ASX General: Blue Balls Edition

ASX General: Blue Balls Edition

Monday 16th January

Top % rises
AFY (2.65)
CNI (1.15)
KGN (1.63)

Top % falls
USG (2.21)
CII (1.67)
SMN (1.63)

Veeky Forums favourites
HSO (2.37)
GXY (0.645)
RMX (0.035)

Topics of discussion:
- Oh God, what have I done?
- Why isn't the fucking thing going up like it's god damn supposed to?

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>Topics of discussion:
that was really reddit


>Veeky Forums favourites

Nope, that's just one shill attempting to pump it a bit. No one has bought into that meme.

Let's talk AVQ. Im interested in it's obscene SP fluctuations since March 16. What happened?
>pic related

RMX hasn't done anything exciting since first announced here. Still no word on actual drilling. Still no word on test results.

Only new information is that they are widening the search area for the test drilling, which I wouldn't think they would do if it was good news on the initial drill.

hope people bought during the gxy dip today

I'm still waiting for KAI to announce their latest drilling results.

There are a million and 1 micro-caps "waiting on drill results" at the moment.

Some guy on HC pulled this from an announcement:

"Initial assay results from the drilling are expected to start flowing in the second half of January 2017"

Looks like your wait should be over soon.

A2M, my old fav killing it after the competition trips and falls.

WHC stalling at the 3$ line will it ever get back on track? or is this the start of the down turn.

GXY moving to 1$?
>my commbank app graph says gxy has only ever hit 70cents while my stocks app says it went over 2 dollars a few years ago.

will decent drill results come through for the lithium underdogs RMX and LRS? mean while the quiet sleeper PLS avoids hype and stays strong.

who here happy they didn't invest in wrangle?

Hold LRS, have another 75,000 buy order sitting there at 1.2
It looks poised for a pump when some decent drill results come in. Not that it means anything or that the company can turn that into earnings. Im just riding the inevitable hype money that floods in from HC shills.

Thoughts on GGG spike?

ASX requested they explain the massive price movement but they couldn't explain it.

Im one of the guys shilling RMX.

I am very confident that we will see exceptional results once test drilling is completed. You really need to sit tight, these types of spec stocks tend to make an ann then boom when you least suspect it.

Ill probably be on for the next few hours, feel free to ask me anything.

Uranium speculation maybe?

Wiki says:
> ... and development of its license area over the northern ilimaussaq intrusive complex in Greenland.

>The complex includes Kvanefjeld, a uranium deposit and a large reserve of rare earth elements, zirconium, niobium and beryllium.

>Only new information is that they are widening the search area for the test drilling, which I wouldn't think they would do if it was good news on the initial drill.

Also I dont know where that came from, but its completely untrue

Why are you shilling it so hard, what gives you confidence in the drilling results?

who 88E

What do you think of FMG? I made 110% as it went from $2.90 to $6. I bought back in recently at $6.30. During the iron ore crash they heavily reduced production costs. For some reason the media always screams they're doomed which led to everyone being surprised when they made a large amount of money last quarter on $60usd IO prices. This led to the rapid surge to $6 then the media went back to saying it won't last next quarter and they're doomed again.

The last 3 months IO prices have been $70-$90 USD, if they were previously making loads of money on 40-60 IO prices they should announce a huge profit in feb shouldn't they?

No one. Anyone with a brain left it when they doubled their money on the original pump. What's happening now?

Why is the iron ore market hot again?

Cheap coal, Trump speculation on infrastructure and bringing back steel jobs, also I believe reduced production or export from China

If this is anything to go off BHP is refurbished alot of large engines and mining gear atm with westrac could be could be something on the table with bhp?

I gave up on BHP management seem like idiots, I initially bought FMG as a sort of hedge against BHP as they were cheap at the time, I figured either they would rebound or BHP would buy them out and make money on their assets.

When IO bottomed around $40 started to climb BHP management endlessly went spouting bearish IO memes to the media, even as it climbed to $50, $60 they were always "projecting" $30 IO. Then their dam in brazil broke. I have no idea what their plan is besides crashing their share price with no survivors.

The share price of BHP has gone from ~$15 to $26+ since the aftermath of the Brazil incident. It was the perfect time to buy. I can't see it going down for any reason and it's been doing nothing but going up since.

In 2014 BHP was $38 and FMG around $6.
FMG has managed to rebound beyond where it was when IO crashed while BHP only partially recovered despite having the same unexpectedly high IO pricing as FMG.

If they had any idea what they were doing they would have bought out FMG at $1.50. They also sold off S32 and doubled down on failed oil projects.

Clayton valley had 1-3 ppm lithium. Our JV partner has found 0.5 - 2.4 ppm lithium in the water at red valley.

Serious business time: Reece or Dulux?


