What makes a 3k,5k, or 7k civic so good ?

what makes a civic better then any other cheap car ?

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They are reliable.

This, they're the home appliances of the car world.

but you cant mod home appliances

They're only good at the 3k price point. 5-7k can get you something much more interesting if you have the money to spend on the occasional repair.

why would i want to have the hassle of repairs, when civics only need oilchanges to get to 500k

not true. they need other fluids, timing belts, suspension bushings, etc... like any other car.

all wrong, these parts never need replacing except the bushings


So are Toyotas and Mazda's.

Pic blows them out tbqh.

Worse in every way possible

They're a nice in between of a Corolla (reliable) and fun (Mazda). Basically, you get both in one car.

Then you have the crazy high revving engines (even R18 revs to 6800), with traditional Honda reliability.

Also, crazy aftermarket support.

Here's your (You).

mines got a timing chain tho m8

Why didn't they make the R18 DOHC?

Get a 7 series for 3k instead.

8k accord is so much better though

saw a civic with white smoke coming out of the hood the other day

Supposedly it's cheaper and more efficient. Not sure though. I own one though, and it's pretty efficient

The k series of engines has DOHC.

You can find that in 8th and 9th Gen Civic si, RSX, and the last 3 civic type Rs iirc.

aren't old civics all rusty?

timing belt changes are easy to fix, its a 30 minute job on a civic

yes u can.. u just havent done it yet.. i have successfully got my toaster to take toast and turn it back into bread

From the 80s and 90s because of paint choices and people not caring for their shitbox. Anything post 2000 and the security and rust problems are far fewer.

who says u cant

you cant put a turbo on a fridge to make it spin faster

I saw a 2012 Civic EX-L for $10k at my local Honda dealership.
They've also got an '05 EX for $5k.

The 2012 is the worst one they've made. It's so bad, they had to do a quick refresh to rectify it.

There was nothing mechanically wrong with it, just the interior was worse than the previous generation, and the exterior was ugly

>not turbocharging his oven

This board disappoints me

05 EX is better in every way. it has vtec too.

I don't know where the 3k Civic meme started but here by the time a Civic reaches $3k it's been through 7 owners and burns more oil than gas. They're not reliable at that point. A domestic car owned by a old couple is a million times better and more reliable. The Honda and Toyota tax is pretty retarded.

I started it. you can still find good ones for 3k. if you can't find them then you live in a redneck hellhole or aren't looking hard enough.

Well, this one's only had 3 owners, but the mileage is kinda high.


your gonna see this more frequently when so many people own the same car. civics are great