What kind of car is this? And why can't I start it?

What kind of car is this? And why can't I start it?

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I always knew you were a faggot

Memeing aside, why on EARTH would you buy an automatic lancer?

You have a Honda key and a Mitsubishi car?


Yes he does. I'm sure his dad's Honda is automatic too.

well, i liked the twin clutch when i drove it. and i only wanted an auto at the time. same engine and transmission as the X MR so i thought it was all good.

>auto shift lever
>styled to look like manual

what kind of infernal cuckoldry is this

if you like the car, do yourself a favor and trade it in for a manual one. it performs and feels wayyy better.

i was thinking of selling it at getting an evo 5. but decided against it since this lancer was really nice to cruise around with. i'll probably get a 5 or 6 next year. can't get enough of those ridiculous fog lights

You don't buy an evo for cruising

because you have to put your foot on the brake to start it i presume.

Look inside the 2016 Toyota 86.

>the sequential is forward to upshift and backward to downshift
why the fuck do car companies insist on this, my father's VW does this as well.

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anyone have a better idea?

So it's easy to remember, push "shifter" up/forward to go up a gear, push down/back to go back a gear.

These autos aren't made for guys that can or want a manual. They are for dipshits that want to think they can into manuals.

What's pissing me off more is that dust boot around the shifter to look more like it's a manual.

at least it's not a CVT

>those love handles

>honda key

>automatic lancer


Or is it? And that pseudo stick shift mode is all placebo for boy racers to fast and furious style shift up every 4 seconds.

There is no manual Ralliart. He'd have to buy an X GSR if he wanted manual. It makes no sense as to why they'd use the more expensive DCT used in the MR instead of the bombproof 5spd from the GSR, but it's how they went about it.

Neither uses a CVT automatic.


you gotta start it from the outside