+ Distribution channels and trade relationships second to none in Oz
+ Good stewardship of the equity base: less than 100m shares on issue
- Parallel imports through Amazonxpress could impact future market share


+ Actually make the products they sell: control over quality, barriers to entry (both in terms of capex reqs and industrial expertise)
- Flat growth in the core ANZ business
- Bunnings can always throw it off its shelves if Dulux doesn't want to renegotiate contracts

FBR and NTI lads. Opinions?


Because it's SP increase is based purely on hype and speculation, like all penny stocks. Dont be surprised if it slowly retraces down to 1.3c

Sorry but you fell for a Veeky Forums meme stock

Going to plunge further. They filed a 3B and issued a shitload more common stock at 0.015 par value a few days ago. Looking at their company, they don't have shit lined up either. Avoid like plague.

How much was the dilution?

125,000 at this point. The last few months' dilution is sad. Their write up on the Utah project isn't encouraging. They cite USBLM as to mining rights, but the amount of capital they represent is needed is way higher than it should be. Sorry, rambling.

There are better options out there. GXY is one that actually is decent imho.

Give me the rundown like I'm a simpleton. What are the most stable stocks to invest in for the long-term? Where are the high risk stocks? What abbreviations are essential to know prior investing?

If youre looking to make significant money, buy RMX

Know much about BGS? They look like they're in a similar position to what GXY where in 6 months ago. Big pump to 50c before a steady slide down into the 30c range.
What project are they hanging their hat on? What are the delays?

Proof? They had 2M cash on hand last time I checked so why do they need to raise more $$?

Their project is not in Utah, they're in Nevada

I can't help but feel like you're just shilling for GXY desu, no need though they look pretty good and I think most people would agree

Ok I found a bit myself. They're a good 2 years away from pulling anything out of the ground. However their projects are in Mali and I'm skeptical of any small resource projects getting off the ground or even being able to ship out of there.

There's a big difference between Mali and WA.

A2M, NUH, RAP and ALC would be my recommendations personally - if you can bear more risk then look into Lithium stocks, plenty have been mentioned in this thread but of course the bigger the firm the less risk but less profit and smaller the firm more risk more profit, but the foreseeable future should be good for Lithium.

Abbreviations aren't necessary to know just do your research

That chart for dulux looks like a wild ride.

Recce would be a pretty good play, but don't expect a product from them this decade.

Cheers m8, I'm hardly about to drop money without some research first. But if this election has taught me anything, anonymous shitposters on the chans know more and care more than the MSM can predict what it's supposed to be good at.

I'm starting to get a little tired of these speculative micro-cap exploration companies that are constantly shilled and hyped up based solely on "possible drilling results".

Fuck they're a dime a dozen.

I'd definitely recommend staying away from what the media and sites like The Motley Fool promote, same as for following investors like Soros or Buffet.

Announcement made about what they're doing publicly > people buy in > price goes up > they sell

I don't disagree with you user, I'm just skeptical about the claims that were being made ITT

>A2M, NUH, RAP and ALC
none of these are stable long-term stocks

pls elaborate why though

Beware the dreaded 'CR'
It bit me a few times when I very first started trading. Look at the chart, never buy a new high. Look at movement in the chart then go back and look at the announcements surrounding those moves to give yourself a better picture of what's going on.
Never, EVER take up a position based purely on a recommendation here. Always do your own research. Do not believe a single thing on hot copper. It's all unsubstantiated Hype or FUD and 100% bullshit.
Don't even bother investing if you're worried about losing money.

BHP management do seem to make strange decisions. They seem to acquire assets when the market is strong, then spin them off when their value is at its lowest (S32, Newcrest etc).

What do you guys think about RIO? I've been a holder for around 2 years, bought them over BHP due to having a reinvestment plan.

They're all relatively new small cap stocks. They're naturally volatile in nature.

Look for banks/large miners/retailers/property companies with multi-billion dollar market caps if you want stability.

lost $6k listening to hotcopper shills

A2M yes it is mate ha

It's still a growth stock.

Can you (or anyone else) please list a few.
I follow these threads fairly often and only recall RMX, GXY and KAI.
Are there more that I'm missing?
Cheers bud

Just a friendly reminder that RMX will be starting drilling very soon and should see a decent re-rate following this announcement.

what makes you so sure that the drilling will start soon? It's winter in the U.S. and in Nevada very cold

Not hating on RMX like the other guy who was just making baseless claims about issuing more stock to raise funds but it seems from my research it could be tomorrow and could be 6 months from now

Anyone know much about BEAR or BBOZ? They look to be thinly traded but might be good if I think the market will drop a big running up to Trump's inauguration.

How many RMX shares does everyone own?

Stable stocks are pretty obvious, just think of any big name corporations, ie Telstra, Wesfarmers, BHP, the big 4 banks etc.

They may fluctuate but if they ever terminally drop, chances are the whole market is going with it.

Why the fuck you shilling this so hard m8?

Its a good stock with lots of potential.
why dont you own any?

You're just gambling on the outcome of a drill assay

> Buying a piece of shit which has a going concern note.
> Buying a piece of shit which has a going concern note which some dickhead at BDO fucked up.
> Buying a piece of shit with a going concern note and fucked up accounting practices.

