The year is 1913. After making a considerable fortune, you're rich enough to buy just about any car in the world...

The year is 1913. After making a considerable fortune, you're rich enough to buy just about any car in the world. What do you get?

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3k civic

silver ghost

Invest in arms dealing because I know about the upcoming shitfest then after I become Rockerfeller 2.0 I start making my own car business, I already know about all the technical innovation so I do all of them before they happen. I will be written down as the most innovative man to ever live.

You can't buy a car from the future, dumbass.

The only collect answer for this year.

Alfa 40/60 HP
>1 of 27
>FR layout
>4 speed manual
>6L glorious pushrod!
>Naturally the 80hp non-pleb model
>Body is hand fashioned by the very own hands of Sig Carrozzeria Castagna!
>This aerodynamic baby can hit 95mph!
>Fuck yeah! Faster than the train!
>And a solid axle for them mad drifts, yo


That's Futurist as fuck. If car stereos existed back then, I'd be bumping this:

>The race model 40-60 HP Corsa had 73 hp and a top speed of 137 km/h (85 mph)
>The Castagna 40/60 HP Aerodinamica could reach 139 km/h (86 mph)

Fucking salesmen! Always trying to inflate their numbers.
Fuck them, and fuck the stealerships!

Im going to join local Communist club!

fucking cagers


Fucking colonials

with a few simple mods ofc

I wouldn't get anything because those damned new fangled contraptions could not POSSIBLE get you somewhere as well as a horse could. They have worse range, they're unreliable, and you can't drive them in cold weather. Sure they're faster, more comfortable, and more environmentally friendly, but those TESLA FAGS WANT TO TAKE MY KERS AND THEY AINT TAKING M'KERS!!!!

>external combustion

Are you a woman or something? Too limp wristed to crank your engine?

mfw 100 years later and a Tesla only gets an extra 50 miles of range.

>he likes external combustion over internal combustion
>calls ME woman
sorry fag, this board is for MEN

>30hp 4 valve 1.4L engine with dual carbs
>660 lbs
>Bleu de France

its perfect

Speaking of external combustion.

RIP valves.

can you please post the name of the car model with external conbustion?, i cant find anithing in youtube

Fiat S76, the Beast of Turin.

thats not external combustion tho

thats just no exhaust manifolds

did it to an old junky 318 before at night time shit was great

All steam cars use external combustion :)

I heard about some startup in Minnesota. Duesy something.

1913 Bugatti. And leave a small box behind labeled "do not open til 2007." Inside will be a note saying "buy many bitcoins"

I would like to request a handsome booklet

Mercedes 37/95