Prove you're not a bench racer by posting a video of yourself tracking a car

Prove you're not a bench racer by posting a video of yourself tracking a car

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Where's your video, faggot ?

Found the bench racer/bus rider

I drive a 100 hp 25 year old pickup

I am neither a bench racer nor someone who uses a track

No photos cuz not allowed in car but for a guy who rode dirt bikes and gave zero shits about rally, it really brought two and four wheels for me as the same in my mind.

Same reason why I think street bikers are suicidal, so are street drivers. Gotta handle the snow, sand, oil, etc. Why every child should learn on a 1-250cc.

>skip to 11:30

Mate how the fuck are you even allowed to drive on the road?

>no downshift
>manage to spin out like a retard without even applying much throttle

Reminds me of the video where the guy crosses his arms while trying to countersteer in his subaru wrx sti and crashes it into a tree.

meant to be @

classic lift off oversteer. any bike rider knows to slowly throttle down less you hi side.

I wouldn't have thought lift-off oversteer would be prevalent on a (relatively) slow corner like that in a FR car, is it because of the incline?

Number one rule on a bike is never EVER lift the rear throttle off.

Sadly said lesson is not taught to most four wheelers.

On a bike you may high side or wobble at slow speeds, in a car you feel nada except at loco speeds when you die.

But yes if you "research" lift off oversteer you will find it is directly correlated to the the two wheel version of a high side fuck me i'm flying through the air.

By learning the dynamics of street bikes, dirt bikes, street cars, and dirt cars, you can truly master all.

fuck u Veeky Forums stop being poor

The car produces max tq at 1800 rpm already and I wasn't going that hard.

besides, a lot of people eat shit in turn 3 because of the way the embankment slopes slightly and unsettles the ass.

grats, you spun out just like some autistic boomers
Nice prepared links, but everyone still thinks youre a shit driver

>On a bike
>Never lift the rear throttle
As opposed to?

where's your video though?


>these are the people posting on Veeky Forums right now
>these are the people making fun of cars like the corvette, the toyobaru, the new lexus etc.
my dude, buy a sub 100hp car and learn to drive, you have no business going to a racetrack.
I never understand normies going to a fucking racetrack where you have the ability to legally go as fast as possible and not worry about oncoming traffic or cops or falling off a goddamn cliff and still drive as slow as possible, THEN have the audacity to say:
>I wasn't going that hard
fuck right off. that's why you go to a track, to GO HARD motherfucker. either learn to drive beforehand and come to a track ready to rip that shit or stay the fuck home and take the bus.

I'm sorry I don't have any videos for you you fucking normalfag, closest racetrack for me is near another town and I don't film myself going wot on the touge here with others because I don't want to end up in jail.

>tl;dr learn to drive norman


>the closest track is near another town

It's that far or something? Why don't you drive over there?

I have a great technical road like 15km from me. it's better than said racetrack.
this road has both uphill and downhill mixed and it's twisty as fuck, one turn into another, very few straights where you can get to 120km/h. fastest turns are 80kmh at best and slowest are hairpins with some elevation.

here's me passing a GT86 AROUND THE OUTSIDE

YT is processing it right now

what car my lad?

I really despise these tracks that have meme elevation changes and embankments like this. I understand it could be argued that it adds a level of technicality and skill to the course but I think it just takes away from what is actually fun (high speed cornering).

Palmer in Massachusetts is the same way. A million different elevation changes. A million blind corners with super deep apexes that are just fucking annoying to drive.

wasn't really pushing as it was my first time there and didn't want to put it in the armco 500 miles from home. so much fun though

Yeah the elevation changes keep you on your toes. Had 3 advanced class drivers spin out on the same turn. Can't imaging what running Laguna seca url would be like.

I drove a bit harder at the auto club speedway

>Tfw Hawaii
>Tfw no money
>Tfw no race track
>Tfw took this picture

I gotta say, I refrain myself from posting on cars threads because I don't have a car (only a motorcycle). The level of bench racers in this board is fucking hilarious and this thread confirms it. Guys being chill and posting their videos and angry benchracers criticizing said guys while not providing any videos because, well, their race car is on the Xbox.

>On track once
>Can't even handle a power slide out of a corner
>"I'm a racer now"

What kinda bike

Well... At least your trying? Don't they have cone fagging in Hawaii?

Can't be arsed editing it all but I've tracked my car.
It was fun and insanely scary.
"if u trak ure kare you'll pay 1000000 dolaringos every minut coz ull wer brakes and tyrs and shiiiit out every 5 minutuz"
People who track regularly go through a tyre set and brake pads in a season. That's it. It's only expensive if you crash.

