Tesla model X sob story on reddit

Oh no it almost killed their 6 year old, what a shame


>couple buys model X since their parents are old and frail or something
>it has a plethora of door & other problems
>One day the door opens on a highway
"we were all severely traumatized by that event"
>they want a refund

top wew

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Why do you keep coming back to Veeky Forums from Reddit, OP?

minivans with power doors have been recalled for less, not surprised.

If all passengers involved were wearing seatbelts, nobody's life was in imminent danger and this is just rich people being cunts as usual.

don't you understand, they were severely traumatized

>now gibe $100,000 refund

>One day the door opens on a highway
>it doesn't fly
I want a refund

This is the kind of shit I mean when I say I prefer old cars because they computerize too much stuff in new ones. I don't mean fuel injection. I mean parts that should be and always have been mechanical, being changed to motors and servos for no goddamned reason, that are more expensive to fix and more prone to failure or could have software errors. Why do doors need to be motorized? Why does the latch need to be automatic? Why does the handle need to be a capacitive surface instead of a normal fucking handle? Answer: it doesn't.

>millions of poors buy $12k GM shitbox
>takes hundreds of confirmed deaths before any action is taken
>1 rich person has 1 "traumatizing" experience in their Tesla
>Elon Musk personally sucks the dick of the owner and eats out his wife to make things better

b-but my app control. how else can I jerk off into the faces of my golfing buddies who all have S-Classes with infinitely better interiors?

I would have agreed with you a decade ago. but nowadays if you actually have good software and QC there is little to worry about.

The same exact thing happened with the aviation industry. Used to be that planes were these electro-mecanical pieces of art with wires running everywhere being manually controlled by the pilot and all sorts of analog doohickeys. Now, planes are one big solid-state computer with some lift surfaces. I don't go on a plane wondering if the servos will bork or whatever. I trust in the engineering behind it, and the fact that with the computerization comes precision and a flavor of reliability which didn't exist with "old" planes.

Crunky cars with manual everything will have their place, but the future lies in sensors, microcontrollers ,and solid-state computing/assisting.

I think it's great, but I see your point.

t. not a car guy

You can step on the accelerator pedal

falcon wing doors would have been fine but they either
1) didn't test the system well enough
2) tested it, found bugs, but were rushed to production and didnt have time to fix them

Have you actually read airbuses control logic? It's brought down planes before.

>Airbus control logic won't let you kill the plane.
>Some small problems can get you thrown into Alternative Law
>All protections gone.
>Plane can kill you now.



you moron luddite, at least read what you yourself post

..."The report suggests two hypotheses for the accident. In the first, there was a flaw in the power control of the plane's engines, which would have kept one of the thrust levers into acceleration, regardless of their actual position. In such circumstances, there was mechanical failure of the aircraft. However, the occurrence of this failure is one in 400 billion hours of flight and therefore highly improbable. In the second hypothesis, the pilot has performed a procedure different from that provided in the manual, and put the thrust lever in an irregular position, a configuration of human error for the accident."

I would take a glass cockpit airbus any day of the week over older planes. Same with cars.

in before someone does that human thing of
>well one in 400 billion hours is not zero percent change so it COULD happen so that much be it!!!

So, you missed this entire discussion?

>CENIPA is that the pilots may not have noticed that the right engine remained at CL because the Airbus autothrottle system, unlike other aircraft manufacturers, does not automatically move the levers when the autothrust controller changes engine settings. Therefore, the pilots may have thought that the right engine was at idle power without realizing that Airbus autothrust logic dictates that, when one or more of the thrust levers is pulled to the idle position, the autothrust is automatically disengaged.[18] Thus, when the pilot pulled the left engine thrust lever to idle, it disconnected the autothrust system and the computer did not retard the right engine power to idle. The A320's spoilers did not deploy during the landing run, as the right thrust lever was above the "idle" setting required for automatic spoiler deployment.[16] Since the right engine thrust lever was still in the "climb" detent at that time, the right engine accelerated to climb power while the left engine deployed its thrust reverser. The resulting asymmetric thrust condition resulted in a loss of control and a crash ensued.


