Why does Veeky Forums hate the 2015-2017 V6 mustang?

Why does Veeky Forums hate the 2015-2017 V6 mustang?

>300+hp(Around the same as the 4.6 V8)
>N/A Coupe
>3500lbs (not terribly overweight like its V8 and Egoboost counterpart)
>Good exhaust note
>0-60 5.4 secs (Around same as the SN95 4.6 V8)
>Healthy Aftermarket
>Good looks
>Cheaper to insure, maintain and fill up

All of this can be had for around $16,000 for a lightly used example, why is this gay?

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Because a 300hp v8 model used is cheaper still and has way more room to grow. If you want a v6 sports car get a 370z. Part of the mustang experience is the v8.

So literally


If you haven't driven one you won't get it. They're nothing special, just a larger sporty-ish coupe with the v6. The whole point is an affordable v8.

I've heard v6's sound like shit so yeah I get your point honestly

>V6's Sound like shit

Are u high? there are tons of cars with V6 engines that have godly exhaust notes.

The mustang's v6 isn't one of them. 90 degree IIRC. More so it's just that the v8 option exists, might as well get it. Put an exhaust system like a Magnaflow bolt-together set on them and you'll crack a smile just starting it up.

The Mustang V6 is for rental car fleets. Get a Camaro if you must have a V6, since it makes more power and has a decent redline, and is in a lighter car. Also you can get a track package (1LE) while you can't get the Performance pack with the V6.

>300+hp(Around the same as the 4.6 V8)
no you stupid nigger, it has ONLY 300 CRANK horsepower. it has even less when you put it on a dyno. the 4.6 veeeight from ford has 315 crank horsepower.

>N/A Coupe
what the fuck does this even mean. a v8 mustang is also an n/a coupe, it's also infinitely better than your v6 trash

veesix fags this btfo they use """muh rwd""" to try to justify veesix trashstangs

>3500lbs (not terribly overweight like its V8 and Egoboost counterpart)
the veeeight mustang has a weight to power ratio of 8.517 (3705/435)
your veesix trash has a weight to power ratio of 11.753 (3526/300)
the veeeight is heavier but still shits on your anemic pile of 6 cylinder garbage

>Good exhaust note

>0-60 5.4 secs (Around same as the SN95 4.6 V8)
the 2010 veeeight mustang does it in 4.9 seconds.
kill yourself

>Healthy Aftermarket

>Good looks
lmao autistic poser doesn't want performance but he wants to look cool

>Cheaper to insure, maintain and fill up
if you can't afford a real muscle car go back to your $3k shitbox civic

>daily reminder pic related is the only muscle car ever built with a v6 that isn't trash

It has the best NA v6.

>90 degree IIRC
Irrelevant because the crank will be offset ground to compensate to 120 degrees. Nobody has done a straight 90 degree V6 since the Chevy 3.8 vibration monster

Mostly because the V8 Mustang exists which means you settled for the lesser car. If the V8 didn't exist Veeky Forums would still hate the car because it's not some 80's shitbox so they can't afford it.

>Mustang V6

>Civic Type R

A Civic is literally better than V6 Mustang. Buy a Mustang GT or don't get one at all.

Why are u so triggered lol.

>Same Chassis as an econoshitbox
>$35,000 for a fucking civic

>Mustang V6
>Chinese bullshit

First of the ecoboost only weighs like 200lbs now and you can tune it to over 450hp with the FPP and a FMIC. $2000, doesn't void the warranty, and is as fast as the V8. V6 takes way more money and work to make those numbers.

Veeky Forums is such trash.

>shit on a +300hp V6 RWD coupe that looks great and comes with a proper gearbox for $25K

>then Ford releases a turbocharged 4 cylinder that sounds like absolute DOGSHIT and has no noticeable improvements over the V6
>charges another $3-5000 more for this Ecotoot version
>Veeky Forums cums everywhere and starts screaming about "muh weight savings" and "muh torque" as if a turbo'd 4 cylinder is something to brag about, ever

Fucking retarded faggots, 90% of you. The V6 and Ecotoot don't compete with a 5.0L V8. If you want a GT, you're paying another $10,000 minimum. If you buy a used GT, you're buying something with HIGH mileage for the same price as a new V6/Ecotoot (though they won't be selling the V6 anymore).

You can either have a N/A V6 with good power and torque, that is decently reliable...or you can have a turbo'd version of an old Mazda engine for several thousand more, without any noticeable gains in performance.


He isn't triggered, he just thinks it's hilarious how mentally retarded and wrong OP is. I'm a euro guy and even I agree.

