Whats your excuse for not buying a repairable writeoff and fixing it?

Whats your excuse for not buying a repairable writeoff and fixing it?

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ask me about my heeb car buying techniques: the thread.

Because it's out of my skillset.

>Repairing a unibody.

How New R U?

I've never done it. I've repaired quite a few for other people though.

you can repair unibodies.

Because I may be in over my head. Not sure how to remove fender rail. I'm hoping it just slides out, but that seems to easy and I have a feeling it may be welded from inside the cab.


Just get the slide hammer and bash it til its straight

It's tempting to do this.

Wouldn't that still be fucking expensive because of the engine?

>Comparing a professional bodyshop mechanic to some kid.

Alright then.

I forgot what he paid exactly but it was well under $10k. A NA ls doesn't go for much, the $500 and a afternoon thing isn't completely untrue.

Where do I buy writeoffs?

It was $5500. Pretty good for ~2500lbs and ~400whp.

In Australia they auction them off at Manheim and Pickles under salvage.



I reckon


Don't know wtf the rims are about but it looks pretty clean.

>key: no
>starts: no
>drives: no

Maybe it doesn't run and drive because they don't have the key.

ready for an rb swap


How does this damage happen? Did a tree fall onto the hood?

You think?

Be careful of these, cars with salvage titles are a pain in the ass to get insured.

>The car carrying Princess Diana when she was killed was a “hugely dangerous” rebuilt wreck that was not safe for use

her driver was a dangerous wreck

>It wasn't an assassination


Man. That looks like a shit load of work. How is that worth it financially? Also, you notice that its always Russians that do this type of repair?

They have literally nothing else to do

Roadkill vette kart is better


>can't get full coverage in the states on it
>it 99.999999999% of the time cost more than buying a nice one
>it will never be perfect again
>you'll have to resell it and people won't pay the same as a non salvage one

it really is
what ever happened to it

>spend $10k to fix it
>still have a salvage car that is shit
>could have just bought a nice one and saved the hassle

That would make a fine track toy/drift missile if you cut off the damages bits and it still drives straight-ish. Dumping $10k into it to make it a DD would be stupid.


If I were to spend my time rebuilding something it wouldn't be some half-wrecked economy car, it'd be a 68 GT390 or something worthwhile.

Because its a pain in the ass to get insured at a reasonable price

rebuilding the title is more of a pain in the ass than rebuilding the car.

A writeoff with a shitload of body dmg? No thanks

I've bought fixers I had to tow home before though. I have a Bronco that looks exactly like pic related that had a huge amount of issues. I got it for $1400 and had to put a new fuel pump, master cylinder, redo vacuum lines, new plugs, new brake pads, new window motors, rewire back window, etc

Ended up spending about $1800

>the government jew encourages you to just throw away that car and purchase a new one like a good goy

Yes that's it keep buying. More new things. Spend more money. NEW cars.

Some people don't want a real "fixer upper". They just want a car that turns over every time and does what its supposed to.

trust me they earn quite alot of money fixing economy cars.

>implying I haven't.
I saved my own car from being a write-off.

I'm not a slav or a sandnigger and I enjoy things that aren't broken. Almost every secondhand car in Sacramento is a fucking salvage thanks to all creeds of shitskin here.


That Mustang in the OP would only be about a week of work, and why would I sell it?