Buy manual car

>buy manual car
>pay for it and the guy brings it
>practice in my yard stopping and going and startibg on hills
>stalls a lot and car can be pretty jerky starting out
>almost always roll back pr squeal tires on hill start
>parents tell me cops will write you a ticket for making your tires squeal
>thats the only way i was able to get up the hill because im an idiot
fuck it dude im feeling like an idiot, ive drove it before i bought it on the road but im not good enough for hills or traffic

is this normal or just a sign im a tard

Just keep practicing, that's the only way to get better.

you could always engage the parking brake on hills, bring the revs up and JUST have the clutch start to engage then release the parking brake.

otherwise git gud

pic unrelated

Why do so many people have trouble starting uphill with a manual? Its fucking easy as pie. Like half a foot rollback at most

Hold it at a constant RPM until your clutch is completely engaged. More RPMs for more torque on a steeper incline. If you start to stall, panic, and let the clutch out completely you'll squeal

Hill starting isn't bad. Hill starting when a soccer mom parks in your boot is fucking annoying.

If you're squealing your tires you're giving it too much gas

If you're jerking starting out youre releasing the clutch too fast

No its not.

How bad are people learning stick that they roll back more than a foot?

Its normal.
I used to be you
Then I wasnt

Give it time bud, time and alot of practice.

Learn the clutch more. It's not an on-off switch, you can slip it a fair bit before it starts to smell.

Use the handbrake on hills, anyone who says you shouldn't do this is a moron.

Try to find a ramp or hill that's off the streets and play with feathering the clutch there. Loading docks are good, especially in something like an abandoned mall.

Hold the motor at 3000rpm and count to five as you slowly let out your clutch, you should be at the top of the clutch pedal stroke as soon as you reach 5.

The trick to learning/perfecting anything is to never repeat something if it didn't work the first time. It sounds stupid and obvious, but I always see people trying to learn something not actually thinking about it, and they just do the same shit over and over and can't figure out why it's not working.
Isolate the factors at play in your mind. In this case, it's
- amount of throttle
- amount of clutch pressure
Use scientific method. Keep variable A the same, and adjust variable B until you find something that works. Then once you've got B down, you can try adjusting A to fine-tune it. Or just do random combinations. But if it's not working, change something. Give one pedal more or less, and if it works worse than before, go the opposite direction.

I used this mentality when I was taking a welding class and I figured shit out twice as fast as everybody else. The variables in that case were travel speed and distance from material, since it was stick welding. You can use this method for anything.

I doubt a cop will give you a ticket for that mistake unless you try to haul ass away, if they do stop you just explain that you're new to manual driving.

I've been driving stick for a year and my wheels still chirp when I take off. I think the guy who had the car before me welded the rear or fucked something up, because that doesn't happen in other manual cars I've driven this year

Why is Veeky Forums so damn allergic to handbrakes?

If you can't hill start without it, you're a fucking embarrassment on car culture. That's what.

I started 3 days ago, and I'm starting to finally get smoother and not stall consistently. My problem was thinking that letting the clutch outquicker == starting faster, but I'm finally getting gud at those last 4 inches or so of clutch.

Not relevant, just wanted to share :)

What if my car has hill assist?

Yeah but it's a valid option when your only other choice is not being able to move your vehicle without damaging your own and/or somebody elses property.

Nigger gotta start somewhere.

I honestly can't hill start WITH it. I taught myself manual so I just suffered through shitty hill starts until it became natural.

>>buy manual car

>car culture
I think we both know whose the real embarrassment here.

Why do people who have no idea how to drive manual try to brag or shit talk others?

If you roll back at all, even one inch, you've fucked up and you need to trade in for an autotragic. You're supposed to apply the fucking handbrake for a hill start. Rolling back is dangerous and amateurish.

>amerilards are so stupid they can't drive a manual car

its not about how hard you hit the gas, its how you let off the clutch. it sounds like youre letting off the clutch too fast. i was taught to get the fuck off the clutch really quickly until i learned i didnt have a racing clutch.

one thing to get the meme shivers out of you is, the only thing that gassing it while leaving the clutch all the way pressed, is use up the gas

What if I just hold on the brakes and heel the throttle before letting the clutch off slowly?

My handbrake can't even hold on a 10degree incline once the rear pads cool down.

>have car parked on hill
>hand brake is there holding it
>start car while hand break is engaged
>1 foot on brake 1 foot on clutch while you disengage hand brake
>switch quickly from brake to giving some gas with some give on the clutch
> done
I don't understand the problem

>sitting on hill
>foot on brake pedal, clutch fully depressed, transmission in 1st or reverse
>let clutch out till it goes a little past biting point, rpms should drop but don't let out too far or it will stall
>remove foot from brake, car shouldn't roll because partially engaged clutch is holding car on hill
>apply throttle and fully release clutch slowly

>My handbrake can't even hold on a 10degree incline once the rear pads cool down.
You desperately need it fixed then.

Make sure you bleed the clutch.
A clutch line with air in it will make learning on a manual much harder.

Alright mayne

I'll tell you what my instructor taught me about the clutch.

>The biting point of the clutch goes up and down the thickness of a chunky coin, you need to learn precise control over exactly how much you need to depress and release depending on your start.