Source on that? This is the only Boostang power package that is warrantied as far as I know.


335hp/390lb-ft peak gains but with a shitload more area-under-curve.

a mustang without an N/A V8 is not a mustang, and this is coming from a yuropoor.
I was so disapointed when I saw an ecoboost exhibited in a mall, read the specs, and practically recoiled in shock when I saw the travesty of an engine they put in it. it is literally a fake mustang for posers. it is like those retaards making a cardboard chasis of a lambo over a bicycle.
that is what a non V8 mustang is. a lie.

>and this is coming from a yuropoor.

Then you should probably shut up Eurofag, because the first Mustangs ever made had 6 cylinder engines.

Besides, you'll never own a VEE-ATE MUSTANG, they won't sell them in your cucked vassal state. You couldn't afford the PETROL for one anyways.


The FPP tune alone won't get you GT performance, that's why you add on the FMIC and intake too.

I haven't seen anyone praising the ecoboost, isn't an engine under that high stress with presumably super low tolerance for error mean that they are all likely to go bang in 7 years time?

Should also admit that I like the Toyobaru so if i was after a Mustang it would have to be the V8

Spend any time on this board and you'll see that Veeky Forums has a perpetual boner for the Ecotoot. It's pathetic the way they drool over that shit, especially the Fiesta and Focus STs.

And for the record, yes, these engines are likely to grenade themselves in short order. You can't take a simple aluminum block, give it direct injection, strap a cheap turbo to it, and crank up the pressure (THIS PIECE OF SHIT RUNS AT 18PSI) and expect it to last very long. Especially with the way these cars will be abused, and the lack of maintenance they'll receive (typical of most Ford owners to be negligent fuckwits).

I can beat the fuck out of these in my eg civic with a few simple mods.

I'm not sure that it's the same in smaller cars, but over here in Eurostan STs are nothing special and I haven't heard any horror stories

You can buy Focus 1.0 litre misery spec Ecoboosts though, that must be a grim drive. I think this is emission led though, not sue about how it would work in a Mustang (probably not very well).

I've spent a while here but haven't seen anything the Ecoboost, is it just because the majority of Americans didn't get the ST until recently?


jelly europoor detected

i guess it's nice that europoors can only drive small ecoshit boxes, limits how much C4 Ahmed can fit in the car

What? I can go out and buy the proper 5.0 V8 Mustang tomorrow, our engine choices in the UK are either the Ecomisery or the V8, weirdly we don't get the V6

Not sure comparing the 'pony car' first gen Mustangs is appropriate for today's neo-muscle Mustang anyway

I just looked up the prices for a V8 in the UK...



Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus fuck they rape you guys hard for such things.

We pay like $38,000 for a loaded GT here in Canada.

Sorry about your lot in life, dude. Try to get out of there.

That tune comes with an intake, and a FMIC doesn't increase power at all, just helps cool your engine so you can drive harder for longer. You might get another 10 hp out of an exhaust, but that's it.

The GT also has FPP packs. One gets 457hp/424trq (muh torque) and the other gets you 472hp/405trq (muh revs), both have a warranty.

Tbh mate it's just new cars, i'm not really interested in anything made post 2008 so it's cool, how much is 38k CAD in terms of average income in Canada? Average salary a year in uk is approx £22k in bong units

On the other hand used cars are super cheap over here as right hand rive and MPH instruments means no export market.

I do dream of emigrating but not to Canada sorry, too many non-whites and leftist sympathisers although you can have guns and lots of natural resources to you could be OK I guess

Well it depends on the province, but in Ontario you're effectively middle class if you make anywhere from 40-70 thousand a year. Anything above that is going to upper-middle class, and typically if you're hitting 100-120 thousand, you're at the top of middle class. Higher than that is upper. Lower than 40 is liveable if you're single, but you can't have a lot of nice things.

So a Mustang is a whole year's middle class salary? I would say £40k a year in the UK is about average middle class, so it would make sense for things to scale up from there. £100,000 a year is a huge amount of money, I'd say that was proper upper class over here

It seems that things don't quite scale up in a linear way, is Ontario posh or expensive? Is it much different in other provinces or have the Chinese and the CAD being in the toilet made no difference

I make 42k/yr and don't feel very middle class. "Bottom of lower-middle class" maybe. The insurance rates and cell phone bills here are fucking robbery.

Ontario is expensive but you don't get much for your money. Our sales tax is 13%, but our income tax rates are niggerish. Most people pay between 35-50% of their income to the government. That's Canada in general though - a safe place to live, but you pay through the nose for it.

