There's no such thing as a "car girl...

There's no such thing as a "car girl." They do it for attention much like when they go on video chatting outlets and cam whore. Society teaches them to feel inadequate. Eventually, they do become insecure and this insecurity begins to dictate their every movement, action and judgement. Everything they do is for attention. They're constantly trying to compare themselves to men, to prove themselves, to gain recognition and to validate themselves. They post nude pictures because they want you to fawn over them and make them feel unique. Do you remember the woman who made the news for graduating US Army Ranger school? They had the same motivation for doing that.

Do I find it sad? For them. It's rather embarrassing and disappointing that their entire lives are going to be nothing more than a desperate scramble for validation from others. The thought people like this exist and are so insecure depress me.

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you also made this thread for attention/validation tho

No you idiot, I made this thread to bring awareness to this bullshit. Nice try.


Maybe in your gay 3d world faggot


>mfw no qt to build you delicious LS's to swap into things.

>she will never ask you to install your cam into her LS block

you just know there is gonna be a big ol period blood smear on the fender when she moves.

All chicks want attention dawn

Bump cause this ain't new


weeb shit has done more for me in getting a gf than cars will ever

wish i got into a different hobby like movies or sports

Whats the point of this post
fuck off to r9k

You know I thought about it and fuck I us men are almost as bad about it but not quite like them


>movies & sports
One is only enjoyable if you actually pay attention to the plot and other details associated with the production of the flick. And the other is basically DnD for normal fags memorizing arguably useless(unless you are gambling) stats about players and teams that really have no effect on your life.
Having knowledge in automotive is actually useful because you can fix problems and you know what a reasonable price for a job or part should be if you can't.

There is actually an attractive girl on my Facebook that is super into cars and racing and is always posting pics of various r32s and r33s or motorcycle vs gtr racing vids and shit like that. I wonder if shes mentally unstable or something because she seems like the ideal GF but I know things like this don't exist so there must be more to the story

This guy gets it

>tfw no Audi TT driving gf

>She also has an MR2 AW11

fuck off furfaggot

>grillz don't like my hobby so they're ALL shallow
>I would know because I talk to girls all the time
Jesus, OP, I know you're mad that some girl called your car a shitbox but calm the fuck down.