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Who are the worst riders? Cafe racers, harley boomers, sport bikers, wheelie kids, dirt bikers? Who are the best? And why?

terrible OP, delete this and let someone that isn't retarded make the new thread


So I revved my straight pipe p twin to 8k today and it spit fire on the overrun

Am I dbt yet

Motard bros for sure. Though this is probably synonymous with wheelie kids

>I can't discuss bikes the same as every other dbt because the OP isn't 3 pages long
What's the problem?

>only 8K

I had a dream about crashing my bike and I wasn't atgatt, it was fucking scary, woke up a little sweaty.
But that may be just cause my brother did a willy and almost crashed. Massive wobble when he came back down.
What was your last bike dream dbt

Wheelie kids and college student sportbike bro squids are the worst riders. Cafe racers are the most faggy, pretentious of the bunch. Harley boomers generally follow the rules of the road, but are shit in their own way mostly by nature of being boomers and riding for image more than anything (similar to cafe fags).

"Dirt bikers" needs to be broken down a bit. Motocross kiddies rarely ride on the road but there's plenty of monster energy tools in the community. Dual sport riders are usually some of the most chill riders you'll encounter.

Basically, you can count on any rider who doesn't own more than one type of bike to be shit in one way or another.

>ride as hard as you can in the twisties on ur shitty 400cc commuter bike pushing the absolute limit
>get overtaken by insane guy in a blind corner in the opposite lane while hes dragging knees on his liter bike

feels bad man

but i bet that was fucking yammie noob, why are some riders so fucking suicidal

Post spuds

Because no matter how fast they go the pain never goes away.

>be riding relaxed in the twisties
>some idiot on a small shitbike barely leaning blocking my path
>overtake him in the corner
>see him sperging in my mirrors

Why are some riders so fucking shit?

It redlines at 8 homey

>Cruiser hate
But I feel nothing but love for you, user

Discuss what? /Dbt/ is 180 proof, triple distilled butthurt. Suzuki flavour.

Suzuki a shit

Going extremely fast doesn't fix your everyday problems, I learned that firsthand.

It's a matter of time till I get shrekt, guess it's a live hard/suicide sort of thing.

ayyy indianbatanon

Nice pic

Anybody else fucking shook after this TT? Honda tries konpyutaa-baiku for the first time: Box 'o Neutrals

Related: Fuck TBW. Imma get a 300/500 for practice, before Skynet comes to kill us all.

Dis my piglet :3

>belt tightener with chain conversion

That thing looks heinous

Going fishing next weekend, can't decide if I want to just use my backpack + net and straps to load everything on the bike, or if it's actually worth it to mount the ugly as sin rear rack I got from the previous owner.

Thanks man. Was finally nice so I went to check out the back roads to see how they were after all the flooding last time I was home. Not too horrible. Def not idea for dank leanz with all the fucked up roads.

How's life on your end my dude

Tell me you aren't bringing your tackle right

>Vomit spaghetti into your helmet.
>It dribbles out and gets sucked directly into the air filter.


>Rain get sucked directly into the air intake.

Great idea Buell.

you think THATS bad?

i want one. I've only had my bike for 2 months and i already want to buy a bunch of bikes

almost bought a buell


I'm bringing all my stuff. Rod + reel, tackle, portable stove + cookware, hammock, the works. You wouldn't go fishing without tackle, right user?

Meanwhile BMW still crushing the competition


have your buddies haul your stuff maybe?

id like it if it didnt have the fork covers

What do you do if you actually catch something?

(Maybe less a problem with freshwater, but I'm personally considering pier fishing up/down the Puget Sound. Squid, flounder, sea-trout)


You fucking retard.

The piece of sheet metal is supposed to hold the nut in place for you.

Now that you've fucked it all up, you're shit out of luck if it isn't holding it properly.

those arent covers, thats the fork

Pretty sure the metal was supposed to hold the nut in place for you but not you kindof fucked it, anyways wedge a flathead screwdriver in there and try

Please tell me you're joking

seriously what the fuck is your retardation?`


i really want buell to succeed; but fuck, man.

Their fun, I enjoy the uniqueness of the bike. The price on em is great if you wait for a good deal.

Went on the highway with my bike for the first time today, it was a short 10km ride

She held bretty gud at 90 kph even slightly uphill and got over 100 for some time and she could've gone faster, not much tho

its not like Buel made that design

its also not like the original Buel doesnt look much worse.

That's retarded. Only two of us are going and we're both going on bikes. Why wouldn't I carry my own gear? I don't need a fuckhuge tackle box or anything, everything I'll be bringing fits into a box about half the size of a shoebox. Just going to be catching trout and panfish user.

If I catch anything, I'll clean and cook it right there on the shore. You guys don't bring a bag of fish fry batter and a and a backpacking stove with you when you fresh water fish? Just lake stream fishing, nothing like you'd get out of the ocean.

>not fast
>not pretty
>not comfortable

I'm not joking at all. The entire reason the piece of metal is crimped and welded over that nut is to keep it in place and hold it there so you don't need to get a wrench on it to hold it or worry about it falling out and getting lost.

This should have been obvious to you.

id like the Ronin if it werent so comically small.

The hands of a defeated man. I'll have to buy a saw to get this exhaust off

hmm im sorry. i wasn't aware that only two of you were going and both on bikes. i was only trying to help

They have some sexy looking buells if you do them up right.