Yeah it seems like the UK until recently (thanks religion of peace) - I'm very low down on the income ladder as an under-25 living independently with an OK job, still get jewed hard for over a third of my income for bullshit, at least I don't have student debt and leave in one of the cheapest parts of the country, London must be a nightmare

Are there any decent political parties over there or is it all socialist anti-car bollocks?

>anything but V8 in a Mustang, Camaro, or Challenger

Even our conservatives are getting cucked because the old white Canadians are dying out and their grandchildren are nu-male leftist faggots or raging feminazi queers.

So they're pretending they care about "trans-rights" and other such nonsense to appeal to a wider audience.

Overall though, it's a leftist hellscape.

Because V6 Accord is better.

>literally cancelled in 2018 in favor of turbos

bro shut the fuck up lol

But user, that's not the Honda Accord V6

man i bought mine for 22000 with 15000 miles on it because i thought about newer v6/eco and man just find a late fifth gen with low miles.

>why is this gay?


Pretty sure it's still faster than the mustang.

it doesn't have good looks, it looks OK at best

No one gives a shit about the 5.0, power is cheap to make. Supercharge a 4th/5th gen for cheaper than it would be to buy a late 5th or 6th gen, and it would have considerably more power.They want the IRS and the handling that comes along with it.

>good exhaust note
Nah you tripping

from personal experience with the 6th gens irs and a 5th gen with just lower control arms and rear sway bars the 5th handled just fine and lost all wheel hop, its stiff like a plank of wood but like does that really matter to people buying performance orientated cars.

also man buy a 3v 4.6 for cheap yeah but it will have miles poured on it then you spend a fat chunk of change to put an edelbrock on it and make like 450-470 at like 9psi, want more power get smaller pully blow up already old and spent motor.

or get a nice car with low miles that handles well with minor modification thats relatively cheap and has much more potential, putting 415whp down n/a not a lbs of boost touching the engine.

No, it has 305hp not 300 (2011 to 2017 v6 mustang uses the same engine)

2005 to 2009 V8 has 300 HP, 2010v8 has 315 and...


>4.9 secons 0 to 60
>V6 2011 does it in 5.1
>Still wins rsces at VIR by 3 seconds.

>Accord v6
>The best.

Veeky Forums Likes the ECOBOOST better because with a tube, you can make 100hp or some shit, even though that Fisher Price engine will brake way faster than the V6 and can't make the same power as a modern v6 without forging the engine.
Plus, it needs premium gas and it actually gets worse mpgs than the V6.

Nice, I prefer that gen better too, V8 or v6, it just looks better and more American.

Sounds basically like a 350z engine, that's not bad by any means.

38k will maybe get you a base gt

Its also slower though, the 2011 V6 is both faster than the old 2010 V8 and the new 2015 ecoboost

It's a Mustang, not being associated with that inbreeding group of retards that is Mustang owners is the only reason I need.

>claims ecoboost engines will blow
>provides zero evidence nothing even anecdotal to backup his claim other then his own retarded bench science.

wew lad.

is that my nigga ryan?

Ya'll are retarded.

Even if the newer V6 makes more power than an older V8, no one is gonna respect you like they would if you owned a v8. It sounds a million times better than a v6, has more potential for mods/power gains, and is just more fun.

If you're gonna buy a v6, get a VQ not a Mustang.

I bought a 2017 GT after owning a 2004 V6. The sound alone changed my life, and I will never go back.

>Why does /board/ hate X?

gee it's an age old question that no one can answer

personally i want to get one, here's why in tldr

>no kids
>job doesn't require me to carry tools
and i live in burgerland which means
>straight roads with a few to none twisties
>speed limits so no need for high hp
>suburban/rural midwestern flyover state so long stretches of road
>somewhat hilly/slope-ish
>shitty roads full of cracks/potholes

no doubt i'll get shit from coworkers and peers for not getting a veeate but whatevs
either the stang or a 370 or a genesis, haven't decided yet

Why would you buy a new one when you could get a used 5th gen post facelift v8?

that's why

You can't even get the track pack with the V6

And if you want to make 400bhp you'll need a supercharger, versus just a tune with the Ecoboost

name 5 of them I need to laugh today

Get the V8 you fucking pussy. You can make all the excuses and reasons up that you want, legit no one will respect you. No one. If anything since you're 21, single, and have no kids, you should be getting the V8 so you can enjoy it while you're young retard. Test drive one and you'll never go to the v6.

What mods?

