Another stupid "how to manual" thread

In general, how do you prevent premature wear on the clutch? I've been told that holding it part way (like you would on an incline or while creeping along in traffic) is worse than holding it all the way in. Is it better to let it out slowly while shifting, or as fast as possible?

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honestly, shifting like a trucker
using the throttle to shift. perfectly rev matching every gear in neutral, then selecting the next gear. no clutch used.

thats good for the tranny too, but its not the fastest way to shift unless you have an alloy flywheel.

>get into my automatic
>car literally just drives

>get into manual
>woah, hold up there son! you're going to need lessons, lots of practice, and discussions online in order to drive this effectively (and inferior performance to modern automatics, too, no matter how optimal you drive!)

will never understand this

you prevent premature wear on the clutch by shifting correctly.

what the fuck is so difficult about that?
ok. youre in traffic
>step 1: fully hold down clutch at stand still with gear 1 in.
>step 2: traffic moves forward
>step 3: apply gas, release clutch
>repeat as many times as necessary

and nigga havnt you ever heard of using the handbrake for the hills?

Clutchless shifting kills synchro's, in H transmissions that have them.

>automatic tranny dies
>needs $5k rebuild
>manual tranny still going strong

Using the handbrake doesn't make sense when traffic is moving a few feet every 5-10 seconds. Is holding the clutch part way to prevent the car from rolling backward really that bad?

Don't use the clutch to maintain position on an incline, and keep the burnouts and drag starts to a minimum. That covers the worst things you can do to a clutch.

I'd also avoid downshifting to slow down unless you're rev matching.

If you do a lot of parallel parking on a hill, you'll use your clutch quite a bit... but that's better than losing control. It's just a clutch-intensive thing to do.

Don't worry about trying to let go of the pedal as fast as possible. I mean, there IS such thing as too slow, but it's not as important as everything else. And don't bother trying to maximize your shift speed, either. I'd guess it should take about a second to lift your foot off the pedal during a shift.

only if you miss and dont rev match
in a perfect rev match the synco does nothing at all. they only wear when they are working

dude just drive for a few hours. it's not hard lmfao

learn how to drive maybe?

I've driven about 1500 miles with a manual transmission. I'm just trying to prevent bad habits now so they don't end up costing me.

Clutch gears are made to take damage bro, you're not gonna kill your car.

>Clutch gears

See, I guess this illustrates why I shouldn't be asking for advice on an anonymous Kenyan curling board in the first place.

It's a useful skill, who knows when you'll need it. I hope that one day you feel the pleasure of a manual gearbox.

You're putting pressure on item that induces friction to align dog gears. It's in use regardless if you rev-match or not and will actually fight you if you try to clutch less shift and not worn out.

By all means revmatch but still use the clutch as its intended.

>>car literally just drives
so it steers itself and automatically follows traffic laws?

>and discussions online in order to drive this effectively

Yes becuase the internet has been in existence since the early 1900's when manuals were invented.

help my car came with manuel and i can't get him to leave

Picked mine up with a dude named Stan Dard. Claims he's also Manuel but I think he's full of shit.