But my 05 firebolt makes same neighborhood bhp as a R6 that year. And peak horsepower comes online twice as quick as an R6. (Granted a 12r has TWICE the displacement)

My Buell is pretty comfortable for short round town trips up to about a 2 hour ride which is 90% of what I do.
And their priced well
Got my Buell for around 3,000
For a fuel infested Harley 1200 sporty it would cost me twice that.

DR650 vs XR650 vs KLR vs Vstrom 650, which one you gonna pick?

>tfw you lean towards honda because you love your s2000

Or are they all the same basically, just take the lowest price?

Thanks user, appreciate the effort. May the skid demon leave you unharmed.

>my 1200cc bike outperforms a 600cc bike

Dunno. Last time I fished fresh water I was 8.
Salt makes fish taste better.

they are crazy low in price, sound awesome, and look pretty cool imo, but i heard HD will stop carrying parts this year. harley never should have bought them.

>sitting that close to a V8 with a blower

just doesnt seem smart to me

Should have bought with a spinoff plan. Get modern baiku tech, not let the only American SS die of neglect.

Hasn't Buell gone under already?

For good, this time.

ill probably get one eventually

I Kek'd

nah EBR still makes motorcycles.

i know HD boughtt them and shut it down 07. and then eric buell started EBR. not sure if theyre still going


Don't trust a computer, dog.
Ride with cables and fire, like God intended.

Anyone here knows if Bruce will be running the V4 road-going MemeGP Honda this year?

I don't like the look of these modern run-of-the-mill bikes.

The old style, with the round headlight and less plastic looks more up to the task. More honest, tbqh.

Pic related is just better IMO.

>best: me and similar bike riders
>worst: strawmen of other motorcycle riders/different country manufacturers

>They named the 125 "Titan"?
Perfect bike. All mechanical, tubed frame. Just wish for disc brakes.

Who are you quoting


Sorry, guys.

I'm liking these S21 hyper sports. Gives a lot of confidence in the twisties.
Just need to give the bike a good wash now

The gas tank, filename. It's mildly funny.

can we now say he is the new king of the mountain?
how long do we need to wait until we can say mcguiness is finished?
and why the fuck is the race coverage not on TV until 1am? are ITV having a laugh?
It's a joke that the Northwest 200 gets live coverage on BBC but IoM TT get fucking highlight reels in the middle of the night.


i dont understand. theyre so damn cool. well i never bought one, so i guess its my fault too

they just cant compete with ducatis

Mt-07 or Z650 you fags?

If you're gonna buy a piece of scrap with no dealer support or parts availability you might as well get a dukitty.

I'm just waiting for the price on those gorgeous EBR 1190RX's to come down to about 5 grand.

Kek, Honda owns a crazy share of the Brazilian market, mostly because of that bike, so 'Titan' indeed.


There, in the last page they mention how the little CG has 90% of the Brazilian-made market.

That's fucking huge.

Oh, and they do come with disc brakes.

They even come with a starter if you have the coin!

Luxury at it's finest.

The Vstrom is the most different of the three. I'm not super familiar with it, so I can't say.

Of the DR, XR, and KLR, which one you get really depends on what kind of riding you want to prioritize.

The KLR is a fucking pig in every way, and I would honestly only recommend it if you want to lazily roll around on highways and shit 90%+ of the time.

Between the DR and the XR it's a toss-up. The XR is by far the most off-road competent of the group, and is really rewarding for a rider that is willing to learn how to flog the shit out of it in rough terrain. It's also really, really tall to the point where it could be a problem for riders shorter than about 5'10. The DR is shorter, and comfier in general. Probably the best overall balance if you want it as an off road and around town bike.

They all have huge aftermarket availability, easy to find cheap parts, and good track records.

I've got the XR and have no regrets. It's a fun bike wherever you ride it, but holy shit is it fun to romp through rivers and forests. When I'm just commuting in town though, sometimes I wonder if I wouldn't have been just as happy with the DR.

Oh, I should state I bought the XR when I was asking pretty much the same question as you because I had previously owned 3 Honda's and 1 Kawasaki, the KLR didn't impress me, and I was kind of a Honda-fag in general (still am).


i'd trust my mechanic ability to be more at home on an american vtwin than a ducati. nothing against ducati. ive just only worked on american things. and a recently acquired suzuki

Hmm, seems like between the two, it'll just be whichever pops up cheapest first, XR or DR

Where are you taking your bikes this weekend?

Buell originally had a cover over it

>sunny for once
>Not to cold (11 degrees)
>Going to ride the Twisties all day
Good feel

RIP off-road 600. You were loved

What did you do

work then the sea side, get a mad ice-cream from nardinis and pretend it isn't raining.


I need to put a cup holder somewhere on my bike

Up to my dads shop to trade my bike for his sidecar, then to Road America for a bike show this weekend.

My father is a German immigrant. I make a yearly pilgrimage to change my oil in his garage, the week before father's day. We will say nothing, and stare directly at the bike until I fuck something up. Then there will be smoked chicken and white ale.

Because emotions, like anything that breaks before 150,000 miles, are for Americans.

Thinking about hitting up the highway through glamis, just for some pics tho.

Why do you think my bike is sad?
Is just a bit dirty
And old i guess...?

What's the date for SAM again?

>cover parts missing
>chain has to much slack and seems to have stiff links
>handlebar weights missing