Picked up my new ride today. What do you think o/?

Picked up my new ride today. What do you think o/?

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I'd fuck it.

I've actually seen one in a car show. Everything functional about the car is an absolute nightmare.


Looks a little like an upside dildo.

There are a few niggles and idiosyncrasies granted. But it makes a lovely noise.


Hope you don't have to jump it anytime soon.

Seriously, relocate that fucking battery.

Rip a mad skid uleh you sick cunt

Indeed. Remove front wheel to access battery. Wait, where's the jack. In the boot. Oh, can't open boot because of dead battery.

I've got jump cables with Anderson connectors.

Barney / 10

Sorry, what car is this?

Bread on hood faggot.

The fuck is this?

British snek

Excellent investment. Enjoy it on sunny days and don't crash it. It'll be worth a ton in six years

atleast when you die in a fucking fireball of death at 80mph it will look fucking siik m8

found this on a forum, calling BS op.

It's a fiero with a bodykit you plebs

lmao, poor op

Mirin, here's mine

It's Warby's wholemeal, that okay?

>Not a Sagaris
Ain't care

I'm not even close to being able to afford a Sag,