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first for /rfactor anything/ when, it's the only thing I've gotten to run on my toaster

ASRX trucks tomorrow

>tfw couldn't make it to the fh3 meet


Is 1:49.1 gud for barcelona in the z4

No worries. I'll host another one either tomorrow or next Friday

so how about that new Need for Speed

looks fucking terrible

>Codemasters promised DiRT Rally, but better in the months leading up to DiRT 4 when avid fans inquired about vehicle physics, but this just didn’t happen; the modern rally cars are literal hovercrafts that go almost anywhere you ask them to. I was extremely upset after my first few stages with the N4 spec Subaru Impreza, as even DiRT 2 and DiRT 3 provided a much more convincing feel behind the wheel with roughly the same class of cars.

oh boy

also, ivan's torrent from previous thread is kinda shit and won't unpack

desu maybe i'm a pleb but i haven't experienced dirt 4 being as crazy grippy as people say it is, i would say some of the physics feel a little weird but the cars are weighty and force you to think about how you handle them for sure
one thing i've heard is that supposedly some wheels end up feeling terrible for no apparent reason which is odd

i think this chunk is more about impossibly good suspension ("hovercrafts") that allows you to go super fast.

i'll see for myself anyway (shame demo versions are deprecated concept, i'd rather download 4gb than pirate 30), but so far every review says it's disappointing. Good to hear about "weighty" cars though, that piece of opinion fits with james "car braking is more difficults, earlier braking points blah blah". I still have hope.

I will suggest do not start off playing the boring career mode, go straight into freeplay and go grab some historic rwd car that'll try to kill you since that's what rallying is all about

I don't like the looks and sounds of it so far, but I'll wait until gameplay tommorow to make a full judgement.

if we don't have online-linked holodecks where we can race in real cars in 10 years time I'll be madly disappointed

Why not host actual races?
Why not move your start back an hour so you're clear of OVGT6 for people doing both?

>driving the n4 spec impreza
thats the first mistake right there, that car is just boring, dirt rally and dirt 4 alike

reminder to sign up for the new thursday series

>yfw SHiT4 is so "grippy" because some shitmaster dev is lurking /ovg/, seen Rally2k webms, played it and decided to make it similar to Rally2k

r2kguy got hired by codemasters

look up RSR live timing. It's the biggest leaderboard for AC times


Suzuka 8 hours stream, hopefully pastor is awake and ready to go

gl guys

Is anyone streaming le mong?

Kinda look like hovercraft, don't they?

I'm ready to go but 3 seconds off pace in sector 2 lel

think larguu might stream it from his pov not sure about the others

i'm not sayying that modern wrc suspensions are anything but mechanical wizardy and pure awesomeness, but there is a point where you'll just fall off no matter what - and i guess if racing sim professional james says it's too good, then it might truly be too good.

that being said, i'm still waiting to see it on my own. crowded torrents are the worst

nice paint

dw, good paint schemes are returning tonight

looks good

Why would you put so much effort into something that will almost never be used because the games being used in /ovg/ are constantly switching?

You must be new here, it's what I do

maybe because painting cars is fun?

RBDK is an anime skin specialist

It is known

My wheel arrives today

Question. Are we doing anything before ARCA tonight? Since ovgtp is not on.

yeah this when it starts in about 40mins
twitch tv/larguuchan

Yeah because there's so many other games to play with NASCAR trucks that we can just switch mid season.

Quality """"racing""""

>retard p2 takes out Pastor after 5 laps

Right on schedule

people are doing endurance races in other leagues so no

The point is that /ovg/ changes what they're doing often, dipshit.

cry is free

Oh no! Does it mean that I, a texture/skin making enthusiast will have to do SKINS for MORE THAN ONE game!?!?!

Though technically the #53 Auricom is Captain Slows and he contributed a lot to getting the final design right (I haven't got screenshots of my own car)


All that and you can't drive kek

Boy you sure showed me, clearly I care mostly about being fast since I spend 1/4th the time practicing that I do skinning

>join a simracing community
>don't care about being competitive/racing
the cancer killing /ovg/ right here

>racing competitively
>everyone wipes out on the first corner

>do racing with super srs no fun allowed leagues
>kills fun of racing
>do racing with fun allowed leagues
>enjoy the fun more than the actual racing

What's not to like?

you can be competitive against middle of the scoreboard, you know

>enter some thread on Veeky Forums
>"muh community"
the cancer killing Veeky Forums right here

>go to lfs pickup racing server
>Usually play GTi but decide to race FBM for a change
>Spin early in the race and ride around on the back
>Even set some PBs
>Pack comes around to lap me
>Move off of racing line
>Leader follows for some reason
>He's obviously faster
>Begins bump drafting
>In a fucking formula car
>I spin and he goes with me
>Insta banned for 12 hours for "causing too many incidents"

