This guy comes up to you and asks to drive your car and top it out. What do you do?

This guy comes up to you and asks to drive your car and top it out. What do you do?

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Say no because my insurance only covers me driving my car.

id let James drive it

Tell him it's a slow piece of shit and won't get past 90.

Fetch the booster seat and hand him the keys.

Crash it before he does

say go for it, you're not ready for the stock honda accord of doom

It's his funeral. I barely feel safe driving the thing in normal conditions.

>Honda F6C
If he was theoretically able to reach the pedals i would ride bitch with him if given the opportunity


Good luck.

Never underestimate the Hamster.

let him but only because he's a cryptoamerican

Look down to him and tell him

best case scenario he was going to rear end the car in front of him at full speed? the fuck am I watching?

"If you hurt it I want an F12"

Happened to me earlier today
>be swiss
>see litlle manlet come up my drive
>"oi mate mind if i take ye wheels for a quick spin"
>sure why not, use the mountain roads since no race track allowed in Switzerland
>drives car off
>haven't seen him in a while
>ahmed comes over for daily wife raping
>mud baby children throw rocks at my cattle
>such is life in Switzerland

Give him a personality test

What's your favorite cars
>Uhhh big V8 american muscle uuuuuuuhhhhh
Do you like bikes?
>Uh yea!
Do you bleach your teeth
>Well eh ereeeerrereere yes
Results: Confirmed retard, probility of crashing high, request rejected

>top speed: 127 (given a long enough straight)
>feels super stable at speed actually for a shitbox
Eh, he can afford to buy a me a new one a million times over, why not?

this or make him pay a huge deposit

I pay taxes and have a monthly pass, so its pretty much part mine.

Have fun, guy

Judging by his recent performance he won't top it up but put it top down.

white niggers

You'll get to 135 before the governor shits on your parade.

going by the number of plane old boring straight roads here where no one could possibly crash, I'd say no

Call my insurance company and change the agreed value to double it's real value.
>Add him to the approved drivers.
Hand him the keys.

In what world was this ever a good idea lol wtf

so it's his 2nd big crash, rekn a multi-million super car

do you reckon he did it again cos he couldn't remember the first time?

Ask why he wants to drive an Aztek..

He's kinda cute, I'd say for a blowjob

Hammond is not for Sexual.

he is okay

Let's dissect this post, shall we?
First half, alright greentext
Then, remembering that this is a nonpolitical board about automobiles, decides to bring politics into his story (also gets Sweden mixed up with Switzerland)
Then, he finishes off with a meme.

I live in switzerland and can comfirm that we have a shitload of immigration.
Hell, I'm an immigrant myself.

>electric cars are so safe!

*bursts into flames*

Yeah OK Ecofags.