If anyone wants to start tracking, get a dedicated track car. You'll be faster.

>track racing
I'm not a bitch boy so I race on the street.


Looks like fun

it's the most fun. Also cheap because there's next to no wear on the car in the wet.

it was a shit lap in a slow car but that's all i have. i really should buy a gopro. this year alone i could have filmed a few spectacular unscheduled high speed offroad sessions and an engine explosion

If you do, buy the GoPro Session.

>really like the 86
>cannot excuse this
I'll just stick to my current dd, least it's paid off...

I like the GT86 too and both cars should be capable of around 8:30 BTG. But in reality driver ability, track knowledge and willingness to push the car counts for much more than outright car specs on something like the nordschleife
First time autocrossing

You know driver skill is a huge factor in this right?

That's true. For a dd it wouldn't be the worst thing a 20 something with a salary could buy.

what the fuck are you actually trying to imply? your whole post is assuming anyone reading it has a viewfinder into your thought process. i fucking hate when people post their train of thought.

>tfw no tracks in my country
fuck this gay earth


man, watching your video brought back memories of the time i was passenger in a pickup and the driver did exactly what you did @ 11:42 when the truck slipped a bit in the snow and ended up putting us in the ditch and rolling us over, nearly killing me and breaking my neck.

LEARN TO FUCKING DRIVE, and dont take passengers with you on your little race journeys

you cranked your wheel reflexively at the slightest hint of slide... so fucking dumb

lol looks so fun, imagine doing that on a sportbike

You sound literally retarded. How can you not understand what he's saying.
>most people on Veeky Forums lack more than a high school edmuckation

Here's a video of me doing autox years ago. Had a pretty neat slide through the timing gates at the end of the run.

What a nightmare

Where do you guys find tracks like this?
I'm a poorfuck, but am feeling like I'll get into stuff like this since I'm almost done with school, will be making money, and buying fast cars to track around with looks a lot more fun than the school kid street racing I see around here.

I tried googling it, but don't even know exactly what I'm looking for. I live in Utah, and know there are open roads/areas people use to set speed records, but I don't know anything about these tracks people can take their own cars to and race around for fun.

>tfw never taken a car track racing but have done hundreds of laps on tracks drifting

Looks like a mini

>32 posters and like 4 videos

>MFW I can only go in strait lines

>spell straight wrong
kill me

Quarter or eighth mile runs count too

thanks this video just convinced me RWD street cars are a meme


This video has proven to me Veeky Forums really is a bunch of benchracer faggots.

Do yourself a favor and never race again.

>implying that is racing

>thinks HPDE is racing

Try auto crossing first, you'll meet people that do track days

this was filmed awhile ago when i didn't know the road as well as i do now. i know i suck

while he is breaking. wow what a pass.



mad comfy bro
btw, what car?

Still a better pass than you've ever made

never mind, I read the description. nice driving.

thanks just uploaded another vid of the same road if you wanna watch

Looks gud

such a nice road. have you considered wearing something like a helmet to put a go pro on it or have it on your head somehow? I feel it would make the videos a lot better.

Red Car, first race.

Yes i'm poor.

No, im still trying to figure out how to mount a camera in my car

Thinking of converting my is200 into a track only car, dad's a mechanic and said he'd help me put a 1jz in it but I think I'd be better getting to grips with this level of power first, on a track.

Still, 400/500 brake at the wheels sounds delightful.

Idk why I am surprised, but less than a dozen clips in here is a letdown.
Obviously not racing, but learning to drive at an HPDE.

VIR looks fun

do karts count?

you should stick to go kart until you can drive

Shifter karts or gtfo

Still more racing than any of these bench racers and forza/grandturismo fags.

Just remember it's not about money. It's about having fun

i've used vidya to learn track layouts before driving them so whatevs

>track fags
lmao, scared of a real challenge?

no vid, here is a pic. Like sailing a yacht through a rain gutter

>getting cucked by p plates

Hows that non turbo autotragic FB treating you touge king? apex seals still good?

I know, but since it's Veeky Forums i'll just say it already.

what. is manual

>Still more racing than any of these bench racers and forza/grandturismo fags
Yet the people in ovg have more racing experience than everyone itt

sure it is

more like /nocars/


So what happened after?

It's amazing, I want to live there.

not mid corner, steady throttle or lightly accelerate or you high side. in a car, lift off oversteer.

Ended up in the dirt.

It's hard to get good video when your car moves faster than photons.