It's like a Miata

>it's like a Miata
>but mid engine
Why the fuck isn't Veeky Forums all over this car

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Because it huffs catalytic converters, limited aftermarket, is slow as fuck, and relatively rare compared to miatas that are everywhere.

It's also dumb looking.

Because it looks more gay than the Miata, doesn't have the aftermarket, has to be 2zz swapped to make it worth anything, and Toyota fucked up by not making it a coupe like the previous two.

because Veeky Forums is full of poorfags who justify that they can't afford it using arguments like

Thats a pretty big supposition there buddy...

The newest one is like 11 years old.

I could write a check to just to prove you wrong and have a nice slow little shitbox for the summer.

Because all MR2's except the MKII are fucking ugly.

they look like shit

>Because it looks more gay than the Miata

i don't think there's a car on the planet that looks more gay than the na miata. it quite literally looks like a cock on wheels.


>thinks of cock when he sees a car.
>disparagingly calls inanimate objects "gay".

I'm not gay either bro, but if you want to rub dicks together until we both cum, we can have a nice little fistfight after, I'm down as long as you're not a fat or black.

snap overmeme

I love mine.

Ugly and expensive.

>not turning your car around and opening the actual engine bay

>opens hood
>opens secondary hood

Toyota literally only sold automatics for that gen in Australia.

As a result the two earlier gens are overpriced as fugg and rare.

my engine bay is open???????


Because Veeky Forums can't afford it.

Same reason they shit on FRS/BRZ/GT86


honestly sw20 is the prettiest.
But I haven't seen a single one that has its paint in at least mediocre condition.

MRS is pretty cheap tho


>buy smt spyder
>swap in 6speed celica with lsd
>sell it for

because the mk1 exists

Absurd meme tax here. It's cheaper to buy a used first gen Boxster S. That being said it'd be cool for a 2ZZ swap.

They are going up in price

For good reason too. If you've driven one you'll know literally every other car on the market short of a lotus elise/exige has shitty driving feel compared to it.

>pretending to own a fucking mr2

I looked at a couple when I was in the market for cars last year but there are so few clean examples around and those that are get jacked up in price. Also where I live the soft top would have gotten slashed within a week. Glad I decided on a Mk 1 TT.

Because they gave it the numale vegan cuck 1ZZFE engine instead of the Celica GTS 2ZZGE or even the supercharged 2ZZGE from the Lotus Elise. They could have at least offered these engines as an option. Also, the MK3 MR2 suffers from serious blob eye and looks about as intimidating as a baby tortoise

>Why doesn't the car look angry! It needs to reflect my soul!

As far as underpowered shitboxes go, it's faster than a miata, mid-engined and even more cute. What's not to love?

The 2ZZ -l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y- bolts right in.

I never said I didn't like it. But Toyota had better options on the table, at least as an option. That's why it failed and that's why Veeky Forums prefers the AW11 and the SW20

Great, so why didn't Toyota do this from the factory? Also, the C50 is geared too tall to effectively make use of the 2ZZ powerband so...

>Slightly lighter than a Miata
>Slightly more powerful (still weak)
Maybe you're onto something OP. Shame it looks like shit compared to older MR2s

Still looks better than homomobile tho

>is slow as fuck
that doesnt stop miatafags

Lotus made a contract with toyota.
They put 2zz's in their exiges. It certainly wouldn't do if toyota put the same powerplant in a cheaper MR car.

I run a Boxster and I agree with what the other guy was saying. Enjoy your girl car.

Snap oversteer meme

Nice MR2 bro

>>it's like a Miata

who would want this

>summerfags so stuck in bus they refuse to believe someone has the best MR2

1zz is just about enough. What, you planning to take the lightest and best handling car of a great handling car series to a drag race?
Besides 2zz is a bolt on mod. You can also honda engine swap it and start slaying porsches left and right on the tracks.

>wanting car to look intimidating
Are you gay?

mmm bugeye

>people claiming it's too expensive

hilarious, in my country they tend to be cheaper than miatas

Just looked on Hemmings for my area, $3600. Any poorfag who works a part time summer job can afford this.

that car was ridiculous, he spent a lot of money getting JDM parts.
And just dropped by after destroying the top tier class at a kart track the day before against a GTR.
Then he came to the big track, did a few laps and blew his 450hp engine with only 3k miles on it.

$3600 is expensive? Where do you live?

It was a real nice car, jdm parts and a brand new 450hp engine with 3k miles on it.
Came to the track a day after destroying top class race on a kart track vs a GTR and a 400hp gt4 celica.
Then blew his brand new engine on lap 5.
The brz behind him was really impressive too, the driver managed to compete with 911's with nothing but new tyres and brake pads.

I plan on slapping a 2GR-FE in one and pwning you homo


I own an SW20 and an W30.
I got the w30 first and it made me fall in love with the MR2 series. I is both cars for different roads. More hairpins and sharp turns? Spyder. Sweepers and straights? The turbo easily. The Spyder are fun cars; my only complaint would be lack of cruise control from the factory.

I'm thinking either that or an rx8
Both are super cheap, fun as fuck and surprisingly practical
>inb4 rotard
The mrs unironically burns more oil than the renesis

>ugly as fuck
>way too long
>engine in the back is horrible to work on
>girls car

if you owned one you'd know that the engine bay is on the other end of the car, you bloody dumb cunt

what the fuck you mean the engine bay is up front you idiot.
I can go and take a picture now to prove that the engine is in front

We went to hoon with a sw20.
The sw20 had to fill up on oil before and after 6 hour hoon.
My oil level didn't even drop.
If your spyder burns oil you bought the wrong car.
as someone who has to do a lot of long trips I agree on cruise control. But wasn't toyota cruisecontrol entierly contained in the lever or something like that?

here u go you dumb busrider cuck the engine bay of my 2017 MR2.
Maybe if you drove cars youd know just because theres plastic covering it doesnt mean the engine is not there

>Because it huffs catalytic converters
you don't know what you're talking about.
>limited aftermarket
just cause it is not as good as miat doesn't mean its non existent.
>is slow as fuck
Its plenty quick. Beats sw20, which beats e36 in a drag race.
>and relatively rare compared to miatas that are everywhere.
Yes, rarity is a good thing. If you mean spare parts it is literally a corolla.
>It's also dumb looking.
That's why i love mine, its so adorable with its stupid wide grin. And girls love it.

So swap in the c60 that was probably attached to the 2zz that you got for the swap

No 2ZZ was due to agreement they had with Lotus who helped design the suspension.

Yes, this car is tits but idiots can't see why.
Doesn't bother me just leaves them cheaper for the rest of us.