Fuck me.



Because it's not a good stock.

Potential is debatable.

They recently got completely new management and changed the structure of ownership in terms of how many shares were outstanding

All you guys hating on RMX don't seem to have any good reasons as to why and all you guys shilling RMX haven't answered my actual factual and genuine query can we PLEASE move on to the Australian economy and OTHER shares? the old thread was much more diverse in terms of discussion, maybe I should just stop coming here

Hot tip from a friend who works at BHP - theyre very worried about the resources sector & expecting full blown recession....get hype!

>- theyre very worried about the resources sector & expecting full blown recession

Either Trump saves the world or we have Global Financial Crisis II: Electric Boogaloo

thats the kind of chart that gets delisted here in the states

HSN BAP GTK don't bother with mining stocks commodities are too volatile

Im going to stop posting about RMX for a while, It seems to be getting a lot of unjustified hate. I hope most of you atleast bought some shares, for those of you who havent, there is still time, otherwise you WILL miss out.

One of the first things you discover during your investing career is that the ASX has hundreds of crumb minerals explorers with barely two cents to rub together, run by managers who are largely in the job to fund their lifestyles instead of build a meaningful business. I often joke that the best tenement 99pc of them will ever have is their shareholders' wallets.

You're full of a special kind of shilling shit.

1) Additional share dilution, as well as documentation of massive prior dilution.


2) Utah: "Red Mountain Mining Ltd (ASX:RMX) has entered into an exploration and earn-in agreement in respect of the Red Valley Project, a lithium brine project located in Utah, U.S."


ahh i dont know who to believe. gxy still seems like its gonna go higher

GXY will have better chance of going higher than RMX.

GXY is actually producing and shipping for $$$.

RMX is some assclown in a desert begging for money.

>gxy still seems like its gonna go higher

Ask yourself sincerely. is that view based upon understanding the underlaying business, and believing they will turn a greater profit in future. Or is it based on the view that the price chart is on an incline and hoping it will continue.

Small caps are speculative stocks. It seems like a lot of guys here are advocating for stocks which are not currently profitable businesses, but may be if they happen to strike a good mineral deposit.

That is closer to gambling than investment in my opinion.

>states he'll be here for hours
>immediately ignores first quesiton

Wtf I love RMX now

RMX announcement, not much said. "Progress is happening"

You know nothing about GXY do you.

RMX prepping shuttle for launch

should I get onto RMX?

fucken BLT, sold that dog off for a $2K loss, now it's finally gaining traction on the Nasdaq.

Could possibly drop some more before they begin drilling. They put out an announcement this morning, have a look and see what you think

Yeah to be honest I'm not that keen.

if anyone needs stock wire me some cash and ill buy for you

And why the fuck not? Don't like being rich?
Stay a fucking pleb then

Whats $500 to throw down the drain? Its not like putting $500 on the pan lickers and 20 minutes later you have zero. Get cold feet and cash out with little loss if any

If it was a legit thing someone could make good money doing this, like how there are services in the UK & US that give you a 'local' address and credit card number that allow you to buy local product and forward to yourselves without the rectal gouging that companies love giving to aussies

seriously why not? ive got an aussie trading account. im sure my fees would be cheaper than any other buisiness. id set up an automation. it would transfer the money into my trading account, auto buy the stock as filled out on an order form, buy it and also charge a fee. like $22.50 aud per transaction or something

A little thing called insurance m8.

Legality, exchange rate risk, liability etc

My watchlist and portfolio is largely red today. The market is looking a worry, wish I could take some profits and wait it out but I'm in the red in most stocks.

Calling out for the based user who gave a run down of the superannuation sector and how institutional funds seem to be pooling individual accounts to set up union led infrastructure projects (or something of the sort?) -- can we get some info on that / infographics (I know they were posted in that particular thread a month or two ago), and advice on superannuation?

Self managed funds are tits.

Very quiet today, almost no movement in my portfolio. It feels like the calm before the storm, like Brexit.
Thinking i should sell all my positions now, take my profits and see if the market dumps 10% like it did during Brexit and Trumps win then buy the dip.

Everything rebounded fine a couple weeks late once the hysteria died down.

just have a waiver

what makes it illegal? its acting as a fowarder really, regarding risks you just set minimums and have a no liabilities waiver

i doubt it, theres no reason for gxy to move though. the hype happened not theyre gonna chill for a bit

I'm not talking just GXY. I have about 7 stocks and they all went red last time purely because the markets overreact. I'm thinking this is an easy way to make 10%+ in a week

But why?

well you could try selling and buy back after the drop. just do it and if it doesnt drop accept your loss and rebuy

I'll go through the charts in detail and see exactly what each one did on the 23rd of June and 8th of Nov.

thats quite some time to be holding. i only did that with gxy be cause it was basically guaranteed to rise, everything else i hold a month or two tops, penny stocks for days.