Post itt if your car has a power to weight ratio of 10 lbs per 1 hp or better

Post itt if your car has a power to weight ratio of 10 lbs per 1 hp or better

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I assume you don't mean wheel horsepower


>tfw 4,448 pounds



>4026 lbs

yeah i dont care still postin

>~2000 with me in the car
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no u

>3800+ lbs
>302 HP

>3600+ lbs


Its fast to me


The stance is gay, but I like your ride, desu.

Do you drive a camry?



Needs new wheels desu

How about no

>2800 lbs
>240 HP

It's pretty good

1600 engine fiberglass body weighs fuck all

How about yes niggerfaggot. Those wheels are cliche as fuck on a GTR, you know it to be true. You didn't choose those wheels, the mainstream chose for you and you picked them to fit in rather than develop some original taste. Pathetic normie cocksucker.

I chose the wheels faggot. If you want me to put different wheels on it then pay for them and send them my way. If not (my money is on you're too fucking poor to do anything but talk shit on this Taiwanese basket weaving board), suck shit and fuck off.

>nit picking a literally perfect gtr

post pics of your car faggot


It was fast for back in the day of smog era bullshit

Nah dude those wheels look clean

>anime reaction image

Oh you're just autistic, nevermind

Yeah, crank horsepower is fine.
Nice RX-7.

Close enough.

There's nothing wrong with those wheels.

>Caving to the desire to be "normal"


2996 pounds hp something like 10% that, probably

stop badmouthing the te37s while using my anime images you faglord

480 bhp 4400 pounds
No its not stock



Post car

>Over used stupid anime bitch meme
>Bitching about a perfectly nice car
>Probably rides a bus

Sasuga Faggot.

2650 pounds

Close enough

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Guess the car

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>Wahhh more than one person has used these wheels
>Best shitpost about it on the internet they're the pathetic ones for enjoying things

is it stock? after 30 years, it probably isn't even close to 200

>375 hp
>2100 lbs

Buick Grills make 375 horse? I need to get one shit.

>all these nonargument replies

Color me surprised

>Says the fag making equally non argument replies

No, the grille adds 350. This is the additional 25

Ok, but when are you going to post your car?

>Implying he drives a car



Barely made it

Well, if you all insist

I was browsing my craigslist for some other shit and I just came across this supercharged 406 Corvette. Listed at only $9000 and it's dirty in the pics which I always read as negotiable. If I had $5000 to spend on a car right now I might feel him out. Somebody else might want to though. I had to post it somewhere.

God damn it, you posted the car of immunity. That said if you're being legit, why are you complaining about someone going with the grove when there's like a quintillion of these happy fuckers.

While my choice of vehicle may be mainstream, to drive one is to surpass all known limitations of good taste.

86-88 FC



Nope. Ford Focus sedan.

Needs a wing

i don't sell drugs

>muh misfiringu systemu

3200lbs w/o driver



>3600lb with driver

>3800lb after drive-through

well played
i'm 170lbs
average driver weight at the vette corral at detroit last weekend was prob 250
caddy tent next door was slightly more
buffet line was ruthless

also, still under the 10lb/hp limit


>410 lbs