Now that the dust has settled, what is the overall consensus on The Grand Tour?

Now that the dust has settled, what is the overall consensus on The Grand Tour?

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idk the first episode was shit so I stopped watching it

it makes me miss tanner faust

I genuinely like it (except the American).

I'd rather watch tg reruns

Honestly just stopped watching and didn't miss

muy caliente

I dig it. It's not Top Gear (and neither is Top Gear anymore), but it's good enough.


Not great, just good. The trio still work well together.

Worst part is the American. and that celebrity shit.

Good show, the only episode I didnt like was that one military episode. Also need to get rid of the american guy thing asap

wasnt a car show

New top gear had a few hiccups, but now is much better than this crap.

pretty good

Grand Tour should be like a top gear special every episode. It's what the name suggests and it's what everyone would like to see.

The first couple episodes weren't that good and start to border annoying with that military episode, but after the dune buggy special it really seems to take off and feels like the old show again. The american gets old fast and so does the celebrity thing, either have one on or don't.

Its good, but they should have ditched the whole celeb segment i always skip that part.

I may need more storage...

Was alright, I think they'll get better in the second season.

I'd rather have a short 2 minute segment where they kill a celebrity than a 20 minute interview about them plugging some random bull shit.

The only thing I don't like is when Kimi was supposed to be on, that would have been very enjoyable.

This so much.

>Now that the dust has settled...
I see what you did there and liked it.

The should stop letting Hammond drive overpowered cars.

kek, they just learned why they shouldn't trust electric cars

I hope they keep this in the show

The hamster was going so hot into the corner it caught fire

I don't like it.

To be honest, top gear was never a show I even liked. The commentators had a good chemistry but that didn't stop me from noticing how incredibly scripted everything is.

It's also a big reason why every person thinks they know shit about cars; they don't. Jeremy Clarkson also rubs me the wrong way. He's a gigantic man child who is incredibly pretentious.

I doubt he gives a shit about the history and engineering behind the cars themselves. Compare him to Jay Leno. Big, big difference. Jay is so good, we don't deserve him.

I like it, but The American is shit and that celebrity stuff got old quick.

> just learned why they shouldn't trust electric cars
They will fly off a corner if you go into it too fast? Unthinkable.

I was actually impressed with it to be honest. The three of them are still funny and it still felt like top gear. It obviously wasn't as good as top gear but it was good when you consider the circumstances.

Saying shit like this is retarded though. First of all. The first season of anything is often the worst. Remember the first season of top gear? When they had some fat sack of shit car salesman instead of James may.

Also part of the reason it seems off is because BBC got half the shit in the divorce. They aren't allowed to use the stig or anything resembling him. That's why we got the American which is admittedly not as funny as Jeremy Clarkson seems to think. They also aren't legally allowed to bring celebrities on and have them race on the track because it would make it too similar to top gear. Hence the running gag with the celebrities dying. They also lost the top gear production team and had to make a new production company from scratch.

All things considered it was better than it should have been and it can only get better.

Remember this was the very first season and not only that its getting compared to another already beloved show in it's prime. There will be problems to iron out but it will get better (oh God I hope)

It cost them too much money to not use the footage would be a waste.

had to quit halfway through s1 due to how awful it is

burgers need not apply

the American is annoying
Celebrity brain crash is annoying
Besides those two everything is pretty good, and just like TG their specials are really well done

I get the legal reasoning behind the American and Celebrity brain crash, but the solutions they came up with to avoid the legal trouble are retarded.

Can't have a stig? Just sign on some Randy Pobst knockoff who doesn't exist purely as a joke. Can't have celebrity drives? Fuck it, just don't have them on at all. It's a complete waste of their airing time.

Like you said though, it wasn't actually that bad at all, and it'll only get better. Hopefully.

>it'll only get better. Hopefully.
Not with Hammonds driving skills

Good show I'm on episode 5 Netflix should have grabbed them up.. it seems like their budget is about five times as much to blow

Some of the lines they give him is prwtty annoying, but Mike Skinner is fuckin good

Hammond still can't drive.

It was decent enough, but I really hope they've developed the content to get rid of all the super scripted shit that happens. Still better than when the ginger minge was on TG, but granted that's a low bar.

Trying too hard to be goofy at some points, also too much budget. They should spend the rest of their lives buying shitboxes and making them fun, then rallycrossing or just fucking around somewhere in the world. Who wants to watch huayra vs cayman on the monza anyways.

It was great except that, they haven't lost their good top gear characteristics

I genuinely unironically like new new (sic) Top Gear better. It's like new Fifth Gear, except with Top Gear budget, more of a car show, while GT is more of a Clarkson&Co show.

Joey TG is getting better. I think Harris and Joey have good chemistry, Rory(?) Still needs improvement and doesn't quite seem to fit.

