Be honest and tell everyone the dumbest shit you have ever done with a car

Be honest and tell everyone the dumbest shit you have ever done with a car.

Tranny dipstick got caught in the car and i almost knocked myself out when i managed to pull it out and punched myself in the face.

Tried to Tokyo drift over a turn but it was raining and I flew over the middle patch of grass curb thing to the oppositetraffic lane.
>Tfw somehow I didn't fuck up my alignment

>driving on interstate
>construction zone
>my exit is coming up
>should have gotten into the turning lane a half mile back like the sign said
>8 inch drop between new interstate and still under renovation off ramp
>floor the gas
>shitbox Jetta goes airborne over the ledge
>skidplates screech on landing
>developed a recurring slight oil leak after that

It's raining and I'm drive my mother's Fiesta back home;
Checks out a hot chick on the side of the street;
Looks forward, traffic light is red and I'm less than 5m behind the car in front of me;
Brakes lockup;
Asphalt is wet;
600 repair charges of the other car, 400 of my mother's car;
My whole monthly salary wasted, because I wanted to check a nice ass.

Neutral drops in my first car

Trusted a friend to hook up a tow strap. RIP front bumper

I got plastered and "woke up" out of it trying to drive up a staircase at an apartment complex. I realized that it wasn't even my complex and there was a crowd of people watching me wedge my car in between the rails on the staircase. I then drove away and never went back.

Just one story in the saga of the Trans Am.

I wanna hear more of this saga

>be me, just bought first car
>944 S2, manual
>learned a bit of manual before going to get, miraculously drive it 30 minutes home
>be off work for 3 days after, mid winter.
>it snows, still hype because got car. Get bored and say fuck it, i wanna practice driving stick
>back up with snow still on rear windshield, can't see. Gun it like an idiot learning manual does in reverse.
>hit dad's f350
>no damage to his truck somehow
>destroy my quarter panel and brake lights on a mint 944 s2 within 3 days of having it

I told everyone that asked about the damage that my brother drove into it in the driveway


my econobox was parked downhll and the gas tank was almost empty so it didnt want to turn on
had to do a rolling start going downhill near a elementary school and then take a right turn because there was a bump in front of me and almost crashed against another car that was coming from the left

Ok. What u want to hear about? Done a LOT of stupid stuff in that car. I'll give you some choices.
The blown engines, the kidnapping, the trip I don't remember, the drunken escapades, the drug runs, cop runs, doing hard drugs and driving, maybe a stupid car repair story about the time it caught on fire with me under it, the time we fit 9 people inside and attempted driving to the lake, when I hydroplaned off the road and all the police thought I was dead but really id just wandered off and gotten a ride.
Narrow it down for me.
Pic related, same car, needs front-end now.

Ran out of gas in my motorcycle after passing a gas station. Push bike a mile to the station (fucking 800lb cruiser). After filling up, i remember the reserve tank.


then cop runs first

thanks user

The blown engine, car catching on fire while you're under it and whatever drunken escapades

Once I lived in utah, in a place called orem. I wasn't from there although I had two gangbanger-type "friends" that were. I had taken the place as somewhat of a leader for them and they'd do basically whatever I told them to (which was pretty cool, I'd never had that before.) So, we'd always be on the hunt for new women, and one day Jason (one of the boys) met a girl named tyra. Tyra had never done drugs or anything bad it seemed, so we doped her up. We had a plethora of drugs at our disposal and she stayed in a semi-coherent state for about the next 2 weeks. We took around $7000 dollars from her over that time to do whatever we wanted with, turned her out to whoever wanted it as we toured across the country. Me and my boys stayed fucked uo the entire time on varoius things. Four people, in a last Gen firebird, over thousands of miles. We ended up dumping her at a truckstop with nothing. Drove back to orem, looted her house, and never saw her again.

>Average Firebird owner

>Tranny dipstick
lewd af

rebuilt the bottom end on my motor 3 times before i even dropped it in the car

>put bottom end togetherwith first crank
>damper threads strip
>pull crank and grab a new one from the junkyard
>put crank in
>"Dude, what the fuck? the threads on this one are stripped too!"
>i put the old one back in...
>take it out and put junkyard crank back in.

