How much does it cost to start a small car company? i.e. 300-1500 units a year, making/selling hand-crafted...

How much does it cost to start a small car company? i.e. 300-1500 units a year, making/selling hand-crafted, barebones track cars with a universal engine bay at $20-40k, with 1-4 people working at each step

>design & part sourcing
>real estate
>titles, documentation, licensing, etc.

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more than you can afford pal

More than you have or will ever make.

thanks for contributing
let me dream

about tree fiddy

if you are serious then start with something easier and smaller, make proper aero for cars, it the easiest and hardparkers love expensive bodykits then work your way up, maybe engine tunning

once you make a name for yourself you can make your own car, lot's of brands did this

Tesla took billions of dollars, if that is any indicator

you could probably start a kit car company basically just selling the tube frame and wiring harness for $300k if you can do the fab yourself (maybe 1 employee). you won't last more than about a year or two unless you take off with orders though

>300 units a year
>$20k-$40k each

Tree Fiddy.

I don't want it so expensive it'll scare away any dads reaching mid-life crisies, or any fuckboy with a NEET check. Do you know the gross profit of the Nissan Maxima or Juke compared to the GT-R?

Not OP, but damn I wanna do this when I retire.

>what is economies of scale

are you intending to pay your workers $0?

Furthermore, you'd have difficulty sourcing the parts from suppliers with such a small quantity. With 300 units per year, you'd probably need to order all the parts in bulk for a car that I'm guessing would be custom-ordered and thus you'd have a bunch of materials sitting around potentially being unused.

The time for someone to do this from scratch without significant has long passed. It's part of New Trade Theory; once economies of scale have been well in place and the market has matured, it's difficult for new competitors to join the market.
An extreme example of this would be the aircraft manufacturing industry; do you seriously expect there to be a competitor to Boeing/ Airbus (for commercial passenger jets) unless some of the worlds biggest billionaires collaborated for some reason to have shares of a market that isn't rapidly increasing anymore? It's an extreme example and granted, the car manufacturing industry isn't as bad, but you get the idea.

The time for someone to do this from scratch without significant capital to begin with has long passed**

Also just realised that I replied to a dead thread. Fuck.

I've got an interesting fact to add here

A fellow was building his own cars (25 were made) and he approached Ford Australia on how to size radiators, expecting some maths to calculate it

Ford Australia said to just take it for a drive and see if it overheats

That was the 80's

You expect 4chin to write a business plan for you? Kek. What else do you ask of the world I wonder? Do you go up to hobos and ask them to help you with your math homework too?

Have you already spend your life in total immersion in automotive technology, fabrication and vehicle building? Can you, personally, build a winning race car, show winning custom, etc?

Do you already have a full machine and fabrication shop, personal connections in the industry, and an intimate knowledge of all aspects of the business?

No. You asked on Veeky Forums. Go take auto mechanics, welding and and machine shop courses and build a few cars for yourself instead, but see if you can sell them easily. You'll have several years in that alone.

Also become completely familiar with automotive safety and liaiblity law.

This is not an underage forum. You just like cars and have no clue. Go get clues and skills and knowledge starting from your existing level then find your niche.

Businesses are for making money. You need to be quite wealthy to even think of building kit cars, so get wealthy while you learn.

You have a much better shot with motorcycles and compared to them cars are boring.

around 40 million

any shit car will take around 200 million to develop unless its a kit.

>SSC Ultimate aero
>HTT plethora

people with money and working cars have failed.
The only way to make it in the car industry WITHOUT being a bajillionare is to be a European who makes a niche car with muh European art, design, heritage and feels

I remember a total cuck a while ago with vocab like "lol", "lmao", ":)" asking how to start a car company, and when he was asked about financials, he said, "it's expendable, i won't worry about that sector :)"

Read this

start off with aero and bodykits like the RWB guy
showcase your stuff, give it to some friends for free and let them take it around town
gain popularity, start doing tunes and track car builds, then start your own car from scratch

Glickenhaus has a net worth of around $200 million and his race car is still in prototype status since 2014 and to my knowledge not yet available to the public. Creating a car is an absolutely enormous undertaking nowadays.

as I understood OP wasn't trying to build a cutting-edge race car though


I'm sure I've seen you post about this before, and trust me it aint gonna happen

all you need is the ability to design and fabricate a chassis. everything else can be bought aftermarket.