Is this a good first car choice?

Is this a good first car choice?

2009 Fiat Bravo T Jet, turbocharged 1.4l 150bhp

Cheap as fuck because it's Fiat, they're only £2-3k used with 50k miles because used buyers here are brand snobs and will happily fork out £5000 for worn out Golfs with 100k on the clock just for a German badge.

>inb4 get an old bmw

Insurance is prohibitively expensive in the UK, even a Twingo would cost me £2300 a year to insure because I'm only 21.

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>150hp turbo
Yeah that's not gonna be much cheaper to insure

I got quotes and it is surprisingly cheap to insure

the fuck you mean black nigga, dont tell me colour effects insurance prices lmao.

Also in a similar situation to OP but im in ireland and im 23, first car and not sure what to get.

What are insurance prices like in Ireland my potato eating friend?

>Yeah that's not gonna be much cheaper to insure

Something like a Civic or a Golf TDI? Yes, absolutely.
A Fiat? Not in a million years.

>dont tell me colour effects insurance prices
They do m8.

What they quoting you on it?

i assume they just copy you fags, so pretty fucking retarded and jewy. insurance like this should be fucking illegal fuck these greedy kikes.

£1800 with telematics box, £2900 without

A punto 1.3l diesel (inb4 mjet) would be £1650 with telematics so the price is pretty decent for the Bravo

Fuck telematics up the ass with a flaming broom wrapped in barbed wire.

Fucking hell m8.
Try find a white 1.0l corsa and add your dad as a named driver, see how low it can go for you.
I'm 35 and only pay £280 for a GTi so it does get better with time.

they got classic car insurance in ireland and im honestly considering getting a 20 y old car and just getting classic insurance.

Those things are the chav boyracermobile of choice, no?

Yah but that's just because they're dirt cheap and don't cost much to insure.

Yeah, almost cool in an ironic way

> Fiat

You are lite... Actually no. OP is fucking around. No way someone can be this dumb. Even if that car is $500. Don't get it. Fuck it.

Give me one justification for your sentiment other than
>le fiat unreliable meme

my uncle got a 116i for 1k euro a year and its his first solo insurance

>classic insurance at 23
>classic insurance on daily driver

You havent checked this out yet have you noob?

Insurance in mainland Europe seems to be a lot more reasonable than in the UK, for example.

That car with that tjet engine (the same engine found in the Abarth 595 / Punto, Mito, Giulietta, etc..) is a goat combination.

Do it OP, the t-jet is bulletproof and the car is solid.

Do you know how it pulls at low RPM?

It pulls greatly since at 2000 rpm you have already like 200 nm of torque.

See here a graph: 1.4 T-Jet&UndefinedStatus=0