S/o/Cal June Meet

Not June Hoon edition

>M-muh CHP
They don't show up. We're too slow

>M-muh car sucks
one guy brought a stanced out festiva. Trust me, your car is fine.


>talking shit on my car

Why are they so far away, let's bring them back to Malibu.

Wait for a mini meet then

Hey mu dudes, sadly I wont be able to make it to this meet as the stang is in the shop. Hopefully ill be able to make it to some mini-meets later in the month and the July meet.


Would you even be allowed to come to another meet?
>this is the last known photo of this car before it was deflowered

yeah, the car is mine now as i am paying the insurance for it and all other expenses

hey do you still have the video of me crashing?


if you want could you post it pls,
im ready for my shame

Post it fgt

A new meme arises

on my way out the door to see a show, I'll do it later tonight

ill bump thread till ur back sempai

This thread shall not die for a new meme has been born.

o no


Shit happens, I suggest you try to keep it off of Veeky Forums and faggetbook.


i honestly feel like iketani in this situation
>drive shitbox meme car
>push myself trying to be like dogumi
>hit a guardrail and wreck my car

I have been to a few of these meets and 9 times out of 10 someone eats shit.

lol damage is on front left fender and bumper as well

fug man
at least my car is fixable


was that on ACH?

Remember these roads aren't race tracks. Don't end up like Grognack.


what is story behind this?

Yeah that was Angeles Crest many many moons ago.

>missed out on the golden age of s/o/cal meets

I'm not going if that Cholo from last meet is going

Just keep it rubber side down. Trust me the Autism is stronger than ever...



ayyy I my car is in the OP
I'm driving a fucking truck
oh boy
I had heard of this crash but hadn't seen pictures. didn't someone make a plaque to put on the pole?
that car didn't deserve that.
doesn't look as bad as it actually was senpai
i'm glad we have a better spot than redbox now

Was this guy kill? Sorry I'm new.


Bumping for cummy


I feel like that is the best part of these meets. Makes my weekends exciting.

Just drive fast, and some retard will try to keep up and crash when they should've been driving at their own pace.

>Driving fast

Not at my Veeky Forums meets

Post it, faggot

I drive the posted limit.
I just happen to also drive at that speed through corners is all


>mfw you guys have nicer shitboxes than me


Nigga you talking about me? I'm not a cholo first of all. Second why not? I felt like we all got along just fine desu senpai baka

Well to be fair the mazda here
is now
tfw cummy went out firday night while I just stayed home

He probably went to some furry shit, so it doesn't count.

Nice trips

tips dont lie
some furry shit comfirmed

do they have one for a Z31 300ZX?

nope 240z is as close as I got

God bless Japs



question, where do we bbq? isn't there a ton of fire restrictions on glendora?

cummy post pls

Nope, saw Sam Gellaitry and got drunk as fuck, hung over desu

Post my crash dad
Ik trip is wrong I forgot my other one

Dad pls

Not going to make it, 100 miles round trip up to the highschool and back and dont have the money for gas right now. If I sell some more parts I may come


There's a specific barbeque zone we go to, so its all good.

at least it was the godtier model, you want to buy a 6 figure Z, thats the one you look for.

Just bring your own food.

I may show up to this one, haven't been to a main meet in a while.


I just can't get the fucking tripcode right

I'll probably show up, I haven't gassed you faggots with vape smoke in a while.

Dawg. I think cummy finally went over a cliff. Its sad that we will now never get to see your video.

Where is this video?
Crummy stop fucking dogs and post it already.

Gimme like 5 min lol been out all day

will he deliver?
will we flip burgers with a machete next grillin?
find out next meet

red mr2 here, sorry its been a while, supercharging my car
ill be back soon enough i hope

Where Grog and/or Beans at? Still waiting for their triumphant return

OK it's done

Disappointed with it desu. Overhyped af.

i dont like ur volvo but i really like whatever the blue thing youre driving is
what is it?


so thats how wilson took out the rustang

Who did the 00's dixie cup pinstriping job? I dig it.

Well that was exciting.

the sickest festiva you ever did see

what wheels are those and what size are they

Rota RB13 8in, had to swap the front hubs to kia rio hubs, took the brakes from solid 8 inch to vented 10.5 inch, rears I had machined to 4x100

This is what I waited for?
What a waste of time

Ayyyy you fixed the roof rail

refer to

>yfw the furfag drives better than you and your mustang

he was a good distance at his own pace, thats as best a seat as anyone got cept for the driver of the mustang.
no one here is going over the cliff if we can help it

See you goys there

Count me in

Hell yes

It'll be good to see y'all again

Thanks sempai

Should make it, hopefully a lot of heads show up.

A convertible stang is literally one of the worst vehicles for the touge and this retard thinks he can go full dagumi. It's like the memes are true or something.

Likewise :)

Fuck woke up and saw that you posted this and super pissed that this is your video of his crash. It wasn't even captured.

More importantly how do you even crash on such a large corner?