Too forced and scripted

I like it. It had it's issues to be sure, things like the forced celebrity brain crash stuff (I still got a chuckle out of James though) the American's talk wore thin after awhile, aside from that I liked it, and I think there's room to improve and it's in it's infancy sure, but I think it'll get better next season.

tbqh they have more budget than ideas. Pretty soon I think they are going to demolition derby bugatti's just to spend the production money.
Well they got asked about shitboxes in this. There is a vague discussion about what they can do.

Amazon produced it you fag

>too much budget
May and Clarkson stated that the budget is about the same.

I just happened to have watched the first episode.

I'm not sure what to think yet, it feels so scripted that at times it felt like watching a movie or something, it's actually disappointing.

i really like rory, and I like how he reviews newer, cheaper cars not just the supercars

I really enjoyed it a lot actually, it had a comfy feeling and some episodes were better whilst some were a bit meh


I also watched the first episode, it gets a little better and then suddenly it's like a normal episode of TG and then after a few shots you're back to the script.

It gets better overall.

I'd rather watch more of James May's solo stuff. His Cars of the People series was fantastic and Reassembler is ace biscuits.

I love it and I don't give a shit what any other faggot here thinks.

i agree. it was a way to reference the fact that they couldn't. they are probably a bit salty about it. but you are right that it doesn't actually add to the show and just wastes time. hopefully next season they will come in to their own and trim the fat a bit

There wasn't a single episode I enjoyed watching.

On the other hand, Top Gear apparently had a season earlier this year that I never heard of it. I haven't watched an episode yet, but almost every episode has something in it that sounds like it'll be good to watch.

Rory just needs to drive more shitboxes. The Pac-Man scene with the Twingo was fun to watch.

>Can't have celebrity drives? Fuck it, just don't have them on at all. It's a complete waste of their airing time.
I think it was supposed to be a poke at BBC, like "look now we cant have celebrities so we will kill them, haha so funny, BBC fucked us up, hehe hoho"
It would be ok as a poke once or twice, but it got old at third try, and it's just a waste of airtime like you said

BBC News


Stopped watching after 4 episodes. Couldn't get into it. Jokes were bad. The celebrity skit was old as fuck. The American driver is horrible. The tests are boring. The adventures are boring. It's just lost its luster.

is that a cig pack in his back pocket?
Is he smoking again?

Or is that just a really thick phone?

It was fucking bad. I stopped after 2 or 3 episodes.
Top gear was already played out though I was just watching top gear because I watch top gear.

I prefer the car challenges. They were always more fun. The 3 BMW's. The fiats. The porsches. The cop cars, etc etc etc. Those kinds of episodes are by far the best.

X... nigga pls
I is the best drive letter.

>Now that the dust has settled
Pun intended?

>the first season of any......

Shit excuse. It's the same show, same presenters. same camera people, same team, same editors, same director. It's retarded to make excuses for people who have made the exact same show for 10+ years and can't make a fun show again after a small break. Not having money made them actually be creative. They have too much now, so it's just boring as fuck.

Blah blah blah it's the same except they're working with an entirely different company and are handicapped by the BBC. Later in S1 it got almost normal, I except S2 to be better.

Kek may

car challenge specials.

holy shit that save was insane

they didn't use the footage from his first crash in the rocket powered car, only showed the crash very briefly.

Mike Skinner is definitely good. But just let him drive and not read some scripts. Or they could have him speak but it won't be heard because of the music/engine/road noise.

this. many times this.

I hate "The American" bullshit. Just tell him to drive the car and shut up. Also, that whole "so he's not coming on then?" bullshit wore really thin by the end of the first series. They had better drop that shit.

>There are actually people on this board who think the new TG is anything but shit and hate on the original lads for having "too much budget"

I want off this ride. You phoneposting millennial faggots have destroyed this place beyond any recognition

I want more shitbox challenges like they had on top gear.

This. The shitbox challenges were always my favorite ones.

Hamster crashed out of 10

Good sign for S2 though and it proves ev cars aren't safe

>on top gear
they had used maseratis in TGT too, it's not like idea itself is dead. but yeah, cheap challenges were best challenges, as far as i care they could just remake vietnam special with cheap motorcycles over and over again (and then maybe make huge two-episode shitbox rallycross special if that's not too much to ask for)

Much of the top gear production guys jumped ship to them. Kiff the one armed soundman is still there.

I'm partial to the 10000 pound supercar one where Clarkson's maserati shoots the whole engine out the exhaust in little bits.

Does it get better after that? Because I watched that episode and completely dropped it

Same here.

Yeah because budgets aren't a thing.

They obviously try to make it like Top Gear, and if you see it as Top Gear, it's still good

>Chinese electric supercar
I mean yeah he can't drive but I'm almost certain the car malfunctioned or had styrofoam A pillars

How the fuck can they trademark that? It's to general, that's ridiculous. Never underestimate the kikes.

Trash. I was hoping for pre-season15 top gear but instead i realised it wasnt the bbc that turned their show into unfunny shit, it was them

They also did pretty badly at giving him lines. He used the same line twice in two different episodes.

>owner spent 15k pounds rebuilding engine
>sells car for 10k
>engine blows in just a few days