Why dont cars look cool any more?

Why dont cars look cool any more?

Safety, cost, aerodynamics/efficiency, safety, safety, and cost.

>Why dont cars look cool any more?
Looking cool is subjective though.

they do mr le wrong generation

only japanese cars though

best IRL batmobile coming through

Because the market is a bunch of needle d**ks who want horsepower they dont need and gadgets they cant fix


such a shame they're anemic

zee germans missed bombing malvern in the 40s

10l Chevy V8 is a direct bolt-in

yeah after you spend $30 grand they alright

Becuase Pedistrians and normies.

It's literally illegal to make cars liek that these days.

>get dent in wheel well airplane wing
>$10k in dmg


as long as a company makes 325 or less cars it will be exempt from crash test standards (in the USA)

Wind tunnel designs

that car is ugly as shit

what? that's the exact opposite of the modern car market

But that car is mostly BMW, anyway.

for $30k you can make pretty much any V8 push 2000 horsepower on race gas...