So something that makes pretty much no difference to anyone but a pro driver facing flat out on a very bumpy track?

>no one will respect you
couldn't care less
>so you can enjoy it
i will enjoy my v6
>Test drive one
i have though, other than the exhaust note, there wasn't anything special. i've driven other v8 cars before, and like i said because of shitty roads i can't really do anything that i would have liked to

living in the midwest means shitty roads and 4 seasons in a day, i see cars fishtail and spin out all the time

I guarantee you you can find fun roads near you, you're not looking hard enough.

Lmao dude so do I, so stop bullshitting because that's flatout untrue. In fact you'd want the v8 more here because LSD for winter.

Get proper tires and learn how to drive, that has fuck all to do with a LRA

You obviously have autism.

The torque alone is reason enough to get a GT.

But, to further shit on your retarded excuses, if you don't have any twisty roads and it's all straight shots (which a GT is also better for...) then why do you give a flying fuck about IRS?

You will regret every single day buying that car. No leather, no premium screen, not drive modes, no steering modes, shitty exhaust note, slow as fuck, no respect, just another private owned rental car.

i've driven around within a 100 mile radius of my house, and know this because i finally decided to look it up with google maps, there are some but not enough
i guess so
but i do have proper tires, and i do know how to drive. it's other drivers crashing into me is what i fear. no one is prepared for an accident, no one. you don't go out and say "better be prepared to roll over" do you?

You'll have insurance and a modern car that's safe. And a good driver drives ddfensicdlg to avoid even other people being idiots. Alos psst

>No leather, no premium screen, not drive modes, no steering modes, shitty exhaust note
good, because i don't really care for that stuff
>slow as fuck
i'm not a pro racer but i'm neither a mom so it works for me
>no respect
from who? you? i couldn't care less what you thought of me. hell i'll even buy a 3.7 badge so everyone can tell it's not a v8
>private owned rental car
i'm ready

Defensively. Phone keyboard.

stratos (best v6 sound ever)
any alfa v6 (already more than 5 cars)
any ferrari v6 (dino)
new ford gt
niw you'll proceed to lecture meabout why these cars sound like shit, the reason being they are v6's

Every mustang post 2011 has LSD.

Performance Package or no? Premium features worth it?

I'm buying a new car in the next year or so and the mustang is desirable for the cheap HP. Do these things make a difference? I would be DDing it.

>performance pack
Just get a lightly used V8 from the last gen

I'm not one for muscle cars, so idk what I expected, but I drove a friend's brother's V6 Mustang to the store because he was too drunk, and that thing was so slow. I actually asked my friend if there was a sport mode or something because of how sluggish the acceleration was. It was the generation before current though.





That was the plan. Should i find one with the PP and is the premium worth it?

Depends on what you value more. If you're buying a sportscar I believe the performance pack is more desirable
>but muh colour changing LEDs!

I would get a prev. gen GT 5.0 but insurance on a 19yr old is suicide for a V8 coupe where I live. I can afford the car but I will spend a fortune on insurance and the meme V8 gas milage. My only options are I4 and V6 coupes

Honestly just get a Civic for now, learn to become a better driver

The speed academy guys can take a Civic around out local race track faster than Notamiata in his S2000

I have a premium and performance pack. Premium is worth every penny. Performance pack on a DD is kind of bragging rights but the brembos are a nice upgrade

One could argue that daily driving a sports car is bragging

this V6 as well

Make me kek but agree

>if you can't afford a real muscle car go back to your $3k shitbox civic
Dumbfuck that doesn't realize a budget goes on a spectrum, not two extremes of 4k and 40k

Poor little brainlet

You mean a 5.0 2011-2014 right? Because older gens with the 4.6 engine suck ass compared to any modern v6 Mustang.

Also the ECOBOOST is slower because it overheats.

See pic related

I have a 3 inch penis so it kind of is lol

lol I have a NC miata rn, 6 speed which is my second car, Have been driving for 4 years with no accidents or tickets. Why would I get a shitbox?

I know how to drive lol.

>70,000 maple bucks: "middle class"
>50,000 dollarettes after taxes
>current exchange from CAD to USD: a whopping 37,000.
>"middle class"... lol

MFW I make 71,000 a year, more than my mom and dad combined when they retired in the late 90's... and I still can't afford a Mustang GT with the rising cost of gas in Ontario thanks to Trudeau and Wynne.

A V6 is my only option for a DD.

>19 year old
>wants to waste money on multiple cars

"respect".... driving a mass produced every-man's sports car. OK...

>caring what other people think