Go to change brake shoes

>go to change brake shoes
>can't find the brake feet

>try to equip spoilers
>there was no ending to the story

>broke a lower control arm
>wrapped it in a cast
>healed after a month

>go to turn on car
>insert and turn key
>vehicle does not appear aroused

>shift up to go faster
>shift down to go faster

>apply emergency brake
>there's no emergency

>bucket seat
>can't be used to carry water

>need to get gas
>liquid comes out


>Have fog lights
>Don't have fog horn

>bike has forks
>Never eats

>car has no transmission
>transmits over 1000hp to the rear axle

>paddle shifters
>car sinks in water

>have automatic
>it doesn't steer for me

>wheel nuts
>cant eat them

>locking differential
>lock button on fob doesn't lock it

>dynamic stability control
>have to actually control car.

lolololol audibly kekd..
good one

>brake drums
>not a musical instrument

>buy a miata
>can't pick up men with it


>buy a miata
>it wasn't the answer

>cruise control
>cruises into a crowd of people

>Mixes injector cleaner with meth in syringe
>Still gave me AIDS

>doesn't have 16 wheels

>doesn't have 36 wheels


>try to put the soft top up
>it won't get hard

>center console
>can't play video games with it

>drove my car
>the tranny blew me!

>it stays in one place

>replace rocker panels
>panels now into smooth jazz

>car has a glove box
>nobody ever uses it for gloves

>tie rod
>doesn't have a knot

I do.
Winter can get pretty harsh here.

>rear view mirror
>can't see my car from behind

>Try to take out bushings
>dont have a hedge trimmer

>tranny in my car dies
>car drives fine

ur body is like 70% water my dude

>hit the throttle
>car goes faster

>put dead tranny in trunk
>starts to smell funny



>upgrade differential
>still can't do calculus

>hit brakes
>nothing breaks

>4.6L modular v8
>no parts are actually modular

>Use rotary phone
>No brap

thats because you hit the brakes not the breaks

thank you, Paul

>Quarter panels
>Not actually quarter the size of the car

>Buy car with esp
>won't read peoples minds for me

>There's nothing to hide

>hold down brake pedal
>doesnt reverse car like it does in video games

>called taillights
>the car does not have a tail

>called headlights
>the car does not have a head

>wing mirror
>is placed on the door

>tranny fluid
>is a cis shitlord

>doesn't know about wing-mounted mirrors

>use low/high beams
>no beams in sight changes their characteristics

that, my friend, is the bonnet

>number plate
>has letters as well


they're actually called fenders you fucking idiots

>called fenders
>nothing really attacks them

They arent though.

You couldn't find thr brake feet because the brake shoes were covering them up you dolt.

>shift forks
>no shift knives or shift spoons

>"standard" transmission
>it is no longer standard, let alone manufactured

>"automatic" transmission
>have to manually shift from park to drive to reverse etc

>double clutch transmission
>there isn't a single clutch pedal

manual transmissions are in like 52% of new cars lol


Yeah, in third world European and African shitholes, perhaps. Most of the civilised world has almost completely moved on to automatic transmissions though.

>blew a gasket
>wasn't even in a bad mood


>Car has bumpers
>They break if you bump anything

>car uses ICE
>can't cool my drinks with it

>most cucked part of the world has almost completely moved on to automatic transmissions though


>My engine light came on
>I turned it off

>check engine light comes on
>its still there, I checked

Stop being a console pleb


no one ever said they were good at their job


>park on drive way
>drive on park way

>not even a pillar?

>Driver on the right side of the car, but the wrong side of the road.


>has 2 wheels

>Right wheel rubs
>how is it the right wheel????

>wheel arches
>collapses under the weight of a few wheels

>right-hand drive
>steering wheel is on the wrong side

>Adding question marks
>Not asking a question

>use the brakes
>car runs perfectly fine afterwards


Have I told you about Koenigsegg Direct Drive?

>right-hand drive
>nothing stops you from using your left hand

>Mustang Super Snake powered by a Coyote
>not a chimera made up of 3 animals

>hit the brakes
>they file a domestic abuse report

Europe would move to automatics in a HEARTBEAT if they were good for smaller econoboxes.

Try finding a non-base BMW without an auto. It's the same as finding one without leather. Impossible.

>look under side skirts
>no panties

>4 wheel drive
>only one steering wheel