2.3l Mustang vs. V8 Mustang

I thought about buying the Mustang GT this summer and it looks like I will buy the 2.3l ecoboost and not the V8. The V8 is over 6000€ more here in Germany and I tuned all my cars I had befor. We have 2 tuners here who get 403hp and 576nm out of stage 3 for 4500€. It includes a upgrade turbo, intercooler, full exhaust with downpipe and remapping.
>faster then V8
>cheaper insurance, tax and fuel
On the downside:
Should I do it? I don't care about resale value and V8 dick-enhancement

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>stage three

it depends on how much sound matters to you
if your a cocksucker for vibrations in your ear that don't affect performance then get the GT, if not get the ecoboost

Are you buying it new? If so, ecoboost!

Used? I'd go for the v6 manual transmission. But then again if I went used v6... the camaro (2016+) is just a better choice.

>Have i4 car tuned to the max with iffy boost to get the same power as stock v8 with nowhere to tune but up
I guess if you really need your 1500 yuroshekels or don't want to buy any more chivasoline than you absolutely must.

V6 is no option for me. No upgrades, slower then a fucking Golf GTI Clubsport.

I drove the V8 and a Ecoboost with stage 2 (368hp) and I couldn't feel a big difference. But yes, the sound is the biggest problem for me. The stage 3 mustangs sound like the oldschool Toyota Supras

>tuned to the max
In your ameriland they tune this engine to over 450hp and it's running fine. I will not go to the max, just enough to shit on your V8 on a daily basis


V8 loses to tuned Ecoboost

You want full American experience get the V8

Now tune the v8

If you're that cost conscious why not get the FiST or the FoST and then put exhausts and tunes on those?

I was in your boat, had plans to buy the 2.3l for months. About two weeks before I settled on a car I changed to wanting a 5.0. Well, I find a 2017 GT I want, put the deposit down, and bought it. I love the car. It's fast as fuck, sounds amazing, breaks necks.

I then went a test drove a 2.3l... what a fucking slug. Sounds like shit too.

Spend the extra $1500 of not tuning and get the GT.

Okay, I'll tell you this one time.
Go 5.0 or go something else.
You will regret the EcoBoost for the rest of your life.
German fag here

get the GT
enjoy the warranty for a while and make sure the car will stay in one piece
mod the superior v8

>cheaper fuel
probably not after you mod it
>faster thAn V8
proof? it has 30 less hp
not as nice as the 5.0

Obviously impossible. V8's are stuck at 130hp and cannot be modified in any way, shape, or form.

If you can afford it, always go with the GT. Ecoboost is a budget mustang and if you want to tune an ecoboost, it's a poormans GT.

>modded car beats stock car


>big turbo ecoboost barely pulls on stock GT
was your intention to trigger my autism?
that ecoboost easily has $5k+ in mods

you should take a long hard look at your life if you seriously think that posting a heavily modded, BIG TURBO SWAP ecoboost pulling 1 length on a GT does anything but show that you are literally retarded and deserve euthanasia


Get a fucking v8. If you have to tune it, supercharge it.


3.200$ for 336hp at the wheels? Sounds fair to me. For 1.2k more you get the Turbo upgrade and then you can beat any GT from the line. If you want to tune the GT you pay much more plus the higher price for the GT. A tuned Ecoboost is not a bad deal if you don't care about V8

This, this, 1000 times this

> Germany
> Mustang
> ??

Guess what, some Americans love German cars and some Germans love American cars.

>Spent 40-50k to barely beat a 32k car

Edelbrock sells a bolt-on supercharger kit for the Coyote, plenty of youtube videos showing how to install it yourself. There are other kits out there, but they're not exactly bolt-on. Have no idea what turbo kits for the Coyote are out there, but I'd be very surprised if there wasn't.

And all the fuckery you do - you'll never get back. If anything the resale value of the car will go down.

used GT


>He thinks it's more than 3k to do that


I don't get it.

I mean, the V8 is what makes the Mustang what it is, and even the V6 has its place, at least in America (Mustang is one of the cheapest new V6 cars you can buy, and there aren't that many V6 coupes anymore).