LFS is alright most of the time but the alien-fast guys are usually unpleasant shitheads to drive against

they will almost always ram off slower drivers (even not blue-flagged), "because they're faster"

Game pad users are what's wrong with racing. Even if DiRT 4 is casual, the game pad further casualizes the experience thus ruining it for wheel drivers.

she looks happy though, and you seem mad

i'd rather hang with happy people than angry ones. who knows, maybe you're what's wrong with racing?

kill yourself

>being competitive = being no fun allowed

Dunno I didn't participate since Zhuhai since going out with friends and working saturdays making big bux

Being competitive isn't no fun allowed, it just takes the fun out for me if I have to practice every single week for hours and hours just because some arbitrary points in a for fun-championship like cmon nigga you are going full strawman here

If you want, you can still be competitive vs everyone else and win.

If you want to play against others who are as serious as you, fuck off and play somewhere else.


>too much grip
>not real enough
>I drive Rally

>playing underground 2
>finishing up stage 4
>complete last all events
>nothing happens
>go to do special events i still need to do
>nothing happens
>there are no events on my map for me to do
>go back to my garage
>try playing the hidden races from previous stages
>still nothing
>put 2 and 2 together
>because i saved the special events for last, the game forgot to progress me to the next stage and i'm now stuck and can't continue

I swear to fucking God, if I have to restart the game juts because developers don't know how to make a fucking game, I will break my disk in half and then call EA customer support just so I can yell at whoever picks up.

>getting mad over videogames

>getting mad over a bug that literally forces you to restart is not okay


>roam around a bit
>finally find one of the hidden races in free roam
>play it
>still doesn't progress and still stick in stage 4

Am I forgetting to do something or is this game just garbage?

>/ovg/ hates rally
>everyone else loves it
>/ovg/ enjoys 4
>everyone else hates it

Really makes you think...

Upgrade your car's star rating.
Find all the shops.
Do some outrun events


if anyone wants a free copy of moto racer 4.

>/ovg/ hates rally
how so? everyone liked dirt rally, maybe except certain rally 2000 fan. we even had a league and shit

it doesn't seem like there will be league for dirt4 so far, doubt many people would buy game this dubious


Also, turn off boost please.

ten star your ride my dude
its required to maximize the rice to 100% the game

>By next week

Also what time is turnleft

>Also, turn off boost please.
no. It made the racing fun and close.

>/ovg/ enjoys 4

>5 star rx-7, 4 something 240sx, 5 star tt and 2 star is 300
>every shop besides the ones in coal harbor west (which is still blocked off) have been found
>i've done like fifteen now

I'm broke ingame, and there's no way to get a ten star rating because I haven't unlocked the riceiest parts yet.

you might be forgetting the SUV races

>ovg in iRacing
>calm calulcated driving to finish the race without taking damage
>ovg in rFactor 2
>drifting in a 24 hour race

its almost like a system that penalizes bad driving makes people drive better

I thought those races we're optional, and I hate how SUVs handle in this game even when fully upgraded, so I ditched them back in stage 2 or so.

>look thru iracing streamers looking for top split
>top split gte is parking on the frontstraight in protest of shitty servers


>getting more than one car
nigger you can make it through the game on hard with any one of the starting cars


>everyone liked dirt rally
everyone likes novelties
no one here actually mains rally games

twitch dot tee vee slash jplays, wind it back about an hour.

Star rating goes up to 10. Stick some more shit on your car.

>implying any of them will finish

UG2 guy here. Just realized I'm a fucking idiot and I need to appear on one more DVD cover before I can advance. Crisis averted.

or the end of the racespot stream lol

what the fuck

fresh off the P1 press

>porsche livery on a bimmer

because there are no proper, full-blown-autism racing sims with 99 point tyre temperature simulation and gravel layer grip system for proper skids and burying down in mud when handled incorrectly

>Too small for multiclass racing

literally what

GT3s4 had some fantastic wheel to wheel racing, good thing you didn't race though cause fuck listening to some crybaby faggot who is upset we aren't running spa for the tenth time.

personally i like the boost since it can keep the racing closer without needing to Gnik Rats BoP™ the cars, but i think the problem was with the slipstream strength being set to max, so you could just get insane runs on anyone you where behind. The slipstream strength will be set to real for the rest of the races.

Stream for the ovg iR teams?

twitch dot tv / larguuchan for larguu/ranek/tokyo/indycar

idk if sti/trav/stume is streaming

/traviltar for the sti/trav/stume stream

largu has been leading GTE for a little while now

stume got caught in a literal LMP2 wall and had to pit for repairs