dont drink heavily and work on your car, fellas. save the beers for after

I live in the sticks in KY and contrary to living in the city it's actually fairly easy to successfully evade the police. It helps to have a fast car and know the area. I also street raced for many years, and in my offtime get stoned and cruise the backroads in the area.
Was out fucking around with a friend of mine with a mid 2000s celica gts (bodystyle with the tiptronic shifters and angular-looking body) when we attracted unwanted attention. I took an almost 180° corner and he kept going. I hid at his house and he hid in some woman's driveway while she called the police. He had to take a polygraph after he was caught and ended up getting out of it somehow, I was never caught.
Got into a p2p race with a modified fwd turbo eclipse. From the mall to exit 16 (about 12 miles). Around mm 10 I noticed lights catching up to us, this was at night and his top speed was about 155 and I was with him, but not full throttle just yet. Pulled off at 16 and told him but the lights, he went on down 68 to Murray and I hit the interstate in the opposite direction to meet back up with the people at the mall. He called me later that night to say that he'd been caught in a roadblock across 68 otw to Murray and they were looking for me. He got out of it because I wasn't there and they had no proof it was him racing but they'd set up a block farther down i24 then we had gone, and the other way down 68. That was mostly luck.
Was otw back from drag race night in Tennessee going towards western KY and out 15 car group got split into two, took two different routes. Our group was mostly v8 cars and the over group was mostly 4cyl tuners. Our group got clocked around 100 mph and everyone hit the gas. We left, met up with the other group at a stop sign, told them what hapened, and all of us proceeded to wot back to western ky. ~15 cars, flat out on public roads, not stopping for any police we saw on the way back, it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

I ride my car hard. When I say that I mean I have taken it off sweet jumps, rammed things on purpose, held it at wot for hours at a time, raced anything with wheels, pushed cars up hills offroad, towed big trucks with a 10 bolt rear and a strap around the Panhard bar, participated in many rally weekends, and destroy parts without abandon.
Blown engines
First engine blown was the stocker with 225k miles on it, whenever-i-get-around-to-it oil change intervals finally took their toll and I lunched the engine and the transmission at the same time racing my friends 03 stang gt. It was around 06 at the time and she'd just gotten cams and gears for it. I beat her but ended my engine doing so. To my best guess a bearing went out in the engine, and after that race I didn't have 4th gear in my Trans anymore. I drove the car for about another month (because Fuck it) until it developed a loud knock, drove it for 1 more week until it lost oil pressure at a stoplight.
Engine 2 was another ls1 that I subbed in water offroad. I'd been through that puddle before but someone had rutted it out and the water got in the "nostrils" of the hood this time and with a loud pop, that engine was done.
I was tired of 5.7 liters so the engine 3 was a high compression 6.0 from a truck. My town flooded because of some sewer backup and I had to gtfo real quick and drove across a flooded intersection with it. Everything was cool at first, I had my little bow wave going on and had decided I was gonna make it until a truck started across the oher way. His wave was bigger then mine and washed over my hood, my engine sputtered and died, and I had to walk the rest of the way after I pushed my car out of knee-height water. After I tore that engine down I discovered the bottom end was fine but every exhaust valve in the head was bent. Replaced the heads, runs great.

Started charging battery while working on taking transmission out. Was cramped 7nder car when I hear crackling. Look down and fire is dripping (somehow) to the floor. Start screaming for a fire extinguisher as I'm panicking trying to pull myself out from this car. I get out and grab the extinguisher pull the pin amd spray. I had the chalky kind and it took forever to get that shit outta all the crevices under the hood. Scared the shit outta me, I've never charged a battery while working on a car since.

Nobody else has done stupid shit? Well damn, makin' me feel bad.

more like no one wants to admit it

>be driving at night
>very foggy
>unfamiliar with road
>think i see a driveway
>turns out to be a curb
>hit it going ~15 mph
>cracks windshield, bends subframe

god damn, makes me feel a lot better about ripping the bumper off my tempo on a fence when backing out of my driveway

when I got my license, I drove for the first three or four weeks without ever turning on my headlights because I thought they were auto

Drove through a deep ass puddle with no air filter, De-Hydrolocked it and drive it home with the oil/water/dirt mixture. She didn't like that too much.

Number one was probably failing to yield cause I thought I was moving faster and the other car was further away than it actually was and all your typical failure to yield shit reasons. I was a fairly new driver and the other guy just moved to the left and avoided me, but I still feel like a dumbass.

Number two was taking at least 20 minutes in 100 degree heat to jack up my Jeep with the absolute dogshit factory jack to change a flat in my school's parking lot... without cracking the lugs loose first. The struggle that followed was my deserved punishment.

Guess I haven't done so bad so far.

>driving dad's car
>Reverse in a bush
>"It's just a bush, what's the worst that can happen?"
>Drive forward
>Left side of rear bumper gets pulled off
>Bush had a sharp pointy bit that stabbed into the bumper
I managed to put it back in, but I lost a screw so I used a zip tie instead to hold it secure.

I also got another story involving my dad's car that happened 2 days ago.

Every time I have a car on my lift, I walk into the tires while looking for something. Evey. Fucking. Time.

>Buy "new" used car
>Park old car a bit further in the driveway
>back up with new car
>hit old car
That was not a good day