Your trophy wife wants a car to haul her sons to soccer practice. Which car do you choose?

Your trophy wife wants a car to haul her sons to soccer practice. Which car do you choose?

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3k civic

>her sons
top kek

The one with the cut brake lines.


The one with a driver so she can get railed by jamal in the backseat


Memes aside, the new Navigator is gorgeous.



Lincoln Navigator official thread

3k volvo 245

no son of mine is going to play some pansy ass sport.


ill take the $100k tahoe

Damn right. He's going to football!

a tesla

I'd probably go for a $80k full loaded Suburban. It gives off more of a "my husband might be into gangster shit" vibe.

>implying I will have kids
>implying I will get married

>Her sons

A bus pass

>My sons

The Lincoln

Y'all have NO taste

I wouldn't trust a trophy wife with something bigger. For her and other people on the road.

Fuck off Lincoln shill. Join the departed Alfa Romeo shill and die.

>that dodge
Not in your lifetime pal even with their shitty beats audio system appealing to niggers like you

Getting cucked on a budget, I like you

>not buying your wife a 4 door hardtop wagon with a 6.6 liter V8


>Fiat still slaps huge ass seven-slot grilles on everything, then blocks out 70% of the intake
What did they mean by this?


yeah that's pretty much the wife's son car

There's zero fucking Italian in that Jeep... That thing is probably illegal in Shitaly.

Toyota Highlander so I never have to buy a car for her ever again.

I would never buy a disposable American scrapyard bait hunk of shit.

neither. let her pay for her own base model tahoe or expedition, why the fuck would she need a nicely suited up caddy or lincoln suv for? celeb status?

So she can get fucked by the mechanic too? Because if she gets a Chrysler product, you KNOW they're going to be spending lots of time with each other.

You're thinking of ford, dale

>he thinks Ford makes good cars
Tell me, what glue is the good shit? In sure you're a connoisseur of fine sniffin' adhesives.


I got the wrong thread


For God's sake, get that dentist's office out of my face.

I never understood why people insist on getting a huge ass SUV just to move 3 or 4 people around when a sedan can do the same job

That is going to age so badly

It looks like they took a town car interior, gave it more leather and an iPad

Plebs not welcome.

Can a sedan haul people and their gear in comfort?
Can a sedan tow 10k lbs?

The new Navigator looks less like a made-over pickup truck, but really driving any vehicle that size must be stressful.

Not really. My main car is my fiesta ST, but i also have an older navigator, its easy to drive all things considered.

Glorified Expedition
Glorified Tahoe
might as well give in to the commercials get a new 2017 Nissan Rouge with 0.8% APR financing

I love the throwback to the lincoln interior blue. It's part of the reason I love the brand. The interior isn't making any progress in the design department, but hopefully it's got a better function over form

A pickup truck. A family of hockey players need the space

So much this. My kids and I play hockey, the bags airing out in the bed makes the drive home better.


>trophy wife
>ever been pregnant
lol choose one


yes. he's not your son.

This is the o my correct answer in this thread.

E63 Estate is S L E E P E R A S F U C K

If you have 10k lbs of "gear" then your family is overconsuming and what's wrong with America today.


This. It's not a fucking Renegade meme, it's engineered with freedom.

More like "me and my husband are yuppie faggots"

A rotary swapped 1983 Corolla Wagon, with the panda Trueno paintjob and Fujiwara vinyl.


>not Sequoia, Rav4, 4Runner, Land Cruiser, literally anything other than the shittiest SUV Toyota has made

>buying based on country of origin

>i know absolutely nothing about cars, the post

3k civic is best meme

Escalade so I can install a nice blower, make a sleeper that'll get 20mpg and burn rubber whenever I want.
She gets the valet mode tho. 300hp.

Hahaha this 2bhpham.

> football
> not motorcycle racing

No son of my wife's is going to be injured playing a black man's sport. He can break his bones in dignity.

So, fully loaded F two fiddy to put the bikes in.

