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Fap Material
(2017 86)

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You start.

Needs just about 2cm more ride height and they can market it as a SUV Coupe to mango-latte sipping cucks.

why did they have to make the new 86 look like a kike?

that fucking bumper is absolutely disgusting, the design of the frs/brz is objectively better, you have to be literally autistic to prefer the 86

>pic related
>what the new 86 looks like

you must be 18 and over to post on this board

To bad it doesnt have more power.

>start looking at an 86 from my local yota stealership
>24 mpg
>literally the same as my 1984 supra
>test drive it
>feels more nimble than my supra, but does not out accelerate the supra
>but not 27k usd nimble

Will be a great car to pick up in like 4 years though


Daily reminder that there is literally no reason to buy the 86 over the BRZ.

You are paying more for less.

the brz in europe is nearly 10k more then the 86

>Implying Europe is relevant

uses a shitty less efficient boxer engine instead of glorious inline 4


t. amerimongrel

In terms of looks, imo:
FR-S > BRZ > 86

All the car needs is some weight reduction and bolt ons. 205hp from a n/a 2.0 actually isn't bad desu. That's 50 more than the MX-5. The car mostly needs less weight.

Supra is i6 though I thing I see what you're saying, frs needs a turbo i4

>full LED
>toyota tuned suspension
>Toyota's D-4S direct injection

Toyota engineers said they couldn't put a bigger engine in it because there was absolutely no more room in the engine bay. Cue up:
>the one with the ferrari 458 v8
>the one with the ls1
>the ones with 3.5l v6s
>the ones with home turbo swaps
>the one with the fucking quad turbo v12

Toyota engineers are getting lazy and are liars

You're not kidding. Legit would have been happy with like a 2.2 straight 4.

I dont get why they are not supercharging it. Its done since years and this shit works when not overdone.

it's interesting to see how they did the new front bumper for the wider market.
I hated it initially but it's kinda grown on me, but then I started hearing shit about a TRD version and looked around for pics of it.
>pic related
the front bumper in this version looks incredible (to me) and much more fitting than the one in the normal 2017 version. Do you guys agree? Or does even this version of it look terrible to you? legit curious btw

yeah it's way better than the shitty standard one

Fuck, I see it.
>what are crash standards

>take 2.5L 2AR FE from Scion tC
>turn it sideways
>install forged guts
>bewst the shizz out of it


>>full LED
So is brz
>>toyota tuned suspension
Identical suspension
>>Toyota's D-4S direct injection
Identical mechanics

Are you pretending to be retarded?

Or you could just supercharge it yourself?

Your pic looks terrible and would get ripped off on the tiniest bump in the road.

Brz is way better

>supercharge it yourself

and then have to spend more money on fuel lines, new headgasket, new botls and a new clutch because Toyota was too greedy to provide the tuning community with a strong drivetrain

Sadly, not every country is the usa were you can just bolt shit into your car and call it a day.

I hate this rear spoiler. Looks like a crippled spoiler.

I hate, hate, hate the facelift. The original looked almost respectable. Now it just comes pre-ruined from the factory with a fucking Ninja Turtle for a face. And do they just not sell it without that ugly spoiler anymore?

Toyota had 1 nice car and fucking ruined it.

Inb4 slow. I didn't say high performance.

You'll be replacing it with a 5 axis one anyway, at least.

With the JRSC and Edlebrock you just bolt on the system and your car is good to go. Once you start turning up the boost obviously you need to beef up some parts. Hell edlebrock even offers a 3 year powertrain warranty with their system


man, the one on your pic with those wheels looks correct. only think I'd change is the color, but that just comes down to preferance.

>40 crank hp increase
>good to go

stop being a cuck

>you start turning up the boost obviously you need to beef up some parts
something that at least should come stock on TRD versions since toyota claimed it was aimed towards modders

That actually works? With stock transmission?

Much better

Is this a meme? Does it really work?

crank hp increase
Edlebrock is roughly 60whp increase on stock tune. Nice try at math though

Did the s2k have a factory FI option? How about the 370z? Or the ND ?(ib4 fiata)

What the fuck. Didn't know they still made those for GT86s. I was looking at them for my AE86.

