I have fallen in love

I have fallen in love.
Seriously, I always thought the reviews were hyperbole, but fuck.
It shits on SLS, Gran Turismos, Vantages, M3s, everything.
I will sell my soul for a GT3.

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>filename GT3 RS
>actual car is just a regular GT3

Anyway GT3's are cool

pic related is the RS version of that car

>posting watercooled
For me, it's the 993 GT2

I can't even imagine the RS.
Also it wasn't a 996, it was a 991. But still. Mother of god. This was the only GT3 pic I had on my PC
I need to try one

That's sort of the RS version.

The one you posted is a "post face-lift" 997 or 997.2

The one the guy you replied to is a "pre face-lift" 997.

if you want to find more pics of GT3's check this thread


or maybe I'll just post some GT3's from my Porsche folder

GT3 Cup

930's and 964's tickle my fancy the most out of the 911's personally.

Really I'd take about any of them, even watercooled DESU.

I know not GT3's, but figured may as well post 911 taste. (That and I have no GT3's or 2's saved I think)

Dude who owns these cars is some asian american dude who works in the Tech Sector in the Bay Area (SF) and by work I mean probably owns a company or something.




>Tfw a porsche 935 just showed up in my captcha

Mid Night Club's Porsches are my favorite to be honest.


read about the R Gruppe 911's

way better



Not him, but, why not like both?

I'd pick a 997 GT2 RS, just for the sheer madman factor.

993 GT2 a CUTE

i like the almeras' asphalt rally variants

kremer 934 is a nice too

although all 911 look good from the rear 3/4

>Kremer 934
>not 935

i see the appeal but flatnose is where i draw the line

I just have a thing for those HYUGE box flares and exposed tarbos.

oh yeah that rear end is nice in particular and it sums up why that era of 911 is such an iconic platform. no matter what variation, you can always find some part of the basic form hiding somewhere.

it's only the 935 that goes so far as to change the roofline. otherwise you always get that original two-teardrop shape as if it's been lowered onto a different chassis. and that's why i dislike the flatnose in general: it loses all of its front-end presence and just looks like a mound from the side

I love how it's like a classic 911 completely wrapped up in insane racing aero parts, with just tiny glimpses of the original 911 shape peeking through here and there.


exactly: the 935 and 959 being the two most dramatic additions to the original shape. really like how it's the 911 profile but with this box shape that starts just about the rear wheel and ends with the sweep to that spoiler.

GT3s are nice but I really want a cayman gt4
its so beautiful and well performing

What do you think mclaren/Ferrari/Lamborghini fanboys will do with themselves when Porsche bring out the 700hp widowmaker

Not much, just like when the 997 GT2 and GT2 RS came out. To them it'll always be "just a Beetle".

and how the 911 fastback neatly just tucks right in underneath the spoiler underneath the widened rear end. damn, is there even a single flaw with the 959 design other than 'how few of them they made?'

Ignore it and break into a rage induced seizure whenever Porsche is mentioned. The last gt2 is still fast as fucking watermelon dyke- the next one will be faster.

The only flaw I can find with the 959 is the front, which looks a bit odd to me. Maybe it's the bumper with just a couple of cuts for intakes, maybe the shape of the part the headlights sit on, something about it is a bit off.

Also looking at the headlights a bit closer, it's almost like the piece they sit on was made for more 996-shaped headlights rather than straight up round ones. Hm.

yeah i see it your way: those two uninspired vents on across the whole front bumper look dull and rob the front end of its potential presence

i think the 993 is an overly soft design but you're right about those headlight pieces too. it's almost like after the 993, the retraced their steps a little and got the 996.

and with that widened front, the whole thing looks like some kind of friendly cloud floating at you.

it's a shame: the side profile and rear section are perfection but the front is definitely bulbous and ruined by all of that venting.