>human error

what a shame

Stupid liberal had it coming

A throttle lever's physical position not matching the actual throttle setting/output would never happen if it was mechanically connected instead of electrically. The "human error" present in this case couldn't happen on a mechanical linkage.
Analog tech: 1
Electrical bullshit: 0

the computer did EXACTLY as it was supposed to do. it worked flawlessly. The pilots gave it inputs and it did what it was *designed* do do with those inputs. Now it's a shame that the pilots made a mistake in doing what they did, but the fault is 0% the "electrical bullshit" as you say. The fault is the human interface, which is an easy fix. Get rid of the human.

>would never happen if it was mechanically connected instead of electrically.
except for the fact that mechanical throttle cables need to be adjusted and can sag over time?

>The fault is the human interface, which is an easy fix. Get rid of the human.

>I'm an edgy faggot, the post.

it's true tho

And you can easily detect when a mechanical linkage is developing issues because it FEELS different, whereas electrical has no feeling at all.

A&P here, new planes >>>>>old planes.

Throttle cables have all sorts of issues, many cars have broken engine mounts and unintentionally accelerated, throttle cables stick, etc.
>mechanical things can't possibly fail guys!

And this is why I hate Tesla. You have to take it to their service center to get fixed. No blue collar mechanic nor a friend that could help you, its literally just Tesla.

Tbqh if my Tesla's doors flew open on the highway, yeah I'd be pretty mad.

Full refund mad? No. That's some entitled shit.

Its a car company run by a prententious cunt and driven by pretentious cunts.

It's hilarious.

I honestly find it very hard to believe the lot of you fucking faggots would be fine if your car door opened for no reason while driving.

Regardless if it's a meme tesla, that's inexcusable. I would be mad as fuck as well, but not to the point I demand a refund like a cunt.

Now you are catching on how the world works poorfag.

The stupid kid probably pressed the "door open" button or whatever

"human error" is never an acceptable root cause for an incident investigation. You could always have prevented the human error by designing the system better. The pilot would not have made that error if the controls were better designed to indicate the status of the engines. You cannot reasonably expect every pilot in the world to perfectly remember every single dumb quirk in the controls every single time without ever making a mistake in the thousands of times that each pilot does that same action throughout his career.

>"we were all severely traumatized by that event"
I love it when stereotypes play out like this. Do you suppose they're actually traumatized or is it just a ploy for gibs?

I used to drive a Chevy citation that would fling both doors open every time I hit the brakes.

Was pretty neat

Actually if you compare the ratio of cars sold vs cars malfunctioning. The ratio is probably close to the same.


It's Veeky Forums full of Tesla shills now?
I'd want a refund too if I bought an 80k car or whatever the price is that has so many problems, especially problems that may cost my child's life.

They know each incident is another nail in Tesla's coffin.

My piece ofbshit 1.25 million mile semi driver door opens all the time. Idgaf

Maybe don't buy a Silicon Valley meme machine in the first place then.

Computer science major here.
Also Car guy

You know, just because it's controlled by a computer doesn't mean the human input is gone. It still there, only now it's not a pilot, but a dumb fuck like me.

Yep, we have to do years of research before we even start planning and designing the damn software, but even then, who do you sltrust more? Me, or a seasoned pilot?

Answer is, or rather should be, neither and both.

Also, if you knew how bad most programs end up, and how bug riddled and straight up dangerous pretty much every piece of code around you is, you'd shit yourself. No such thing as perfect code.

I won't even start on security.

>One day the door opens on a highway
That's still a safety defect when the car's software ordered that done. But at least Tesla can update the software and have the cars updated with the next automated software update. Every time someone starts up their car, it's just like a new fresh reboot of a PC that got its latest downloaded update.

The difference is that it's fine for you because it lets you get rid of the last prostitute you murdered.

Software and encryption control between its components locks it into its own expensive ecosystem. If you want to use more of the percentage capacity of the battery pack you already purchased, you have to pay a subscription fee each year. It's similar to the idea if you bought a laptop, you can only let the battery capacity drop to 90% before it stops working unless you pay another $xx each year to let it drop to 70%. And another $yy fee each year to let it drop to 40%. And so forth. That despite your having purchased the hardware already. But you are still held prisoner by the software that allows it to vampire your wallet.

>ctrl f for child locks
>nobody mentions them
isn't this why they exist? I don't know if the model X has any, so I might just be ignorant.

