Do you let your car warm up before you drive it?

Do you let your car warm up before you drive it?

Only my dad's 84 Liteace.

I'm always too late to wate it to warm up.

No, because it's not 1927.

I have what I suspect to be a thermostat that's stuck open, so no.


When it's cold outside I do. It's not like I have a rotary.

Lol filename xD

Also checked bro

Only until the revs drop, then don't go over 3k until the water is at temperature.

For a bit when it's cold. Idling is freedom. I also idle my lawnmower and shower.

Nope, just try to keep the RPM's fairly low till she's warmed up.

sometimes when it's cold as fuck just so I'm not driving in a freezer

drive sub 3k rpm until water temp settles in normal position.
Drive off instantly after cranking engine.

>Picture not moving
I fucking hate this

Not really. Sure you'd get your engine warmed a bit, but what about your tires, differential fluid, and transmission fluid (if you're an autotragic fag like me)?

Oil temp is the one to watch for, not coolant.

>having an oil temp gauge

Like others have stated, keep it below 3k RPM until oil temp at right temp.

Good to know we baby our shitboxes.

Yes, yes I do. Otherwise it stalls when coming to a stop in neutral.

I warm up my bike until it's to around 120 degree coolant temp. then ride it gingerly until coolant temp has been 170+ for a while.


No, it's not carburated.

i just let it sit for about 10 seconds to let everything flow