But... Ecoboost? if you're okay with a four-banger, wouldn't it make more sense to pick something lighter? Surely there are better turbo-4 cars for the money, especially in Germany?

>2.3 liters of displacement
>4 cylinders

>"stage 3"

>He thinks it is



>has a new turbo upgrade that costs at least $6k

no thanks, I'd rather get the V8 and keep my warranty.

thats just the turbo


this is for all the required parts

If you want a turbo car get a bmw with a n54/55.

That's the full race kit, not the vargas kit that I linked. Full race is a completely different turbo, Vargas is a swapped internal stock turbo with a new compressor housing.

2k turbo from first link, 600 Cobb + tune, 5-600 intercooler. Since the turbo is in stock location, the exhaust and intake will bolt up just fine.

All the retarded and false answers show only how much Americans get triggered by a 4 cylinder Mustang. They could be happy that ford produce an engine which is cheap and easy to tune to high performance but they keep talking shit because of small-dick-syndrom. The funniest part is that a well tuned Ecoboost will beat the V8 from the line and these fags know it and that's the reason why they start shiting in this thread.

the original video did have the full race kit with the swapped turbo

if you're willing to swap that many parts out, the V8 can make more power with similar bolt ons (I'd go S/C with a V8 because 'murrica though)

If the mustang was small like it use to be I wouldn't complain about non v8 mustang but the current mustang is a little boaty and happen to be the be the last affordable na v8.

>a Highly tuned engine will produce more power than a stock one

Gee who would have guessed

>an engine with the turbo replaced and a tune and a void warranty can beat a stock factory engine with a warranty

wow really activated my almonds

The reliability goes down the toilet by bringing so much power out of a little inline-4 babby engine. That's an important consideration if you're planning to have this car for the long term.

V8 can take up to 700hp to the crank on stock internals without any issues.

Buy a 2014 GT like I did and be done with it. One plus side is they are 100-200lbs lighter and faster.

Veeky Forums thinks low reliability is fine because they cycle through 500 dollar shitcans and think that's normal. when you spend 35 grand on a car, you actually want it to last even if it's performance oriented.

So much THIS! The Mustang is a V8 classic. If you buy the 2 liter ecocuck, EVERYONE will laugh at your poor choice.

Stock for stock, the 2011 V6 Mustangis faster than the ECOBOOST by a huge margin because the ECOBOOST turbo overheats.

Also no, don't just tune it to GT levels of hp, the small ecoboost engine is not the most durable, 500 HP is really pushing it so anything close to it is dangerous unless you forge the internals.

>6k euros
Buy the V6, put a Procharger on it, now you have a car more reliable and faster than a ecoboost.

V6 Mustang can handle 650hp on stock internals.

OP, go for the GT or a cheap as fuck older gen v6

One problem: you're driving an anemic (V6) muscle car. You'll forever be made fun of by enthusiasts, outcast out of clubs and the like. The people who know, know.

There's something incredibly cuckold about it. I honestly have more respect for V6 cars that don't have a V8 option than a V6 Mustang, even if the car is faster than, say, an accord.

>0 to 60 in 5.1 seconds

There is nothing more alpha than choosing the V6 option in purpose to make it faster by modding it yourself.

Only cucks would choose to stay stock or go the easy way and get a V8, and even then, they are cucks for not choosing the superior Shelby option.

Don't be a faggot. Ecoboost is incredibly gay.

Just help your balls drop and buy the 5.0.

stick to your god awful bmw cuckovers if you can't handle a proper car

Driving a V6 mustang around like it's hot shit is faggotry, sure, and modding one is stupid. But, the car can be appreciated for what it is. It's still pretty fast for the price, faster AND cheaper than a V6 Accord or the other higher-trim V6 economy cars.

V6 Mustangs aren't for racing, sure, but they're acceptable as a fun DD or whatever.

This so much. If you want a 2.3l Ford, get the focus rs you faggot.

t. German

Hey man if you can smoke some bottom bitch tier V8's that are not even big blocks with your plan then just go for it.

I would buy the NA v6 before the 2.3l, but I'd buy a v8 before the v6.