>the door can open while youre driving down the highway but it wont open with the battery out

You know what, that's not Tesla's fault. If your Blue Collar friend didn't flippantly deny the existence of physics and refuse to learn anything about modern automotive electronics, he would have a solid foundation with which he could confidently work on a Tesla, or any modern car. Real people just seem to invent the idea that they can't fix things or that it's too complicated for them -- despite the fact that another human being put it together so surely it can be taken apart.and understood.

Regular people can't work on Teslas due to the advanced degree of autism required to assemble a Tesla. Normies can't fix them.

RNS (real nigga shit)

If German cars are overengineered, Teslas are overengineered to German power.

Falcon doors on an SUV was a stupid idea to begin with.

the main plus on fly by wire systems is that eletronical control can be put inbetween pilot and moving parts.

but maybe nowadays cars needs some PID to hold their doors shut kek


Oh that's so gay. Even if you buy it you're still leasing it.

tesla is hot garbage and anyone who likes cars knows it

And get smoked so bad it isn't even funny? The model X is slow as shit nigger.

>isn't this why they exist?
Yes. Child locks exist because children are fucking retarded, but the average small child won't be able to open a door at highway speeds anyway because of the aerodynamic effects. The pointless software gullwing door on this car is easy to open though, and because the programmers who designed the control system are retarded, apparently it didn't feature a child lock feature.

>You have to take it to their service center to get fixed.
>Regular people can't work on Teslas

A lot of their assemblies have seals or tags. If you break any of them, the warranty is shot. If that seal or tagged item is in your way, you are unable to remove it to get to the thing y ou want to service. So you are basically forced to take things to the shop.

The Model X does have child locks

> However, once we got home after 45 minutes the car was still on because the falcon door is read as open. Roadside assistance request to manually turn off car and leave door open overnight as any motion in the car would turn it back on again.
Kek you can't even turn them off?

Then why is there a lawsuit? It would be thrown out immediately if the feature was present and the parents just too fucking dumb to use it.

If this is the future, I sure am excited!

A reddit post is not a lawsuit


yeah but planes are 9 figure machines made with nanoscopic tolerances by literally some of the most technologically advanced companies in the world, kept under strict maintenance by small armies of people through their entire lifespan and piloted by people who have thousands of hours of training before theyre even allowed to get inside a real one

meanwhile cars are made by any random ass company these days, maintenance consists of taking it to pep boys and changing the air filter for 20 dollars and are driven by people whose training consists entirely of taking a vehicle that practically drives itself around a corner and parking it

If the girl from Dr. Stone would look like this, now that would be awesome

>trump gets all the poor people to vote for him
>i am ur friend lol im gonna lower tax and get ur jobs back wew
>gets elected
>does literally none of that
>wants to lower tax for rich people

Now you know how the world works.

It's not a question of knowledge, it's a question of having access to their proprietary computer systems and proprietary repair equipment.

You know Boeing has the same technology but instead of Airbus' complicated, human unfriendly design the position of the throttle maps exactly to some percentage of commanded power?

The 777 doesn't have an actual hydraulic system connected to the yoke. It's all fly by wire. But they simulate the sensation of hydraulics because they know that it is best for pilots to have as much feedback as possible and to trust that they know how to fly the fucking plane.

Any shop can repair Teslas, the wiring diagrams, service procedures, and scan tool software are available from Tesla, that's how body shops are able to repair them. No independents exist because Tesla loses money on service. Unless your business model is to lose more money than Tesla you aren't going to be able to open up a competing shop.

>it's a question of having access to their proprietary computer systems and proprietary repair equipment.
It that way it is knowledge. Tesla controls access to their intellectual property. Thus independent shops will not be competing against the Tesla "franchise" repair and body shops. Elon Musk and his management team understood how to evade franchise laws to create franchises without being regulated by certain franchise tax and income laws.

What are you retards even talking about? The way you are describing things is how Mercedes and BMW are doing it, not Tesla. You can replace every module on a Tesla, run the firmware, and it will program itself to the car. Even a customer could do it if they wanted to. Source: I work in a Tesla approved, independent body shop.

>t. not a car guy
you didn't even have to include that. it was pretty obvious that you're a clueless retard much earlier into your post.

You're a fucking niggerfaggot. Read the goddamn post before making retarded posts.

Why is it you dumbfucks have to make everything political?

Fucking Snowflake.

>I've run out of counter arguments, the post

>>they want a refund
>top wew
Yeah how entitled of them to demand a refund on their faulty purchase. Fuck the consumer amirite.

