I know is Ferrari is hitting 90's and early noughties level of ugly all over again.

More like how the SLS became the viper?
The story apparently goes like this. Dodge engineers were already hard at work on the next-gen Viper, with an aluminum chassis already completed and a new suspension on the way. Mercedes caught wind of the project and decided that the chassis would be the perfect starting point for the upcoming SLS. The two teams reportedly worked side-by-side on the project until Chrysler's cash crunch caused the Dodge team to focus its resources elsewhere. The end result was a brand-new SLS for Mercedes and a hole in Dodge's Viper lineup. IL bolsters its account of the Viper-turned-SLS with the fact that early SLS test mules caught by spy photogs were fitted with ill-assembled Viper sheetmetal.

Back when it was Damiler-chrysler

except the viper was cancelled because unions

>socialism killed the best american sports car
top kek

I actually thought it was a viper from the thumbnail.

they sold their stake
it's owned by private shareholders and the Agnelli and Ferrari families who hold controlling shares.

noggin unironically joggin now

The front is nice, but the back looks worse than on the f12, ferrari lost it just like aston martin

>making a super niche car that doesn't sell is the best way to protect our jobs

Viper was cancelled before Ferrari ended business ties

those cars are what sells the rest of your brand.
Look at lexus before the LFA vs now.

this car looks so incredible

They sold shitloads before.
They sell shitloads after.


The main problem is that they're making cars with aerodynamics in mind, so substance over form.

Aston Martin is a different thing, they're just retarded and unable to design both exteriors and interiors when they have to stop relying on the same design over and over.

Nothing wrong with using the same design with few differences to make it look newer. Take for example 911, nobody but faggots dislike them.

It looks more like this thing

I told you not to sell that shit.
You've got no one to blame for the fact that you're no longer an owner.

>Ferrari made a knock-off Viper with styling accents stolen from a Japanese economic

Why the fuck does anyone take Ferrari seriously anymore?

>posts a literal Viper with a bodykit

the F12 was so close to being perfect that the follow up was always going to be awkward

The F12 was a modern day 250, the F12 TDF the 275 here comes the 330

to be fair this year theyre the closest to winning in F1 since 2010

its a shame the V12 models arent used for racing anymore

I wonder what the cost of ownership of

an f12 is

but the viper isn't usable as a GT unlike the LFA.
You can use some Veeky Forumstist fantasy as a halo car for normies the hellcat will do a much better job.

That looks like the RX-Vision.

It looks ike a Ferrari-GT you burger-cunts.

As if Ferrari would ever use parts from burger-shit.

Sexy interior



Am I the only one who thinks the 812 looks amazing?

It looks like a perfect GT.

>Ferrari is now copying shitbox makers
>ferrari brandwhore cucksuckers will defend this

yeah na
looks like the evolution of the previous FR Ferraris

>nobody but faggots [s]dislike[/s] drive them.

If you don't like the 911, you're a confirmed faggot.

Anyone who's a car fan should fucking appreciate that design and what they've done with it.

I'm a pure weeaboo car lover and even I have to admit it's one of the best models ever made. Ever.


I hate that frog-design. Too feminine.


Kek. It amazes me how fast people forget and how they can forget that Ferrari basically invented the GT-car.




Holy shit. This is one of the dumbest comments I've EVER read.

You're comment is the dummest ive ever read.