Keiichi Tsuchiya is using it on his ae86 so it seems to work.

Yeah, I can see them being a help on the AE86, but I'm surprised the GT86 gets anything from them.

Holy shit, I googled that car and it's crazy

I highly doubt that thing is using a stock transmission. It's a fully built drift car with a stupid amount of power

I wonder if you could do stock just with less boost...

I heard you won't risk damage to your stock internals if you only do like 6-8psi
so a lil baby turbo could be feasible?

I don't think I'll boost my tC. I'm just gonna trade up after I graduate college

the NC miata had a tubo mazdaspeed version, the s2000 made as much as other turbo vehicles of it's day and the 370z makes over 300 whp already

More so just not sure that whatever the fa20 connects to now will connect to the TC engine

I don't really know much about transmission compatibility with engines, but isn't the frs tranny made by subaru? Wouldn't a transmission and engine from different companies have no compatibility in the first place?
Especially since the boxer engine is alot different from the tC engine (which is just a camry engine)

I think you meant the nb miata.

The s2k doesn't make any of it's power until like 7k.

Am I supposed to be surprised that a NA 6 makes more power than a NA 4 cylinder??

no, the NC had a mazdaspeed turbo version iirc

>The s2k doesn't make any of it's power until like 7k.
lrn 2 shift then

>Am I supposed to be surprised that a NA 6 makes more power than a NA 4 cylinder??
no, you are supposed to be impressed of the audacity from Toyota knowing that they have a 300hp v6 in the camry that could have it's way in an sti/trd version, but are too greedy to do so

>that HP and Torque

>angery shark face with claws

>transmission and engine from different companies have no compatibility
Stop posting on Veeky Forums please.

>That huge fender gap


Fucking "muh fitment" stance retard. It has a lot of suspension travel, which means a lot of mechanical grip. I bet your hothatch or landbarge has an extremely stiff and low suspension to make it feel sporty, but ruins the handling.

do fucking want.

i want one =/

>there's a 2017 86
>there isn't a 2017 88

oh grow up

Looks far better IRL than in pics. Not sure why. It's literally the sleeping beauty.

I agree that they don't look as bad when you are actually standing next to it, but the original bumper was way better, there was no reason for Toyota to change it

gotta beat it with the ugly stick to fit in with the rest of the toyoda lineup

>more capacity
>forced induction
>not aiming for the stars and putting a NA 4 that revs to 10k and lasts more than 5 minutes.

think big!

>Worse than the vert in every performance aspect while costing more.

I am umming and aahing about getting it for mine

There are better things to spend your money on

I am going to Japan in August so will see what I can pick up

Really brah? What next, gonna get those lighteweight JDM TRD valve stems and valve stem covers?

edelbrock will do whatever they can to deny you that warranty.

Oooooooh yeah baby take that top off

God, any Aston with any paint outline around the grille immediately looks like some kind of creepy transvestite that put on way too much lipstick

Are you implying that makes it not fap material?

yeah, that's what i'm implying, unless you're some kind of degenerate

bitch i might be

What if there's no Subaru dealer in my area?

reddit fuckniggetry begone

lmao are you from norcal 86 too?

>turd spec

are u referring to the twin turbo supra or the n/a?


Daily driving over 3.5k rpm: no
Racing under 5k rpm: no

What's the problem? You're lazy with gear changes because you don't know how to heel and toe?

>Toyota engineers said they couldn't put a bigger engine in it because there was absolutely no more room in the engine bay.

Remember that just because there is physical air space remaining in the compartment, that doesn't mean a bigger engine can fit. Air space is needed not just for cooling, but to maintain certain air flow patterns to keep out dirt. Another is that crash safety designs require space for components to deform into. That dissipates crash force before it gets to the engine. The additional space behind the engine and firewall allow the engine to be pushed into the ground rather than shoved thru the firewall into the passenger cabin. It's deliberately part of crush zone design where the passenger cabin is the last place to be crushed.