Oh look the shittiest v8 on the market

oh look the shittiest v8 on the market

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Shittier than the Northstar?

Awesome thread OP


Ford 3.9 V8

Sure is summer up in here

Oh yeah it is
Forgot about that one

Northstar doesnt really have the same cult following where im at imo

North stars don't really have any following. am a fan though.(not him)

*blocks your path because the timing chain guides cracked, causing the timing to go way out of whack and introducing 40 valves to 8 pistons*


The fuck is the point? That is completely 6-cylinder levels of displacement.

To be honest, I like Ford, but sometimes they do things that just doesn't make sense.

>not liking small v8s

literally a cuckold


>not wanting a small veeate for maximum revving

Let's be honest, that 3.9 V8 isn't exactly channelling DFV vibes or anything.

Jokes aside, it's a de-bored and destroked version of the Jaguar V8, so it was probably cheaper for Ford to use an already existing design than to develop a new large-displacement 6-cylinder.
I mean they had the Barra in Australia but that's an inline 6 and it's probably too long for Ford's intended applications.

With pushrods and low displacement we could have v8s everywhere.

how exactly is it the shittiest v8?

>asstastic copy of an eh engine
>chrysler quality
>no aftermarket

The Northstar isnt a bad engine. People are willing to re-stud them. If it wasnt packed under the hood of a Cadillac it'd have a better reputation.

>headgaskets worse than 90s Subarus
>starter under the intake manifold between the banks
No thanks senpai

Why does it have two sparkplugs?

It's like you're not even trying

The UZ is lightweight, compact, ubiquitous, certified for aircraft use, and can take a pretty good amount of boost.

There's a difference between an F1-tier short stroke mini-V8, and a 3.9L, 85mm pigfat POS that couldn't even clear 8000 RPM if it wanted to.

>so it was probably cheaper for Ford to use an already existing design
Using an existing Modular would've been even cheaper.

Because emissions and flamefront control.

It's also physically bigger and heavier than a LS. Why do Germans do this shit?

It's a great engine because you can do so much with it and its easy to get well over double the power out of it, but they give it so little power stock that it's absolutely abysmal.

>they give it so little power stock that it's absolutely abysmal.
They already made the most hp out of any big three V8 with the Hellcat, and then they one-upped themselves with the Demon. The 3rd gen Hemi makes plenty of power - thanks to the best heads in the industry. Hell, someday soon somebody will make 3rd gen Hemi-style heads for the LS.

All I want from the 4th gen is an aluminium block, cam-in-cam VVT and a factory 426 displacement offered in SRT8 models.

>on the market

OP thinks the current year is 2000.

It's about 2/3 of an LS front to back, and they're within an inch top-to-bottom and side-to-side. Stop spewing shit.

The ones in my trucks dont, and they also look a lot different.

I know. The potential is there, but a stock HEMI is pathetic.

Thats not the latest corvette v8

Stop defending a over complicated boat anchor. Look at how much room there is after a LS swap.

audicucks BTFO yet again
how can a manufacturer be so utterly fucking incompetent at engineering?

Why did they go with an electric water pump then if it fits fine?

Because they're superior to mechanical pumps especially if you plan on adding power in the future.

Nah mate. I mean, look at all that custom accessory drive stuff. its too long, it doesn't fit, and you know it.
Nobody is going to go full custom remote water pump on such a basic install unless they have to.

Also look how far forwards it is.

It's not like a fucking LS is a factory option, It's not going to be perfect... The point is there's still more room because it's basically smaller.
The stock engine is forward as fuck too. It's just shitty chassis and drivetrain engineering.

>over complicated boat anchor

confirmed for being fucking retarded

You're defending this barely 400hp piece of shit and calling me retarded? Really makes you think.

Wait a moment. Does it have two throttle actuators?

>he's afraid of chains


a fucking bike derallieur is more complicated than that

2008 revision rated around 300hp

somewhat respectable as an engine, but forget about slapping those heads on your no standalone ECU
>no aftermarket intakes
>no aftermarket longtubes
>no aftermarket cams

is a terrible paperweight to be stuck with

This puts out twice the power...

I've always wondered if they shared enough design as a mercedes to interchange heads.
There is an engine from them thats close, but it isnt quite the same bore. 0.1mm off. and it would need a custom cam sprocket.

>Low displacement V8

End this pigfat niggery

>This puts out twice the power...

When boosted and built nigger

Naturally aspirated and lightly built. inb4 not procucktion. In the land of the free here were allowed to modify out shit and manufacturers under stress shit.

Northstar is a terrible engine bro.

Made good power with decent MPG in like 1997, but it's a turd in retrospect.

came here to post this


>4.0 TFSI

>twice the power


>land of the free
>can't import cars

553/2 because it's German and will be half working or broken down 90% of the time. Why would we import inferior vehicles when our $70k grocery getters are smoking your $300k supercars?

>will be half working or broken down 90% of the time.
no, thats the american one

>grocery getters are smoking your $300k supercars?
lol, how delusional, classic fox and grapes

post an american ca that can lap the ring in under 7 minutes, I'll wait

also, I am not british you complexed fag

>I am not british you complexed fag

Sorry m8.

wrong again

That is a Jaguar engine btw. Ford had the 4.6/5.4 in 2v, 3v and 4v configuration at that time... Should have gotten a 4.6 4v and a high trim with a supercharger imo.

Then your some euroshitskin and not worth my time.

t. amerimongrel

Not the engine we're talking about, moron. The V8 in the S4 makes barely 340hp.

>worst v8
>not the nissan vk

Never thought I'd agree with him but yeah. Small V-8s are neat.

>Not wanting a 500CC V-8

>somewhat respectable as an engine
Id say somewhat respectable attempt at designing an engine, in practice though quality of them is all over the map. Some will go well over 300k, some drop a valve or throw a rocker arm at 150k. There is also the added complexity of a SOHC for the power you get.

I understand they were a little more fuel efficient, but I will never understand why chrysler dumped money in a SOHC engine from scratch when they could have revised the Magnum/LA.

>t. assmad americuck who cant handle that a nip made v8 is more reliable than garbage American v8s

How is this retarded thread still alive? The 1UZ was superceded by the 3UZ and the 1UZ was a fantastic engine as far as reliability went. With some headers alone it'll make a good 300 horsepower on the VVTi variant. The only thing that it's really missing is factory turbocharging.

>introducing 40 valves to 8 pistons
>40 valves

It has 5 valves per cylinder and still can't break 350hp.

At that point, why didn't they just use the 40V with the timing belt from the D2 S8? That thing made 360hp and runs 300k km with no issues.

Who thought about such a retarded design?

Because the engine bay was too short. Putting the chain drive at the back shaved a couple of inches off the engine length.

Audi's engineers are pretty fucking stupid, considering they thought it was a good idea to put a big heavy engine ahead of the front wheels.

20 year old engine

>on the market

fucking hell do you even own a bus ticket?

Daily reminder the UZ is the only car ICE that's approved by the FAA since it's so reliable.

>still more power than the ls4

That's not even close to impressive, watch this.

>No seat belt
>Taking photo at 80 MPH

Cel because Chrysler.

I don't wear a seat belt because why bother, my life is worthless right now and I have nothing really to live for.

>stock is 375 hp in a 4000lb car
>this is somehow bad


It's kind of bad when GM is shitting out 420+hp out of their V8 truck engine.


dat tasty 3.4 v8. good times.

Wish they would have carried over the SHO trim to the gen4.

Yep, user was right. sure is summer in here...

>Small V-8s are neat.
The truth. Small V8s are cool. Big V8s are cool, is V8 just the best engine configuration?

Does half a V8 count?