Is it acceptable to key your buddies car if you do it only as a prank?

Is it acceptable to key your buddies car if you do it only as a prank?

Motherfucker I don't care if we've know each other for 20 years, you're dead to me if you key my car.

I fail to see the connection between willingful, unfunny property damage and a prank.

>lol I broke ur neck u got pranked

If one of my friends, no matter how long I've known the fucker for, keyed my fucking car, they'd wake up the next morning to me fucking his mom and sister on top of his bed while his dad watches in the corner of the room like the cuckold he is.

Do NOT key anyone's car you little faggot cunt.

Why are there so many triggered faggots on this board? Learn to take a joke, getting your car keyed isn't the end of the world.


>t. bus rider

Only if youre paying for the repairs

Also, the only faggots that would do this would be someone that's never worked hard enough to actually earn something nice for themselves.

friend hit my car as a joke.
we both drove shit boxes we didnt really care about, but he actually caused damage i needed to get fixed.

So i stole his wheels and tyres in the night

Its no big deal if you pay for the 8000$ paintjob!!
So of 8000$ is not a big deal to you.

>Scratch hood
>Need to repaint entire car
Also, don't feed the troll.

yeah bro, its just pranks
just like how i raped your gf, it was just a joke dude lol

>reflection of basketball goal
Niggers did this.

i'd ask to have the whole car repainted because im damn fucking sure they;re not going to be able to perfectly match the hood with the rest of the car's color


I was walking to the shop and saw someone crash into the back of my neighbours VW Polo, I was expecting a scene but turns out they knew eachother and he did it deliberately as a joke. Thing was a rusted out piece of shit so no surprise he didn't care about it.

If he pays for the damages.
Would be idiotic as I'd want the entire car re-done to make sure the colour is uniform.
If no pay then it'll be a police and insurance matter.

Well you wouldn't know until they tried, would you?

Yeah bro sometimes i let my friend key my car after i jack him off in the Walmart parking lot coolest prank my man haha

Yea it is, i live in canada the mother fucker will rust

your car will rust at some point anyway, it's inevitable

I would brutaly analy rape him

it wouldnt be gay because its just a prank.

>lemme kill you right now you'll die at some point anyway haha u got pranked

It's just a prank bro
I'd be down

Op if any one I knew did this to my car prank or not I'd key their FUCKING face cunt off ya fuck

How about I just break a few windows in your house bud? Lol it's just a fucking joke why are you so mad that I broke your windows?

Is it acceptable to set your buddies in fire if you do it only as a prank?

Yeah and damaging a possession of your friends that they worked hard for and take pride in is a shitty thing to do, even if it's a prank breh.

Like seriously draw a dick in the dust if they haven't washed it like everyone else if you want to do something with their car.

>Niggers did this.
Nothing is missing. Niggers can't spell. So no.

Is it a joke when we end your world?