What's a decent older model compact pick up truck that isn't a "gas guzzler" and isn't an unreliable shitbox?

What's a decent older model compact pick up truck that isn't a "gas guzzler" and isn't an unreliable shitbox?

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Ford Ranger
Toyota Pickup
Chevy s10

anything thats not a dakota. even the 4 bangers got horrid gas mileage.

>Toyota Pickup
Like what? Thanks btw

this kind. the t100 was ok but it had a v6

That's what it was called. The Toyota Pickup. They were last made in 1995 iirc

Colorado's and Canyon's are supposed to be good on gas. I've heard the timing chain on the V6's is a nightmare to change and is around $5k at a shop. If that's too much look for a clean S10 with the iron puke or what's left of a Tacoma with a 22re.

they have a nice transmission in them. i like how they shift like a car. unlike a ranger.

>No cupholder

Are these even available in the US?

buy one at walmart or amazon


yiff in hell

yeah toyota even got a recall for the frames. they had rust. get a fixed one.

>with the iron puke
What? But yeah, I've looked at S10's for a while. The only ones around that are retardly expensive from a dealer are all second hand Spic-mobiles.

What this guy said

Watch for shitty repairs, but if you even the slightest bit mechanically inclined you can fix anything on this truck

>if you even the slightest bit mechanically inclined

do you like 4 runners? were there ever any with a solid front axle?

What is that?

boys is this one worth it?

4runners are just pickup trucks with an enclosed bed. The last year for solid axles (for pickups at least I believe it'd the same for 4runners) was 85. Your best bet is to do a swap yourself, which means it's almost necessary to do a 3" lift.

extended cab toyota truck
did you grow up in a cave? how have you not seen a toyota before?

you know what, i have never, ever seen a 4 runner older than 1985,

Raised by a single mom who might as well have been a lesbian. Please be gentle.

92 Toyota pickup with >280,000 miles on it

Ever watch Back to the Future? It's the same model truck as the one Marty wants.

Could you fit a medium sized tool box in the back "seat"?

why not a bed one? like everyone else uses
if you cant use the bed get a god damn car

I buy lots of motorcycles so with the bed box some bikes wont fit

V6 Toyota Tundra.

They last forrrrrrever.

>there's a clean 4.0 ranger in my neighborhood for a couple grand
>don't have time in my life for another carethough


I transported my toolbox across Florida with it in the back. It's about as big as a Tacoma bed, maybe a bit longer.

ford ranger 2003+. Got the engine from mazda which is better in every way compared to the lima engine.

why put a motorbike in a bed? even a landscaper trailer is easier.

Good, the new ones are garbage.

The old toyota pickups with the 22re motor. I had one and rolled it twice. Sold it still running.

I was raised by a single mom who WAS a lesbian and even I recognize that truck c'mon

I got a 1992 Ford Ranger
The 4 cylinder coupled with a 5 speed

It's pretty decent

I get about 22 mpg and that's considering I drive on the freeway at like 75 (which isn't ideal for best mileage) and accelerate and stop like an absolute madman.

And even considering that, it's been extremely reliable.
It's at 240,000, I got it at 200,000.
I've only had to replace the alternator (which I did myself because it's fucking easy) and the slave cylinder (which was the original, lol).

manual 4banger 2004ish Nissan frontier if you consider 20-30 out of gas guzzler range