Paying 2.5k Deductable

So I was that guy with the 2017 BRZ that got hit coming forward out of my parking spot. My dumbass insurance company determined it was my fault. And me being a dumbass as well, got the lowest monthly premium(hahah yea fuck me right?) with a $2500 deductable.

Anyway, I went to a body shop and they said that I have at least $6000 worth of body damage to my front passenger side. Lol, and I was thinking I was going to be able to do all the work myself just replacing a few panels but apparently there might be some frame damage as well. Oh and I also have a bent strut.( I'm still saying that the amount of damage CLEARLY shows the guy who hit me was speeding past the 5MPH limit of my apt,)

Anyway, i've determined i'm going to swallow the pill and pay up the 2.5k to get my car fixed.

Should I restore it back to stock or should i opt for aftermarket shit and make it unique? Any input with suggestions of body kits or lowering kits/wheels and how to get the most out of this situation.


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if you have frame damage it's totaled.

Most body shops that insurance company pays will only return car to oem standards, anything else will cost out of your pocket on top of that deductible

what does that mean?

On a legal note, wouldn't frame damage to a vehicle be enough to prove that the person who hit me was speeding?

They wont get aftermarket rice only what car needs to put back to the way it was before wreck. Unless you fork out extra cash for stuff you want. You want new wheels well insurance will replace only the one that was damaged so you want aftermarket you pay for the other 3 and price difference on 4th

After speaking to the bodyshop guy, I was under the impression that they tally up how much replacement parts cost+labor, and then the insurance company sends a check for that amount. After that, I can talk to the body shop guys and say "instead of the oem bumper and fenders, I wanna go aftermarket blahblah, paying any difference in cost.". unless thats exactly what you said.

If he was speeding in a parking lot, where the speed limit is merely a suggestion, you might not have a good case, especially since it was his right of way.

what if the OEM wheel is costs as much as 4 aftermarket wheels? Could that be something I do instead?

Frame can be repaired and as long as repairs dont exceed cars value its not deemed salvage title

You should sell it and drive a geo metro

That sums it up just keep in mind that 6k includes the 2.5deductible& insurance picks up 3.6k& only covers area damaged and you want an entire body kit so as long as u pay difference.

One oem wheel usually 160-250 for a good wheel
U want 4 $50 offbrand pepboy special of the week wheels

I work at a body shop in a position where i write estimates, deal with the customers, secure the parts, deal with the insurance company etc.

First thing to note is that when people in collision repair are discussing aftermarket vs oem parts, they are usually referring to shitty taiwanese reproductions of the oem parts, ie just cheaper materials, not riced out shit with added spoilers or cowls or colored lights or whatever.

If whatever estimate your insurance company is accepting that they will pay for repairs for, you can "cash out" and have your insurance company mail you a check in your name and do whatever the fuck you want with the money. That's the easiest thing for you to do if you want to nigger your car up and then take it to joses garage and he will put your fast and furious parts on there for 4 grand your insurance paid out and it will look like ass.

So no, don't pester the respectable body shop guy with request for wheels and shit, if you get it fixed at a legitimate collision repair facility thats contracted with your insurance company and all, just pay your deductible and don't bitch unless the work was shitty but accept its wrecked and the shop is going to try and make it look not wrecked.

thanks for the info, but you dont have to be an asshole about it. The car I have is beautiful and I dont want to make it any less, even if it means paying more.

>wahh I need info on how to rice my totaled cuckmobile
>gets information on why not to rice it up
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I was in the same boat years ago but instead of dumping money into a wrecked car i had insurance repair then sold it to the next dumbass for as much as u could and bought another car cause i dont drive wrecked cars and frame was repaired too but still didnt seem to drive the same

So OP totaled a car in a parking lot just pulling out of a parking spot?.... Welcome to the drivers of Veeky Forums how the fuck do you manage frame damage at lower than 10 mph?

By most peoples use of the word, "frame damage" doesn't mean a damn thing on a low slung unibody vehicle.

The best way to realize real quick shit it totaled is airbags, they require all sorts of reprogramming and this and that and extra replacements and pulling the car apart, mostly for legal purposes. A fairly new car with multiple air bags blown totals up quick.

I have seen a man buy a brand new z71 chevrolet pickup, pull into a parking lot to meet up with his wife, and slow roll into a concrete barrier and end up on top of it from not paying attention, literally needing a new frame with all the labor and everything easily a $20k mistake, you would have to tear the truck apart and put a whole new frame underneath.

Also thinking about doing this. How did you go about marketing your car? Craigslist? And did you tell them it was in a collision? I'm pretty sure i'll be upside down unless I sell it for at least 25k(doubt it) but if I am, I'll just pay the difference.

Didnt have to market it since i got offers in it all the time it was a 2000 electron blue civic si that i bought new. Guy i worked with asked me for months so i finally gave him a price he took it. It wasnt salvaged no airbags deployed so didnt mention it carfax was clean so bam sold

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>got the lowest monthly premium(hahah yea fuck me right?) with a $2500 deductable
Holy fuck, WHY???

I pay a little more for my car insurance, but I have a $100 deductible so when something like this happens I'm not beyond fucked. Be smart man, a $2500 deductible is pants on head retarded.

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