>However that night after going through the event, we cried... we could have lost so much

i have a shitty truck that has done way sketchier shit than a door open. even now i have to tell passengers where not to put their feet because the floorboard is rusted away. you are wearing a seatbelt anyways, who cares

she be trippin

>a woman overreacts about something, posts a blog about it and sells her story to state and national news outlets for attention sympathy and financial compensation
>oh and her cuck husband also cried probably

what the fuck is reddit and who cares about tesla

I work at airbus maintenance in france.
literraly laughing at your post rn.

>lose more money than Tesla
Many american corporations chronically run in the red as a way to avoid paying taxes. They make "profit" just fine because profit is re-worded as a business expense to be paid to investors or senior employees as bonuses.

>business expense to be paid to investors or senior employees as bonuses.
You realize paying stockholders comes from profits, right? Of course you don't know that. You don't have any financial knowhow whatsoever and are just spouting bullshit on the internet.

>nanoscopic tolerances
lol maybe—and that is a heavily emphasized maybe —the turbojet vanes but holy shit you are a naive fuck

You people do know that insurance companies are considering making Teslas uninsurable, right?

Cool man. What does that have to do with independent repair shops? Indy shops can exist because servicing most cars is profitable. Servicing Teslas is not profitable, the company is willing to take a loss or break even on most repairs to keep customer satisfaction high, plus it's extremely cheap for Tesla to fix their own cars vs. franchise model since they own the shops, pay the techs, etc., there isn't a mess of warranty clerks, parts distribution, etc. That's why there is no independent Tesla shop (yet at least), has nothing to do with Tesla making the cars impossible to repair. Time will tell now that the first Model Ss are falling out of warranty.

I would like to know more. Shame you're full of shit, though.

I'm surprised people don't know what the lemon law is. You're legally entitled to a full refund.

>You're legally entitled to a full refund.
For what, if you say your door opened on the freeway? Every state has different lemon laws. Some states say if your car has to be repaired 3 times in 1 year for the same issue, some states say if a repair takes more than 7 days, some states are the same repair within 30 days, there are all sorts of stipulations. "my door opened by itself" (which is unconfirmed and most likely not what actually happened) does not qualify for any lemon law anywhere.

[citation needed.]

>I work in a Tesla approved, independent body shop

>full of shit
lol. Okay, know nothing retard.

Just this last week, AAA raised prices on Teska owners 30%. You think that shit just comes out of nowhere? That other companies don't know about or aren't thinking the same thing about Tesla?

lol. Fucking blind retard.

The question comes down to a lot of factors. Particularly when Tesla is already marketing their "autopilot" mode. These dumb autistic advertising and marketing teams literally used the word autopilot. This has already caused fatalities.

You can hem and haw al you want but it has to do with liability and who's responsible in the event of a collision. This is why Tesla is forming an insurance division because they know they're about to be forced to include it in the price of a vehicle. They know it's coming. Don't believe me? Look that up.

I'm sure you're one of those retards that reads articles with headlines like, "Tesla is going to disrupt the insurance industry and lead to 40% less premium across the board," and think A.) that's a good thing and B.) insurance companies are just going to let that happen without doing something to fuck with them.

Lol. Fucking retard. Would you like to know more?

t. Insurance fag

>Tbqh if my wife fucked some black dude, yeah I'd be pretty mad.

>Divorce mad? No. That's some arrogant shit.

nigger we voted for him in favor of lower taxes you dipshit.

>Veeky Forums, the apex of shitbox drivers
>i bet you guys would be freaking out if your door opened up on the freeway!
Motherfucker half of these faggots probably dont even have doors
My first car didnt even have working brake lights
You learn to deal with it

>Just this last week, AAA raised prices on Teska owners 30%
That doesn't mean they're going to make Tesla uninsurable, though. It just means they raised the premiums by 30%. Insurance is a fucking joke anyway. Your people keep their algorithms and logarithms behind lock-and-key yet get mad when people accuse you of being scam artists because they can't figure out why your simple random-number-generators give massive and retarded figures.
The key difference being their car cost $100k+ and is basically brand fucking new. God you are a special case of stupid.

Or you fix it. You're a pathetic human being if you can't even get your brake lights to work

>full blown tism tantrum

reddit spacing




Yeah, you really sound like an expert, I'll definitely take that post seriously.