Why the FUCK did new York get rid of the blue and white plates?

Why the FUCK did new York get rid of the blue and white plates?

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They're more visible at night, and it brought in a lot of revenue for the crooks in Albany.

Amazing since our roads are literal shit on Long Island and they barely get fixed. We pay out the ass in taxes it's annoying as fuck.

Although I prefer the gold plates on my car since it's black and looks nice.

Albany is filled with shitters who want even more of our money, what a surprise.

the gold plate was to be a callback to the old "Gold on Black" plates, only they made the font blue and ruined it.
LI's vehicle taxes will never go to the roads because the state wants you to commute with the LIRR and feed the Manhattan parasite. at least we aren't as abused as upstate, which is totally ignored in terms of maintenance. the roads near the east Canadian border are so broken they're almost gravel (though the Canadian side is even worse)

Because New York is run by a bunch of retards, who mostly come from NYC and Albany

Liberty Red master race coming through

right in the childhood
I remember hating when they moved to "empire blue and white"

Blue and whites were the best though because it shows scenes from all over the state instead of faggy NYC.

Yes, but this was plate was used from 1986-2000, long before nyc became faggy.

this was top 5 best licence pl8 of all time

yeah back when it was cool and filled with crime

>at least we aren't as abused as upstate, which is totally ignored in terms of maintenance.
Rural upstater here: the potholes on my road are getting nearly big enough to swim in when it storms. I'm exaggerating less than you think I am.

the gold plates look very nice on dark colored vehicles.

Still got a few pairs of them.

>They're more visible at night, and it brought in a lot of revenue for the crooks in Albany.
This was NEVER a fucking issue with visibility, it was just an excuse for cuomo to get a cash cow going

>left lane on the Belt
>can't pass anyone unless I want to lose control going over sewer drains
but at least vision zero keeps me safe xD

Those fucking drains man, I swear to D-g

most of the bad main roadways around NYC and Long Island can be blamed on Robert Moses. Fucker conned the state into roadway projects that we couldn't afford to maintain, and gave claims like "it's built out of concrete, it will last 100 years before needing work!"

>2 lane service road on the side of a 3 lane boulevard
>buses ride the service road
>no issues since the dawn of time, never any traffic
fast forward to deblasio and vision zero
>service road dropped to 1 lane
>traffic lined up for blocks because of buses stopping and traffic light
>people now blast down residential side streets to get away from it, exactly where little billy is playing whiffleball, which is what vision zero is supposed to avoid

The gold ones create an optical illusion sometimes and appear red, it tickles my autism something fierce.

>filled with crime

pick two

Wait until you learn about the misaligned reflective strips on the back of State Trooper vehicles.


Do you already know about it? 'cause I'M GONNA TELL YA ANYWAY.

So the Staties used whale body Crown Vics for like a hundred years or some shit and they all have three yellow/gold reflective strips on the back that match the strips along the side of the car- two smaller ones on the blacked out area of the trunk and one larger one on the rear bumper. They make a rough trapezoid when look at directly from behind and are specifically cut to line up properly on a Crown Vic- especially noticeable with the upper strips and how the edges are angled to match both the taillights and reverse lights, and are exactly as tall as the inserts below the tail lights.

However, whatever person or group in charge of livery design for the state police apparently ordered seven million pre-cut reflective strips (along with license plates, as the staties also still use the old 'semi-script New York' commercial/government plates), because even after phasing out the Crown Vics because state troopers are a bunch of tan-colored, silly hat wearing weenies who exist to piss on your hopes and dreams, they use the exact same cutouts on all their new cars. On the Taurus they fit somewhat okay, probably not a coincidence; they're used on both pre and post facelift Exploders but they can't decide how close they should be to the bottom of the hatch; on the (not very common) Caprice they're alright but they decided to make the cars black instead of blue so they look retarded; the Tahoes get their own one-piece strip that's apparently cut from the side trim but they've started making those black too; and for the Chargers they apparently said fuck it and just stuck 'em wherever they could find a flat spot (and usually they're off-kilter at a 15 degree angle or more).