Here's a trick to learning exactly where this point is before you start tackling hill starts.
>Hop on a flat road, handbrake on.
>With no acceleration/gas, extremely slowly let up the clutch, but don't let it stall.
>Feel the point where the car 'wants' to go forward, it'll lean against the handbrake. Notice the revs of the car will start to drop, but not stall
>This is the point where the coin thing comes in
>Depress the clutch the thickness of a coin
>The car will 'relax' and the revs will go up again
>Now try releasing it again, but this time add 1.5k revs to it (Just listen to the sound of the engine, you don't need to pedantically look at the tacho)
Next, for proper clutch control
>Find an empty cul-de-sac or parking lot with a lot of room.
>Work on very slowly doing a U-turn, the slowest your car can possibly go, the point where it would stall immediately if you released the clutch, you wanna be going less than walking speed.
>Play around with your acceleration while keeping the clutch down and maintaining the less than walking speed, you can maintain extremely slow speeds even if you're revving it 3-4k rpm.
>You'll also be interested to know that you can make the car move forward without using gas at all and not stall, with very delicate clutch control (not very practical cus it's slow)

Finally, hill starts.
>Park on a hill, handbrake on
>do the coin trick w/out gas first to feel the engine
>then let the car 'lean' forward again, but add a little gas to counter the rev drop and keep the engine sounding 'happy'.
>With the gas, release the handbrake, add more acceleration if necessary, don't panic about the clutch. Worst case you do the coin trick and lower it.

>If you roll back at all, even one inch
Nobody will ever be one inch from your rear bumper you turbofaggot. I can hill-start without the handbrake and only rock back slightly, I mean like 2 inches. I've had somebody watch me do it to give an outside perspective. Even if someone is straight up your fucking ass, they're usually 12 inches away or more. My "roll back" is not even noticeable from inside the car. Most cars have more horizontal suspension travel than the distance I roll back on a hill start.

If your car has hill assist why aren't you using it?

Also you should learn to hill start regardless.

Autotragics being controlled by stacy's on their phones tend to get a little close.

It's acceptable to handbrake if someone is stupidly close.

Yes but "stupidly close" is still farther away than I'll roll. Git gud.

>I must make things harder for no real reason other than the fear that some Veeky Forumstist will make fun of me

>t. Guy who only has one hill in his city

>I can hill-start without the handbrake and only rock back slightly

Then you can't hill start.

My dad taught me trick when i was learning.

> Find a nice empty parking lot or something to practice in (obv)
>put in first
>let clutch out slowly (no gas) until you feel the car shudder
>right when it does, push it back in
>repear until youve really gotten a feel for when it engages

>next, do the same thing, and slowly let the clutch out (again with no gas) after finding the engagement point, and let it get going on its own. This allows you to get a really good feel for it

>Pro-Tip: when youre learning, you will swear to whatever higher entity you believe in that youre letting the clutch out slowly. You arent. Dont worry so much about burning the clutch while youre learning, because usually the RPMs are low enough to where youd have to SIT there with the clutch halfway in on purpose to really do any damage.

Anyways, just keep practicing. Eventually itll become natural to you

Anyone who claims to have never rolled back more than 6 inches must not have very steep hills

Forgot to mention something:

For hill starting, ive found a really good technique that allows you to not roll back almost at all and wont make you look like a pussy by using the handbrake:

>on a hill in your volkswagen jetta
>vr6 or something because your parents trust you
>a ferarri pulls up right behind you
>(hes rich so of course he gets within inches of your bumper)
>youre panicking
>the eyes of the world are upon you. If you fuck up, youre gonna hold up traffic, or even roll into this brand new ferarri
>put in first
>your left foot will be in on the clutch
>your right foot will be on the brake
>without moving your right foot, slowly let the clutch start to come up
>when the clutch pedal gets in line with your brake pedal (or when it begins to engage, whichever comes first) swiftly (BUT SMOOTHLY) move your right foot to the gas
>from there, its like starting out on flat ground
>but since youre on a hill, dont be afraid to give it some gas
>finish letting the clutch out and away you go

Keep in mind, all of this is happening over the course of like 2 seconds, but you get the idea

I drive the smoothest of my friends

here's why:

>be on youtube
>watching "automatic vs. manual"
>"manual can never be as smooth as an automatic"
>naive teenager me takes this as a challenge
>strive for perfect shift, acceleration, and bump less shifting from 1st to 3rd

>school lets out
>hop in the whip and go for a 20-30 min drive
>make sure there's lots of traffic lights so i can practice starting smooth
>do this for 2 weeks
>do this for 4 weeks
>do this for 6 weeks
>learn heel-toe
>learn double-clutching
>i am the alpha of my friends all cause i wanted to get better so i did

u prob hear this a lot user but practice makes better than not practice amirite

This. Git gud and you can make a T-56 operate with a single plate clutch and single mass flywheel operate more smoothly than a GM automagic.

>I'm dangerously incompetent therefore everyone else is too
DKs aren't so funny when they're on the road and not muh vidya

Leave foot on the brake
Lift clutch until you feel the engage point
Move foot from brake to gas
Go forward


>and only rock back slightly, I mean like 2 inches. I've had somebody watch me do it to give an outside perspective.

brudda you get to a point where 'driving an manual' doesn't actually mean anything and its just another type of transmission

also I can hill start without moving the car backwards even a millimeter in a sub 1900 pound car too