I'm really tempted to get one. Talk me out of it (or into it)

I'm really tempted to get one. Talk me out of it (or into it).

Do it faggot. Get the coupe.

Yeah do it, except get the sedan because 4 doors = more whores

>shitty modern car design
>25k for an econobox
a civic for 3k would be much better.

it's a bastard car
as big as an accord, with a turbo engine in place of a long standing tradition of high revving motors

>They're fucking everywhere
>4 cylinder ecuckobox


>no vtec
seriously why not just a GTI or FoST or WRXvapemachine at this point?

I've considered the GTI. If I want a manual, I'll have to order it because they don't keep them in stock here.

I don't like the cabin of the FoST.

Maybe if they brought back the hatch.

Go for it. When they reworked this generation they said, fuck trying to be like a smaller Accord, the Civic should be small, light, and fun. That's what they made it, handles nimbley, decent pep, fun to drive.

Noooooo get the hatch!!!! It's soo sexy

Six hundred and ninety five US dollars.

ugly shit

Just got the hatchback sport touring and I have to say, it is one of the best cars I've driven in my short lifespan. Well worth it, especially with the 0.9 APR I nabbed

that doesn't cover the suspension tweaks though :^)

>30 profile tires
Have fun trying to find a tire shop that can work on it

If you want a fuck-huge, fuck-ugly car that will be laughably outdated styling-wise in two years yet you'll be stuck with the auto loan for six...go ahead.

Please tell me you're kidding. That's the unholy abortion of the century in car styling. Truly an affront to all that is holy.

the front LSD on the SI alone is worth the price of the SI over the hatch sport model

Stop shilling such a piece of shit. The slowest of any sport hatch and Ford ecomeme.

only a fool buys a new car on finance

Only buy cars outright in cash

If all you can afford is a 20 year old shitbox then so be it

Always get full insurance

thank me in 10 years cunt

wtf is that, looks like old mazda?

You need to drive more cars

You're a fucking retard that doesn't understand finance.

>not getting the type r

well it is a depreciating thing, which is dumb to finance. a house yeah, but a car is not likely to go up in value unless its an exotic

Thank you, Dave Ramsey

>Always get full insurance

If you get full coverage on a shitbox you are an idiot. If you do get in a major accident with damage beyond what you can fix yourself with junkyard parts, its usually cheaper to just scrap it and save yourself from an increased insurance rate .

I'm not even remotely interested in the Type R