Prezo in a C7 Z06

>Prezo in a C7 Z06
>Alphonse in a GT-R Nismo
>MrCummy in a shitty old Volvo with racing slicks
>1 lap around Nurburgring Nordschliefe

Who wins?

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No survivors

The rest of Veeky Forums when they all enter a corner too fast...

Non of them can drive so the guy in the old beat up modified 911 who actually can.


>s/o/viet in his gmc
I'd put my money on him.


>shitposts about GM
>drives a GM vehicle

What did Satania mean by this?

1st Alphonse, because the GTR drives itself

DNF: Prezo, because it overheats, spills oil and goes towards a barrier

Mrcummy is sexually excited by the nurburgring wildlife and decides to rape a fox

No one

He can shitpost about GM because he knows how fucking awful they are.

Now you people understand

Why don't you buy a different car? Are benchracers really this poor?

>Prezo overheats
>Alphonse understeers into the wall
>MrCummy spins out 50 times in low speed corners, but finishes
Volvos are clearly the best track cars

because I preffer buying bikes

I want to get a 620 wagon but they are all rusted, and I want a racing bmx bike

finishes inside the fox he is raping maybe

meant 510

Well, volvos are pretty safe, so he might actualy survive...

>finishes inside the fox he is raping maybe
well yeah, that's why he drives so badly. don't rape and drive, kids.

S/o/viet on a bicycle after the other three die.

More entertaining

>Prezo in a C7.R
>Alphonse in this
>24 hours at Le Sarthe

Who wins?

As I recall, the Nissan was faster when it wasn't broke

Alphonse drives for Ford

>Prezo breaks down
>Alphonse flies into a spectator
>MrCummy is raping a fox
>mjet finally wins the race in his 1.3L diesel Fiat after a 30 minute lap

ralliart poster wins

I don't want to cheer him on though. I like the Ford GT.

He was unable to participate in the race. When he was signing the form, he couldn't recall what vehicle he was driving. When he asked people what vehicle it was, he had already forgotten by the time he went to write it down on the sheet.

sand coon with golf wins


BedfordRascal009.jpg guy wins

Frosty finishes his drug run and beat everyone

Prezo does a five minute burnout because muh RWD, the engine lurches before the tires blowout though.
Alphonse gets a great start but goes airborne killing millions.
MyFaggot smashes into the wall at the first turn and just keeps going never to be seen again.

I thought he liked chebby do people just start screaming alphonse at each other?

Cummy spins off the line taking everyone out.

>buys one of the most reliable GM vehicles ever produced

Is it a 305?

>Volvos are clearly the best track cars
How new are you my man

such an accident would cause a singularity, bringing the finish line to the Volvo as the black hole consumes earth

GS400 guy crashes into them, causing a 4 car pileup

Did he crash? What happened?

Is Veeky Forums the board whose humor has changed the least out of all of them?

>prez/o/ overheats
>alphonse gets arrested for being a nigger
>mrcummy gets arrested for fucking animals
Ultimately it would be my 3k civic with a few simple mods that wins

The Twingo posters in a white twingo, after they do a DANCE TO THE HEARTBEAT inner corner pass while all of Veeky Forums goes "Wha..." and "WHOAH!"


thats not even a nismo, thats a GT3 car

>alphonse backflips over a hill



forgot my name WTF

racism goes on

gotem :^)

I think you're on the wrong site.


hey porschefag, no one likes your shitty german garbage, fuck off

Yeah lol old news

Cummy would take them all out on the first corner.

He was driving on a straight road and his combo of stretched tires and heavy camber made it impossible for him to continue driving on a straight line

Damn rights

>namefag can't deal with imageboard culture
The transition to reddit is easy for you, you already have a username.

I win.

racism goes on b. fuck off

>show up to the ring
>line my z06 up at start line
>wait for competitors
>wait hours..
>they don't show up
>they home
>on Veeky Forums
>still spergging over a well placed subtle shitpost I made years ago
>i win as usual

>wait for hours
a tow truck doesn't take that long

cry more

>nissan fangirl experts in tow truck wait time

as expected

>prezo spergs hard from my well placed bait

he's going to run off now and come back claiming it was all a ruse. rotflmao

Veeky Forums is a slow board so we get more mileage out of our memes.

>we abuse prezo so much we know his exact behavioral patterns
this shouldn't make me laugh so hard

the assmad that this post caused

>Mrcummy is sexually excited by the nurburgring wildlife and decides to rape a fox and gets rabies


for 1 lap
too bad none of the memert lms officially finished the race, 2 broke and the 3rd didn't do enough laps for it to count

Frosty in a C6

>he's actually sperging this hard
LOL omg

then gets DQ'd after he fails the drug test

cuckphonse crashed his mom's v6 and mrcucky nearly drover himself off a cliff so I'm going to have to say prezo by default



stay mad

why would I be mad that Prezo got BTFO?

Post some new pictures you have at least 9 of them

The 3k civic with a few mods wins.

Mrcummy also spins out

I think Veeky Forums's shitposters should form an Initial D touge team. What should they be called, and what will their rides be?


Does alphonse actually own a gtr? I thought niggers are poor