>tfw you see your old car again and the new owner treats it like SHIT


>see old car
>owner already managed to put a dent in it

the story of my exgf

>buy car that was treated like shit
>baby it like it deserved to be

>tfw your old car's new owner is filling her up like you never could.

At...at least she's happy

i miss this taurus. last time i saw it was last year with no front bumper and the driver mirror ripped off. im guessing its since dead since i sold it to a fucking teenager a while back

the story of my exgf

>tfw my modded jeep literally retired on a farm upstate

Some of us get to drive our ex gfs occasionally tho

Bought a used mall crawler Wrangler from a lot, I take it literally everywhere I can now. Right now I'm on a trip in Indy with my best friend and we're planning on taking it god-knows-where in Kentucky.

>tfw my friend sold his pristine JDM S15 for a home deposit
>loads of tire-kickers trying to swap p.o.s. camry's and R33's for it, the price is heavily discounted as is because he won't listen to me about how much it's worth, and judges it based on the ADM value
>finally someone comes along and looks like they appreciate it for what it is, not trying to massively rip him off
>he sells it and the guy flies it over to another state
>a week later it's on display at an exotic car dealership for 8 grand more than it was sold for

I saw my hunter green '98 Camry the other day.
The owner fixed the door handle and did some minor body work it looks like.

>69 rambler
>new owner lets it rot in his yard, can see rust streaking down the doors from the road

>bugeye wrx
>new owner totals it hitting a deer

>77 dodge aspen, my first car
find at sleazy dealership, someone has cut off the hood ornament, and epoxied window screens over the headlights
>I bough it back, but it wasn't the same

>>bugeye wrx
>>new owner totals it hitting a deer

nothing, value, etc etc

>still young
>drive an old car
>old farts jump over themselves to give you compliments

>I bough it back, but it wasn't the same

>mfw so many of these stories are similar to GF experiences

I'd do the same.
You lil shits must be complimented and encouraged to preserve car history.

>tfw you see your old car and he fixed all the shit you never cared to and has it running and looking better than ever

By the time I get rid of a car, its usefulness as a mode of transportation has been completely extinguished, and I use some parts for other projects and scrap the rest.


What's the big deal? It's just a car.

better be careful you might unleash the autists that think cars are some mechanical being with a soul

>having a vocabulary = fedora
Not my fault you're fucking stupid.

He unleashed one already

>gave first car to my brother
>idiot slammed it into a curb
>lots of misc dents
>wheels are rashed to shit
>interior is filth
>steering wheel no longer centered even before curb
At least it wasn't anything good to begin with.

Delete, this, etc etc

465 is aids be thankful you were on it today and not during a rush hour.

I lose 3 hours of my life every day to that highway.

Did that get hit by a train? Holy fuck.

Sold muh shit box truck for a grand because the transmission was going out and other smaller problems I couldn't care about for such a low value vehicle. Saw it a few months later with the front wheels off and some guy working under the hood of it in their driveway, haven't seen it since and it's a relatively small town so it probably just up and died and they gave up or fixed it and moved.


I saw an ad for my old '98 Civic coupe two months after I sold it. It was stock when I sold it, but the guy had put in xenon lights, fake Brembos, other ricer shit, and wrote that he "had always taken took good care of it." He asked more than twice what he'd paid.

My old car was totaled.
I can only wonder if the parts on the matrixes I see might have belonged to it.

I don't come to Veeky Forums for feels.

>tfw I actually see my first car every time I visit my parents
>It's being used as parts and the body (what's left of it) is rusting away.
I didn't know how good the car was, until I had to drive other cars.

bet he felt like a dickhead


I wonder how many other cars your former car has hit-and-run with that new owner....

>having a vocabulary = fedora
>using full sentences = fedora
>remembering grammar from school = fedora
Seems like "fedora" is just some generic insult term now just like "go back to /pol/" whenever someone disagrees with you.

Its a miata, that could have been a bicycle

>tfw you see your old gf again and the new owner treats it like shit

Stop being that new or leave.

they r

>my old car was the car i learned to wrench on
>cut heaps of corners
>see it on the road and feel bad for the new owners safety

He was pissed that he sold it to a dealership in disguise. He thought it would be going to a good home, instead some cashed up retard will buy it and destroy it.

>implying any of my shitboxes survived.

i've got cans of beans in the cupboard made out of my old cars

>tfw you see your old car in the junk yard

>junked mustang with blown engine
>watched the dude smash through it with forklift and carry it to the PILE

was pretty metal actually

>sell truck for dirt cheap to old hank hill type guy who wants to repair all the issues
>guy has a stroke two months later
>never see truck again

I'm still on my first car, but my dad has been going from shitbox to shitbox for decades, I'm pretty sure it's been since he was married according to my mom. we lived in Germany for seven years, he managed to burn through at least five 1980s mercedes sedans in the time we lived there. That man refuses to buy a new car, because it's never convenient. And it's never convenient because he never has one for long enough to have more saved.