2JZ or RB26?

2JZ or RB26?

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RB26 doesn't weigh as much a boat anchor, sounds better, and there is no reason to have more than 800 HP.

stop bullying the rb26

This is like comparing a modular to a LS1

2JZ all the way they are not in the same league.

>and there is no reason to have more than 800 HP.

>implying this is American logic and not Yuropoor logic

You can get 650 or 707 HP in America for 60k m8.

this, obviously the modular is better



2JZ obviously.

Why the FUCK don't they put these in the US Mustang? Would make the stigma of the 6cyl mustang disappear overnight.

LS1, and it's not even close


probably doesn't fit.

Its a huge motor user.

4 u


why not an LS6?

How many 5 second 1/4 mile ls driven cars are there?

Gallo12 or Gallo24?


Not going to go into details, but the RB has some issues where the 2JZ doesn't. However, some of those problems were alleviated with later model RB's.

They are both great engines. Smokey loves both so I'll take his word.

If Nagata told me to kill myself, I would.

the v8

no it wouldn't
lol he bought an i6 mustang

Known as the RB40 in some circles

Because it's not fair on the v8 for the 6 to make more power. The Aussies deliberately gimped the typhoon so that it would have 1 less kw than a xr8

Gallo 24

Because it would be faster than the V8


RB26 has a weak oil pump from the factory. The eccentric pump drive mechanism is super weak too. Even with the wider pump drive on late RB26 they can wear or bind up. RB26 also has oil starvation issues. No VVTi variant for better response but HKS VCAM is available to do the same thing.

Stock displacement is only okay around 450 crank horsepower. Any more and it needs more displacement.

Both have fragile stock turbos in the Japan variants. Ceramic turbos are shit. The RB26 has issues with the intake plenum not evenly distributing air and the merge between the two turbos on the inlet causes huge turbulence and turbo shuffle if you have bigger turbos.

Oil starvation is another issue on the RB26. It's terrible in this regard. Oil gets trapped in the head at high RPM and in high g cornering the stock baffles are insufficient to prevent oil sloshing away from the pickup. Serious track setups go to a dry sump system.

If you can work past these issues you can build an RB26 that revs higher than a 2JZ with comparable or better response and comparable reliability. But generally speaking building a 2JZ is easier and after about 500-600 horsepower the RB26 gets much more expensive to build.

Something that isn't a pigfat iron boat anchor with the packaging of a small yacht.

It fits though, especially when you design a chassis for one car (Mustang) from the ground up.

>Because it would be faster than the V8
So slap a turbo on the V8. This isn't rocket science.


Pig fat and overrated

Modular > LS
Post an LS-powered car faster than Protip: you literally can't


RB26 is the most fragile engine I've ever and was the biggest reason I sold my skyline (that and they get stolen almost every night in my city)

They also sound like whiny garbage

The ITBs are nice tho

You can get up to 800 hp in America for less than 15k if you know how to build your own engine.

I bought a used LS3, stripped it, cleaned it, replaced some internals and added a single turbo kit and I'm pushing 800 to the wheels.
Stuck it in a '98 trans am chassis.

Getting it re dyno'd next weekend so I'll have a new dyno sheet.

Building your own is much better, because otherwise shops like the one I work at will spend 10-20k building your engine and we'll resell it to the customer for anywhere between 30-60k.