Dream Car Thread

Post cars that you always wanted but have little to no chance of owning in your life.

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haven't seen this car on road for last 13 years





>wanting the pussy delta

come on now

My uncle owns one of the Evo 2's, he's currently selling it due to his old age

Without a single modification

I've seen a couple those here and there. (PA). They're never in good condition though. My buddy from Highschool had one as his first car, was a blast to ride around in an older BMW

Ever since i saw one in real life, i became fascinated with it's styling and proportions.
Brilliant masterpiece.

250 HP

No chance of ever owning it because only 1 exists.


Yes, it is hard to find one with low mileage. I live in Belgium so making it street legal takes a lot of time and money. Our vehicle inspection is very strict.

03-04 Mercury Marauder

Love the subtle town car with a mean engine vibe. Always wanted a vic but this took that over.

As of not too long ago this has been my "dream car" (spare some kind of exotic supercar). I know I could own it even though they're somewhat rare to find for sale around here. I just don't know if I could justify the purchase on it vs something I'll probably get more life out of. Maybe one day as my "race car" or general tire melter.

Ahhh that sucks bud. My friend's had fairly good mileage for its age (think he got it with like 150,000) but once it bit the dust he couldn't see paying for the repairs vs getting a newer car.

Holden Hurricane

greatest australian car ever built.

>have little to no chance of owning in your life.
you fucking pleb
muh 03-04 Mercury Marauder s mah unobtainable dream kar


>little to no chance owing
It only falls in this category for me for the reason stated. I probably won't own because by the time I justify buying it they'll all be beat to shit.

If it pleases the faggot I'll post an unobtainium "look at my metal penis" car


I can own NSX and elise but SLS is just too much.
Well I could but that means I'd have to be extremely irresponsible with my money.


it was built? and restored.



I guess he meant production, since it's basically just a built concept.


Forever and always.

oh wow havnt seen this before

V8, manual, mechanical LSD

There's one of these at my local airfield, one of the senior flight instructors owns it
Lovely thing, only appears on summer days so I guess it's garage kept

They only get more and more expensive.

That fucking sound, man.

Same, its a shame they are only available in RHD

I blame Agassi's stupid ass for us not getting more.

Came here to post this
Knowing I'll never even get to see one in real life breaks me.


Wish it were mine

Not production


Fuck you.
>sexy curves
>glorious naturally aspirated straight-sixer
>you both can and have to work on it yourself
If this isn't the universal Veeky Forums dream, I don't know what is.


The 90s model with airbag...

my parents had a 2000 last gen model. It was beautiful and fucking awesome.

These are extremely expensive if you want a nice one tho... Fucking hate it. Once in a while I browse mobile.de to look around for a continental one but can't justify 10k+ € for a weekend car...


>You will never have a turbine powered semi truck with pop ups

Feels bad man

2 years ago I thought it wouldn't happen

10 months ago it did. I got my dream car at 18.

Now my goal is to own an f12 by 27.


Plymouth Hemi Suuupabird
Always digged the long spacey look it has. Plus: the necks broken

>03-04 Mercury Marauder
In user's defense, only 11,000 and some odd change of these things were made.

Why do you think that you could never own one?

I could make a clone but it would never be the same.


>mom and dad bought me a mustang guize

what are those wheels and can I get them in 4x100?


Delta Integrales aren't unobtainable, one on sale for £8k near me. A guy in my apartment block used to have one

Do people tend to remove those hideous US bumpers?

I've said it once and I'll say it again. The British can't into car design to save their lives. That thing is hideous. It looks like something a Civic driver would like. Italy, Australia, and America are the only people who can design decent cars. Japan can every once in a while, but other than that, nobody else is worth a damn.

who made this? is it from italy?



I think they were fitted to a lot of deltas, manufactured by speedline. Unsure of the model

This, except for the not owning part, I drive it every day.

I'd even settle for a regular GT-R if it was Midnight Purple.