Dirty Jersey 2/o/17

New thread, a little over two weeks left. It's time for the Mid-Atlantic Veeky Forums meet, all kinds of shitboxes are welcome

June 25th (Sunday) at 12pm

Meeting at the Sonic in Edison, NJ. From there we'll drive to Island Dragway and do some racing. Possibility of going somewhere for food afterwards

The route shown is not final, just a general idea of where we'll be going. Any cars are welcome as there's usually a wide variety that show up. So far we have about 20-25 people confirmed

Not quite sure what I'm going to drive there. I may break my streak of never bringing the same car twice.

Confirmed for bringing the $400 E46 (still need to name it), getting a temp tag so I don't have to worry about getting through inspection (no cats).
Gonna cut the fender and pop rivet sheet metal on

doing it to barely fix this and at least give a wheel arch shape

Same here. Bringing the same car twice is silly.

Please come, y'all.

This will likely be the first time I come without the Century.

Gonna bring the Regal. If I can get the Century running this week, it'll be there instead.
Is looking like Cobra will be next year

So what sort of crazy shit ARE people bringing?

bumping the East C/o/ast meetup

ITT: nobody.


the last Jersey meet was boring as fuck


from what I remember, half of the people that showed up knew each other since forever, and kept to their own while the other half didn't know anyone and poorly tried to talk to the other people that were also by themselves

not only that, but you had 2-3 guys bringing in their gfs and clearly trying to show them off.( the big couple from South Jersey especially)

that being said, there was a guy with bmw and mustang the last meet i went to that were cool people tho.

are you the red miata user guy?

Hell, I missed the last NJ meet. Never knew about it, nobody ever posted an Veeky Forums thread on to Veeky Forums.

Well I've brought the Triumph Spitfire, Jaguar XJ8, Alfa Romeo Spider, Mini (I think) and my friends AE86. Cadillac, Defender 110, Jaguar XJ6, and IIA are not road worthy, Series III is not registered or insured, Triumph TR3 is in pieces. All that's left is the Range Rover.

I'm not listing the cars I've brought. but you know it's a decent list as well.

AM bump. Keep it going!

Just took the E46 out for her first drive on the new tires and they rub over medium sized bumps so I'm hoping 95 is smooth all the way up


I might have to go to this. I live an hour away with traffic. Anyone know if 278 through Staten Island is particularly busy on a Sunday morning?

I'm in. I'm probably not getting a new car until next month, so I'll be there in the S2000. May or may not participate in racing at Island, since I never bring my top and tech doesn't seem to like that very much.

Too much is planned on facebook instead of Veeky Forums these days.

i'm a bit embarassed to bring my autotragic shit box especially since I was planning to buy a car next month but I guess I could give it a proper send off.

People come in shitboxes all the time. the joy is drag racing the shitboxes and discovering, for example, that a 1981 Celica Supra with a shit launch runs an 18.037 in the quarter mile.

welp, time to destroy my clutch and do shit quarter mile times

I can bring blow if people need

I'm bringing dabs but they're for a trip I'm going to after the meet.

I'll be there, was gonna bring ampa buy something came up on his end.


I'd come and bring the Miata but

1. I hate NJ
2. I hate driving in NJ
3. I think I'm going somewhere that weekend.

Have fun tho

New Jersey sucks, but Veeky Forums people are fun.


How many people are coming so far?

Your guess is as good as anybody's. I'd say ask PontiacRacer, isn't he usually the one who plans it?

I will come if true.

Yes, I am a degenerate who loves drugs. Just weed and coke though.

Im so close and just got a wrx. I will not be bringing or doing drugs tho.

go to the meet. it's totally worth it.

Im going to, i just hope i dont feel like an autismo loner.

I've been there a few times. I'm not really sure about those druggies up the thread a bit. Not usually a problem.

>assorted range rovers

bloody ell m8. There's less british cars in my town in britain than in your collection.