>you have too much stuff, abandon your hobbies for reading books and playing checkers. Only billionaires can have lots of stuff.

T. Yuropooe


anyone else loves to see how triggered americans get when you mention their over consumption of garbage?

This, I would not trust her with anything that has a large blind spot

She's getting a Subaru Legacy and she's gonna like it

We just did this.

We wanted to go with a fuckhuge SUV, but my wife drives 30k miles per year on the road, so we stayed in the gay ass crossover range for the fuel consumption. It still makes all of the basic bitches at soccer practice silently jelly because everyone thinks that their Tahoe or whatever is their Husband's car. The RX is clearly only something a stupid woman would buy. Which was exactly our case, as I'd have taken the CPO 2016 GX460.

Forgot muh pic

The GX is the ugliest of all the Lexus trucks why would you want it?

A true trophy wife has no sons.


>her sons

My wife gets to drive her sons with a Porsche Cayenne

wow is that real? thats disgusting. i'd meet up with her just to slap her out.

her fault for not having downie checked for whilst pregnant
her fault for not aborting it

hope she khs.

Suburbans use to be kings. Now they can't even go over the curbs.

They can if you take off the useless air dam, Just like the Canyon and Colorado. They have decent ground clearance without it but they're obviously no square body. At least it's truck based to the sky's the limit when it comes to lifting it in case shit gets rough on the way to Starbucks.

>digital everything
It's like the eighties all over again.
Go into any 2014 or older car and just look how outdated the infotainment system and digital gauges are. Digital stuff ages faster than anything else, having a digital dash will make the car feel older than it actually is, just like foggy headlights except you can't do anything about it.

I agree! The 2017 Lincoln Navigatorâ„¢ is truly breathtaking. Precision meets beauty, starting at $63,515

Neither. Pic related instead. Some of the most stereotypical trophy roasties I've ever seen all drive this.

It's 2017.. Most normal people lease cars so it only has to look impressive for 2-4 years.

Buy her a Volvo, keep them as safe as you can out there. Losing loved ones to a faggot who can't drive hurts :(

>spending so much time on /pol/ that you think a car company would spend time "shilling" the least popular board on a Taiwanese shoe crafting message board...

With a few simple mods I assume


>big enough to fill the soccermom quota
>small enough to not be a threat on the road (women drivers)

My dad bought his son's mother one of these and it's perfect

BLACKED lade shame about the unavailable moonroof even on the plat modes though. They are great vehicles having driven both honestly
Cannot go wrong imo

you forgot
>ugly enough to offend anyone with eyes

How is a wagon with big staggered summer tire setup and fender vents a sleeper

Thats the cuck choice amongst full size suvs, smaller and tows less

>muh big wheels
Normies will just think you're black.

V90, nothing less

OP was using soccer practice as example of what the car would be used for. You need a minimal amount of gear for that, and the trunk of a sedan is literally all you need.

If my wife drove this wouldn't that mean I was black?

Anyone else love it when Americans can afford to buy things that Europoors can't like boats, motorcycles, horses, and trailers to haul them?

I'm a european, my dad has always owned an SUV and it's practical. We go to the cabin, own a boat, go on outdoor trips in general. I'm not hating on SUVs. I think it's a pretty good addition to a household.

That doesn't change the fact that a sedan is more appropriate as a wife car that will get people to soccer practice as well.

Anons are just completely ignoring what this supposed trophy wife intends to do with her vehicle.
She's not towing her boat to the lake. She's driving some kids to where they need to go.


>most normal people lease cars

Can you imagine being so poor that you only know other poor people?

A X5 or an E63. If you want true off roading in a big SUV you buy a Grand Chrokee, Armada or Land Cruiser. Though the Navigator is the winner between the two OP posted simply due to the god awfulness of CUE. The Escalade has a better engine though.

>fiat garbage

Yes, you are correct. I have absolutely no taste in garbage.

hearty kek

Noice Choice