Why do I want this??

I find myself wanting a CTR so bad. It's funny because I've never been a Honda fan or a fan of hot hatches in general. I've also never owned a FWD vehicle. But for one reason or another, the CTR seems distinct and elevated amongst the likes of the STI and Focus RS. It really seems more like a purpose built machine instead of a grocery getter. It's styling is extremely overt, but it actually seems like it's earned the look, unlike some cars in its segment. I currently own a MK4 Supra and I was initially hoping to get the new model in 2018, but it seems that it will have to be pretty darn good to steer my off the CTR.

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Type Rs have always delivered

it's the fastest fwd car in production, and can be made even faster easily since it's a turbo car and it's already fairly light weight at 2900lbs

it'll also hold its value very well, being the first CTR to come to the states.

I plan on test driving one when it comes out, but I don't expect I'll be able to get one for under $40k due to mark ups

lots of rabid honda fans will want to get their hands on this thing

Yeah, the weight is a big selling point. the 2017 STI weighs 500 pounds more, with less power, and an extremely outdated engine.

This beast features turbo, vtec, and dashes the bulky, extraneous awd. Check, check, check.

On a side note, I have always liked the teggy type R, but I need a turbo- and wouldn't want to molest a beautiful collectable like that.

I have a job where I'm required to look like a professional and an adult. I couldn't show up to someone's office in that thing. I really wish they would have toned it down.

>look like a professional and an adult
yes, look like one only because no self respecting adult is waiting for ogthers to validate his choices

Do you ever see people lining up to have picture related to represent them in court? How many construction consultation jobs do you think he misses out on because of his presentation? I don't need someone to validate my choices but i do still need to pay the bills.

I pre ordered a white one, very excited!

>a suit is a car

congrats on the autism

sorry about your shitjob as a printer repairman or w/e

I'm a printer artist.

2900lbs is considered light weight?

>three exhaust tips with a smaller one in the centre
>wannabe Lamborghini fake plastic vents
>two fucking spoilers

It's so fucking over styled and gaudy, it's a 12 year old's wet dream. Gone are the days of sleek, understated hot hatches that surprise you with their performance. It's cool that it's actually performs amazing, but holy shit it's fucking ugly

>Why do I want this??
Because it's an outrageous boyracer chariot like the WRX STi and Focus RS. That being said it's lost its character in its quest to be the quickest FWD car around the Retard Ring and only revs to 7k now.

Also hang onto your A80 Supra; don't bother trading "up" for the new one because it's going to be a completely different car wearing the Supra nameplate as opposed to an improvement on its predecessor.

>wants a civic R
>not the superior ctr

It's cool and all but you could import the EP3 type R for like 10k and have a smaller, better looking hatch that still puts down over 200hp from a 2.0 before even considering adding in a turbo to try and keep up with competition.

Not to mention the street cred of having a legitimately imported right hand drive type R. The weird shifter is also top tier and on par with Honda's best.

For a modern 4 door it's not bad. A WRX is 3200 and it's probably got 300lbs worth of AWD and extra valvetrain.

I miss small cars

all the complaining about the ctr reminds me of those old apple threads complaining about the ipod nano. the car is growing on me i admit

Cut off the stupid spoiler

All that matters is that the STI, R and RS will be faster.

DESU though, the CTR looks the best.

except they're not

honestly its ridiculously quick on tracks. Feels like it is awd not fwd.
Honda fucking space magic

Ain't that the previous CTR? Might not make a difference but still.


It goes 0-62 in 5.7 seconds.


It's the slowest out of the 4 by a huge margin.

>$223k USD
>vs $35k+ USD

nah it is genuinely ugly

that's actually a good question. they never mentioned it and I just assumed it was the prototype type r news sites have been showing off

>FiST is only 4 seconds behind the FoRS
Holy kek