My first car

So I saved up 2k, these are my choices.

The pictures are not the exact cars but close enough in the same colours.

E30 320i manual 4 door with 100,000 miles and a little rust on the inner wing

MK3 Supra Non Turbo manual with 54,000 miles with a front bumper scrape and no rust

Which do I go for?

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7mg or 2jz??

if you dont know ask the nigga



more aftermarket, more fun, and not a literal vacuum line nightmare.


>2jz in supra 3

I think he's referring to the 1JZ that was available in JDM Twin turbo Rs

I'm aware that the E30 will be the better drivers car, but if I buy it I'd probably only fix the rust and put some factory BBS on it.

On the other hand the Supra looks cool as balls and I can build a cool jaydeeem monstaruu

Shit I'd buy that supra for $2k and I don't even need or want one. Is the interior a wreck?

If it's a US MK3 N/A it's most likely a 7MGE. What year OP?

you could also y'know

m52 swap it and slap a turbo on it

Navy blue velour in good condition for a 30 year old car, it's an 89 UKDM 7M Manual

>the e30 won't have maintenance problems
>buying a car so poorly cared for it has rust on it

I probably won't do that

I say supra but I have an irrational love for the way the MK3s look. I almost bought a turbo not too long ago but held off because the engine was a rebuild. Ended up getting a motorcycle instead. GL with whatever you decide on

Get the poopra. The BMW is about dead with 100k, the Supra is barely broken in. Get the head gasket thing sorted out, and the Supra won't break.

then what makes you think you can modify a supra?

It's more complicated and finding aftermarket parts for it is going to be 100x harder

what are you quoting?

he never said that

When I say modify I would mean probably a nice Nardi, intake, some alloys, and perhaps lowering slightly.

I'm a poor student and I had to save up a long time to get a car I actually like for my first one, and will just about be able to afford maintenance, chasing HP isn't really on my to do list. That being said I intend to keep any car I get for at least a decade so in a few years I might have the money to make some bigger changes.

I'm torn, I've wanted an E30 for a while and I love the way they drive, but the supra's looks and condition are really tempting, the caveat is that my dad looked at the Supra for me so I haven't had a chance to drive one.

bump for assistance

get whatever your diccc desires

supra will appreciate in 10 years, and is a sports car

e30 is a family sedan

>working e30s won't appreciate in 10 years

Seems like a no-brainer. I would go with the Supra.

>my dad looked at the Supra for me so I haven't had a chance to drive one.
The E30 will be more engaging to drive than the Supra. They have a certain joi de vivre in curves and corners that the Supra just doesn't have. This is what kept people coming back to BMW though they seem to have lost the plot in recent models. The Supra is a competent car but it drives like just a car and so is mostly forgettable. May as well be driving a Camry as one of those.

I feel like E30s are currently worth and in the future will be worth a lot more

The supra is 400 more to insure (2200, BMW is 1800), and 500 more expensive (I know I said I saved 2k, but I can stretch to 2.5/haggle the guy down)

This is the dilemma, in either case I'm worried I'll be thinking 'damn I should have bought the x'

The Supra is beautiful. I hope to own a Mk3 turbo some day.

>rusty, shagged out German econobox with potential hiding rust problems vs. reliable, proven, tough yet fun Japanese sportscar with easily repaired cosmetic damage, no rust and half the mileage of option BMW

SUPRA is only real choice champ, you would have to be real brain donor to choose BMW